Saumu Mbuvi finally settled into her role as a mother

Image: Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi has decided to settle down into being a mother to her two daughters and this is something we need to applaud because it seems she finally woke up to the realization that if she were to continue chasing after men as she had done previously she would have had an entire brood of children each with their own individual further.

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It is also something refreshing because the other celebrity single mothers we have in Kenya are heavily fixated on getting men to replace their baby daddies and a great example of this would be Corazon Kwamboka and her co-baby mama, Maureen Waititu.

Saumu Mbuvi on Radio Jambo

Saumu Mbuvi really is going to start winning now that she has decided to focus on her daughter’s because the truth of the matter is for every single mother out there they end up raising single mothers or deadbeat dads. However, now that she has begun to focus on what’s right she can raise her children to the best of our abilities get the rest of her family involved and maybe after they’re out of the house and in university she can begin to look for a man and a relationship.

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She is not like her contemporaries who are busy fighting to remain relevant on social media by showing off their bodies in seductive poses. She’s not like our contemporaries who have been busy posting about fake non-existent relationships.

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She has clearly learnt from her mistake; insofar as her choice of men is concerned. And she has now decided she is not going to introduce any amount of instability into her children’s lives simply in the name or looking for a man. Say what you will but even the single motherhood is a problem she is attempting to do it right.

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