Saumu Mbuvi attacks Edgar Obare

Image: Saumu Mbuvi

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi is a woman on a mission and has is to tear down Edgar Obare for a post shared accusing her of using some orphans for clout; promising to take care of them then abandoning them and ceremoniously.

Saumu Mbuvi finally settled into her role as a mother

Taking to her Instagram account she stood atop her soapbox and said she had some things to clear up with Edgar before he continue to tarnish and name for no good reason.

Saumu Mbuvi give a bulletin point sermon about her charitable activities since she left her Alma Mater Buru Buru girls. She clarified she has had a feeding program for the last 6 years and her charitable spirit was imparted to her by both her parents.

Saumu Mbuvi has every right to celebrate Anwar Loitiptip’s fall

She further clarify that her Focus has since shifted from feeding the needy to mental health awareness. Saumu father accused a girl being used as a pawn in a battle in his unaware of as the lady who accused her of abandoning her project was a beneficiary and was even reunited with her mother, a lecturer, but she has since proven an injury who is simply out to kick as much as she can.

One has to wonder whether Edgar had in fact reached out to Saumu Mbuvi to give her right of reply on the matter and if he had whether she had neglected to exercise it because this back and forth seems to me to be a simple matter to clarify.

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