Samidoh is a coward!

For years women have fought each other over men and as you already know we seen Edday Nderitu and Karen Nyamu pull same stunt…but question is – why fight over a grown man with sane mind, making sane decisions to cheat or have a polygamous family?

Maybe it’s just me who doesn’t under why women fight over cheating spouses….but again – where love is involved the brain refuses to see reality of things. With that said, earlier this morning we woke up to an emotional post shared by Edday Nderitu – pouring her broken heart out to Samidoh…..and reading through we realized alaar Karenzo ashafanya ile kitu.

However its not like we didnt see this coming. It was so obvious Karen Nyamu was going to get back with Samidoh despite him embarrassing her in Dubai. And even after claiming the relationship was over – Ms Nyamu is actually the one letting everyone know that she is back with Samidoh.

Samidoh should watch out for Karma

However looking back, we saw the vice president advise Samidoh to get his house in order and yes – being the man that is….head of the family – Samidoh should have already sat down his wives and explained how things are.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh step out together

With transparency – ule anataka kwenda aende ama wasongeane watoshee….meaning he lets his wives choose to either live or stay in the polygamous arrangement. But unfortunately this is not how Samidoh has been handling this situation.

I feel like he is acting like a teenager at a Funkie hanging out with the prettiest girl in all important functions – but at the same time still holds on to his main girlfriend….since she has been there through thick and thin.

But as you can see….he is yet to get his house in order and before this happens – believe me these two women will continue dragging each other online, calling each other old and evil…..while Samidoh watches on the sidelines.

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