Mr. Seed Should Take Responsibility

Mr. Seed has once again been called out by his baby mama for being a deadbeat dad. The singer and his baby mama have had a tumultuous time recently; with the baby mama claiming that she’s not getting support from him.


Actress Elizabeth Sonia Michael aka Liz Sonia, the said baby mama, went on a long angry online rant around a few weeks ago.

” So you said I was clout chasing? Am I an artist so that people can go listen to my songs? Or is there a movie that I am releasing? I’m not clout chasing! I did it genuinely because I am genuinely tired.

I will never use my kids for selfish interests. Mimi nimekuanika kwa sababu nimechoka ila mahali umefika to talk about Junior that is it! Added the mother of two before going on to release receipts.”

Sonia released screenshots of their WhatsApp conversations where she could be seen begging with the artist to put their son’s well being as a priority.

she has nowclaimed that for the past seven years, Mr Seed has not been physically involved in his son’s life and she has been trying to be supportive.

The angry mother of two is calling out the gospel artist for allegedly neglecting their 7-year-old son (who happens to be his first child as well) both financially and physically as a parent.

She stressed that it wasn’t fair as she clothed, fed and offered medical for the kid and all she wanted from Seed was just tuition fees.

Mr. Seed is married to Nimo Gachuiri and they have a son together, however he has two baby mamas.

On January 17, 2023, we called Mr. Seed about the allegations made by Elizabeth Sonia but he declined to comment on all of them.

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