Samidoh yet to claim Karen Nyamu as his wife

There has been a lot of drama revolving around Samidoh’s house hold and as usual – his two wives refuse to make peace with each other despite knowing very well they share a husband and a father of their kids.

Well their current family drama was recently sparked by new photos shared by Karen Nyamu showing off that despite dumping Samidoh 3 months ago – he still came back knocking and begging…..and as predicted – she took him back.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh step out together

However as usual it was Karen Nyamu who once again made the relationship public hence forcing Edday Nderitu – the goat wife to react on a post where she made it known that her kids will not be raised in a polygamous setup….and just like that, season 3 of The Muchoki started on Instagram.

Samidoh a smart man

Well with the two ladies trying to make a point on social media, the Zaddy on the hand continues with his daily social media routine – promoting music and throwing indirect shade at whom it may concern.

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Keep in mind, ever since Karen Nyamu shared their photos online – not once has Samidoh publicly claimed Karen Nyamu as a wife and i dont know if its just me – but this is a red flag Karen Nyamu is overlooking.

I mean so far Samidoh has publicly claimed Edday Nderitu twice that is….after his affair with Karen Nyamu went public hence forcing to deny having two wives. The second time was in Dubai where a drunk Karen Nyamu embarrassed herself and again was rejected by Samidoh who chose to leave with his wife.

And I feel like Karen Nyamu is still facing same rejection from Samidoh but can’t see it since she is in love. But until Samidoh claims her in public as a second wife or marries her low key at the AG – Karen Nyamu will just remain the other woman to Samidoh.

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