Mwalimu Rachel made the right decision to give her ex-husbandfull custody of their teenage son

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Media personality Mwalimu Rachel has opened up about peacefully co-parenting with her baby daddy.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, she disclosed that her son is approaching his teenage years.

“As he’s almost a teen now, it’s not easy. His dad and I had a discussion, and I decided to let him live with his dad while I spend weekends with him. I don’t understand why some women find that challenging,” she remarked.

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Offering parenting advice, she emphasized treating children with respect and maturity. “Don’t underestimate your kids. The way you communicate with their dad shapes their perception… Choose your battles wisely. Speak to them as adults,” she advised.

Regarding co-parenting, she stressed the importance of maintaining a level head and avoiding ego clashes. “We sometimes let our egos interfere. I don’t even know if my baby daddy is dating or not. As long as my son is thriving and content, that’s all that matters. Continuous communication is key,” she emphasized.

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Rachel also expressed her identity as a mother rather than solely a single mother. “When attending meetings, refrain from constantly labeling yourself as a single mother. It’s not a badge of honor. You might be a single mother, but there could be someone else in your life,” she added.

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