Octopizzo trashing kenyan media is an obvious cry for attention

It’s been a minute since we heard about Octopizzo right? Or maybe it’s because fans lost interest in his beef with Khaligrapha Jones who also seems to have gone off the grid; now that Kenyans seem to be focusing on their problems and not what their favorite celebrities are upto.

Octopizzo makes history, becomes the first Kenyan rapper to make it to the Grammy Awards Consideration List

Anyway having also noticed that his fame is slowly fading away Octopizzo has decided to come after the media, accusing them of not supporting local talent and blaming them for them not talking about him.

Uuuh last I checked….the media talks about celebrities – like all the time – but they only do so when there’s something to talk about right? I mean why would they waste time on an inactive celebrity….will that help them money or wait……what are you doing about it as an artist?

TV and Radio play for musicians they like, watu wanapenda, these days if I want to listen to Kenyan music I stream. I don’t watch TV or the radio. That way I hear different sounds and maybe I can collabo with them.

Clout chasing

Although he may have a point about mainstream not playing enough kenyan music, you have to remember that its all about who ‘brings the most interesting content to the table’ because at the end of the day – both parties have to make money right?

And as you can see, Octopizzo put himself out there with his latest interview….and now most blogs are focusing on him and his projects hence making it possible to revive his brand – now that he had gone missing in action for a while.

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