Mwalimu Rachel addresses claims she beat up an upcoming artiste and squeezed his b*lls

Social media is one interesting place to visit especially when bored, chilled out or just want to come across something that will either leave you in stitches. For instance do you remember that time Mwalimu Rachel was accused of hurting a certain by squeezing his balls?

I mean, who comes up with such ideas and wait, was he on the ground, standing, pinned against the wall – like seriously I wish I had enough details to paint the picture for you.

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Mwalimu Rachel

Anyway, back in 2020 Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors had a huge scandal following their separation in 2019 and of course this being a business relationship – both parties wanted to benefit from their split.


Apparently Sailors wanted to join the Black Market Label (by force) while Mwalimu Rachel wished to be rewarded for the hard work she had put in the boys and their YouTube channel hence the Ksh 1.5 million charge.

Mwalimu Rachel with Sailors

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Well if you think it went down easy then it’s time to make good use of your google to find out more, but again – this brings us to the squeezed balls narrative that left many men hating on Mwalimu Rachel.

According to reports back then, word has it that Mwalimu Rachel apparently attacked one of Sailors’ close friends and with the help of bouncers – they beat him up and to put the cherry on top of the cake – Mwalimu Rachel went after the young singers balls, squeezing and hurting them. Alaaaaaaa Alaaaaah!

She responds

Well, close to 2 years later Mwalimu Rachel has finally addressed the issue and just like before – the lady maintains her innocence.

She did this through a QnA post seeion where a fan asked;

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During time ya Sailors kuna msee ulifinya balls?

To which Rachel said;

A lie, but y’all will believe anything on social media. I will NEVER defend myself

Okay – not to side with anyone on this one but imagine this….Mwalimu Rachel squeezing this man’s balls.

Man said to have been beaten by Mwalimu Rachel



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