Magix Enga Should Admit He’s An Addict & Go To Rehab

Magix Enga is having one of the most controversial period of his career. The music producer is known to be the best in the business, but he has transitioned into something else beyond our understanding. Drugs have for a long time been known to be one of the things that affect people’s careers.
And from what we know, drugs have immensely contributed to the producer’s downfall. From making millions to a struggling man in the streets, Enga is an epitome of talent that went to waste due to excessive intake of drugs.

The music producer was recently spotted in tattered clothes with unkempt hair, sitting on a dusty roadside in Mombasa.
The photos raised concern as netizens questioned the sanity of Enga and whether he’s undergoing a mental break-down.

Road To Recovery

Enga, in a recent interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, revealed that he’s currently on a recovery journey. He claims he’s back to the city and he’s looking forward to rejuvenate his career. He claimed that the photos were actually
To expedite his recovery, Magix Enga should admit he’s a drug addict who needs to be helped. In what manner? Go to Rehab.

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