Maryaprude still very bitter with ex husband, Willis Raburu

Maryaprude is still very angry with her ex husband Willis Raburu and she may have proved this by her sarcastic reaction to a certain post that claims a woman carries her baby daddy’s DNA for 7 years after she gets pregnant for him.

 Maryaprude living life to the fullest after divorce

So today I learned you carry your baby daddy’s DNA for 7 years after getting pregnant.

Okay, to be fair chances are that Maryaprude is not the only woman who feels this way towards her ex – but then again, she is a public figure who has blogs and fans watching her every move. And as much as her reaction might have been harmless….those watching from the sidelines will never understand this.

Anyway thanks to her comment;


Everyone now thinks Maryaprude is still hanging on to Willis Raburu despite him having moved on and starting a family with Ivy Namu.

Self control

Well i wouldnt say Maryaprude has not moved on but at the same time her reactions towards posts concerning exes often hint she is still attached to Mr Raburu.

So yea whether still attached or not – what Maryaprude should be focusing on is positive vibes…what makes her happy as a person and not what happened in the past. I mean, she is not the first one to be dumped for another woman and honestly… it not obvious that her relationship with Raburu was toxic? So why keep revisiting the ugliness?

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Anyway like i said, i can bet she is not the only one who is unhappy with an ex….but unlike her – the other women avoid such topics for the sake of mental health.

However as for Maryaprude maybe she still has to learn more on self control to avoid putting all her business out there. Its been 2 years….how many more is she willing to lose while focusing on a past failed relationship?

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