Shakilla & Pritty Vishy are birds of a feather: Here are 4 points to prove this

I know I am not the only one wondering why Shakilla and Pritty Vishy’s beef ended as soon as it started….and my guess is – maybe Shakilla realized it wasn’t worth the hype…I mean, by now I am sure you already know she thinks she is too good for everyone right?

And if anything Pritty Vishy was much willing to engage her on the online beef but unfortunately….Shakilla pulled out.


Anyway just because they didn’t drag each other doesnt mean we didn’t get the entertain…cause no, we did and also got to see how similarities we had never noticed between the two socialites.

Zero drive

Well one of them is that they are young potential influencers who have a huge following on social media….but unlike the other socialites we were used to (Huddah and Vera Sidika) these two are more of local influencers afraid to spread their wings across the globe.

I say this because not even Shakilla has travelled to her dream country – Nigeria – yet she has an American accent and brags too much. While Vishy on the other hand is stuck in Nairobi – not booking events in other counties for more recognition.

Pritty Vishy with bae, Madini


So far i think its safe to assume they are also not focused. I mean, they have not manage to convince any cooperate organisation to use them as an influencer or even bagged an advertisement – yet they already have the numbers to speak for them. I feel like what they want most is the attention with no monetary value – which then leaves me wondering….how do they pay bills?


Having seen how they handle their relationships ie Shakilla allegedly beat up a Nigerian for dumping her – yet Vishy on the hand cheated on Stevo and went on to embarrass him on social media. So yea – they might be 21/22 years – but quite toxic for anyone to ‘wife’ them.

Zero consistency

For one to become a successful influencer – you have to keep feeding the audience new content and judging from their social media pages….these two are only focused on posting photos from their free photo shoots….get this…not to advertise anything but to show off how good they look – but again no money made.

But to be fair….they’re both post teens and still have time to improve on their career choices. However I have also remembered that Mungai Eve is also their agemate and has managed to make something for herself….so is age really the problem?

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