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Pritty Vishy Explains Why She Won’t Be Moving In With New Lover Madini Classic (Screenshots)

July 27, 2022 at 09:24
Pritty Vishy Explains Why She Won't Be Moving In With New Lover Madini Classic (Screenshots)

Despite having been paid dowry for, Stivo Simple Boy’s ex Pritty Vishy won’t be moving in with her new lover Madini Classic anytime soon.

The YouTuber recently divulged that she’s happy for her ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy, who made a proposal to his new lover identified as Gee. But she claimed that the proposal wasn’t properly staged.

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Despite the bluffs, Pritty has also been criticized by fans, who claim she’s not good enough for Madini Classic.

Fake Husband & Wife?

Pritty is not ready to move in with Madini Classic despite her hefty bride price, which was paid by Madini. Turns out, she’s Madini’s 2nd wife. She shared the intriguing information with her fans on her Instagram.

”I stay alone have no plans of moving in with him juu weeeh kumbuka tuko wawili”

She continued to state her 2nd reason for not moving in with Madini;

”na tuki move in i will get pregnant kitu staki buana you know am always a horny soul”

Either way, she says she’s ready to have two kids with the singer;

”I want two kids weeh only two wakipita hapo hao wengine watakua wa madini si wangu juu wangu ni two.




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