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Mulamwah rubbishes claims he lost weight due to stress

January 18, 2022 at 08:06
Mulamwah rubbishes claims he lost weight due to stress

Comedian Mulamwah recently confirmed breakup from baby mama, Carol Sonnie who was also the love of his life. I mean, she must have been the one, judging from how he used to treat her. The gifts, online projects and vacations. No? What about the push gift? Still no?

Mulamwah with ex, Sonnie

Anyway since their breakup, things have just been messy – ugly and for a minute fans (FYI not bloggers) wished that the two would resolve the matter behind closed doors; but oh well….some small hiccups like baby mama wouldn’t hurt his image right?

So with everyone drinking their hot tea, a few fans started pointing out that Mulamwah’s Physical image was also changing. Some questioned why he always looks tired and unhappy while most pointed out that the comedian was losing weight.

Life after breakup

Although immediately after confirming his relationship with Sonnie was over; the comedian did not waste time as he quickly introduced a new bae.

From his social media pages, looks like he even created pages for bae; probably to see whether netizens would accommodate her like they did with the previous bae; but si unajua tu watu wa social media?

Anyway seeing that he trends more with baby mama, Mulamwah after a long time decided to address claims he lost his well built body due to stress. As you already know, the young man denied this by uploading a clip showing off his upper body to which he captioned;

Mulamwah’s shows off built upper body

KUNDE GANG !!! – Ati mulamwah alikonda Na stress 😂😂😂 , hio ilikua filter wakuu 😌😌😌. I Can’t be arranged.


Okay, okay we get it! He is still got it but truth is – breakups are quite bitter and depressing which we all know Mulamwah knows a thing or two about.

But at the end of the day, I hope he knows there’s nothing wrong with shedding off a few pounds or looking sad after a betrayal. Yes?


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