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Possible Reasons Why Nadia And Arrow Bwoy Broke Up

December 10, 2022 at 10:51
Possible Reasons Why Nadia And Arrow Bwoy Broke Up

Nadia Mukami and her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy have officially broken up. The two lovebirds have dated for a while now. And they’ve even sired a baby together.
The sweethearts have dated for months and have been enamored of each other.
From Nadia Mukami’s end, she decided to call it quits after several months of dating.
Nadia recently revealed via her Instagram that they’re no longer dating and that she’s done with Arrow Bwoy.

We have not been together for a while, We broke up”

“Kindly contact individual management for bookings,” Mukami wrote.In early 2022, Mukami and Arrow Boy let the cat out of the bag revealing that they had been dating for a while.

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Truth Or Clout?

Pregnant Nadia Mukami with bae, Arrowbwoy

Nadia and Arrow are speculated to be chasing clout with their break-up. But the two sweethearts are enamored of easy other. Without a doubt, they’re lovers in denial.
Recently, Arrow has been taking care of their months old kid. And he wouldn’t risk his musical career for a kid. This is a possible reason why he’s ready to pull out. Another reason is that he’s young and can clinch another hottie. I bet he would have taken his sweet time before settling with Nadia. It’s only a matter of time before we find out if they’re really separated.


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