Nimo Gachuiri mocking husband’s ‘dramatic baby mamas’ with wedding anniversary post

You see they say once a man has cheated on you – things never get back to what they used to. And i am like…like duh what would you expect? A heart full of love and no broken trust?

Of course nothing stays the same because just like blacks cannot forgive whites for putting them through a phase of slavery….Africans cant forgive the generation that came after these b*stards that left Africans scattered all over the world without knowledge of their origin…..then again you hear that Jesus was mixed….and you’re like wait…so its not them whites who that started this whole mixed thing?

Anyway…just needed to get that out of my chest. So back to Nimo Gachuiri who happens to be Mr Seeds love of life but like many other women out there….she too has cowives her husband had kids with while still dating her.

Yes – Mr Seed was spreading his seeds elsewhere while Nimo Gachuiri was just there chilling – thinking hii ni yangu….but again, Jovial said men are polygamist in nature…and so is Mr Seed.

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It still works

Well from what we’ve have heard is that Mr Seed has an 8 year old with popular actress Liz Soina and another son (barely 1 year) with Somali influencer – two kids he had with other women while still with his wife.

And whats surpring is that Nimo Gachuiri still sticks by her man…and for those wondering why – well she has finally opened up on that and from what she said;

 Today was our anniversary guys. I was singing this song to manz after I had dumped him nikajirudisha because….huko nje was bad!!!!! I called him and told him I wanted to see him and I missed him, he agreed to meet me, didnt even ask me a question. He just told me he loved me and gave me the key to his new house.


And I am thinking maybe….well what if maybe she settled considering – you know, she said its hard out there…..and damn this guy is clearly risking it all by bedding these women with no protection at all. I mean it’s obvious….actually self explanatory considering wanashika mimba.

But to make herself feel better Nimo went on to add;

He told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. As I was singing he took out his phone and started recording me…

Awww lakini nyinyi madem wa Nairobi  saa zingine ama wacha tu….Anyway as you can clearly see Nimo Gachuiri is one of those hopeless romantics…..which is why Mr Seed has been having his cake and eating it too. Ama Nachoma?

But then again…I remembered her post came just a few hours after baby Liz Soina had thrown shade at Mister seed for being a deadbeat….and being a good wifey – Nimo decided to change this negative energy with a positive post on their anniversary…but if you ask me…..too soon maybe?

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