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Nick Mutuma is suffering in love, but this too shall pass

January 10, 2023 at 18:18
Nick Mutuma is suffering in love, but this too shall pass

If there is one thing i have noticed about Nick Mutuma is that despite having a successful career in the film industry, making good money and all, surrounding himself with stunning women….he still cant find himself a good woman to settle down with.

The Mutuma’s

I mean he dated Bridget Shighadi in his 20’s broke up, hooked up with Tanasha Donna – broke up – went to Shighadi had a daughter – broke up for a while – got back together and now it seems like its finally over between them and problem is – we have never seen Nick Mutuma this emotional on social media.

I say this judging from his social media posts which talk about loving the right woman who will you grace and probably stick around whether you’re broke or not….and i am like wait….is he saying that Bridget Shighadi alifanya ile kitu?

Nick Mutuma on love

Well i cant really confirm why he is no longer with his baby mama but what we know is that these two had always been in love since early 2010’s and even decided to have a child together – meaning they were ready to settle after the on and off relationships.

However from his posts, seems like he is blaming his former partner for not being patient with him….which leaves me wondering whether the two parted ways due to financial issues (ever had no romance without finance.)

Shighadi on the other hand has been about her business and judging from her social media  posts – she’s living large – which is good but then again… you really think she left to live like this? Wait did someone whisper fear women in the back? Guess not.


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