‘Nothing goes unpunished’ Michelle Ntalami promises her exes on Valentine’s Day

Isn’t it funny that most people are reminded of their single status on Feb 14? Like you live the whole year alone not committed to anything or anyone – then boom Valentine’s Day comes around and you’re reminded of your painful past, hence experiencing bitterness. Funny huh!

Well, I’m sure you’ve been there or know someone who has had such an experience – but all I know is that, it’s never that easy. Media personality Michelle Ntalami might have explained this better with her latest post – where she talks about her painful experiences – now that she is single.

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Michelle Ntalami with ex Makena Njeri

As seen on the detailed post, looks like Ntalami has a serious problem with people who go around breaking other peoples hearts. From what she says is that these people have no shame nor remorse which leaves her baffled. She wrote;

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It really baffles me how someone can live happily with themselves knowing full well that they’ve caused another so much pain. Or live with themselves knowing they have destroyed someone’s relationship, and have shame or remorse.

Hope in Karma

Well, judging from how quick ex, Makena moved on after their ugly split on social media; Michelle Ntalami may have hit back with this post which reveals that she still awaits for Karma to play it part.

This became clear after she went on to conclude her post saying;

This world is full of deceit, but God never sleeps. Nothing done with an intent to hurt, use or betray is ever blessed




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