Wazee Mko Wapi? Joey leaves Kenyans in stitches after trolling her ex-lovers

Citizen TV 10 over 10 host Joey Muthengi has left her fans in stitches after posting a photo of her snoozing that was quickly turned into meme.

The host then later took to Instagram to join the fun, giving the image a caption that left many laughing.

“How I pray for my exes. Jesus loves you regardless.” she posted. 

Old guys

The photo which was captured during her sister’s wedding last weekend left many laughing or questing about her exes. Remember, Joey was recently in the news after she confessing she only dates old guys.

“As a consumer of older men there is just like stability in that, or reassurance that they know what they need out of life, have learnt the lessons that needed to be learnt. They are even able to share their knowledge. These young guys are only good in pictures,” she said. 

She added: “ati we are hustling together we can’t both be on the same level. Someone needs to have made it. In fact most of the guys whom you build each other from scratch usually end up leaving the woman for someone else. That is what mostly happens in those types of situations.”

Which leaves us thinking, was this message directed to her past wazees? It must be.

Here’s what fans had to say:

Willis Raburu: I knew i’ll be on TV since I was seven years old 

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu was recently on social media to thank God for the far he’s come as a media personality.

Raburu, who hosts the popular 10 over 10 show alongside Joey Muthengi, told his fans that even as a young boy, he always believed he’ll end up being a host. He used to tell his mother that media is his first passion and now that he’s all grown up, that’s what puts food on his table.

I was 7 years old, and I would tell my mother ‘one day I will be on TV'” he said in the post while encouraging his fans to follow their dreams and to believe in God.

“Every morning when I wake up to get to #Powerbreakfast , when I get to do radio on #RhythmJunction on @hot96fmkenya , when I do #10over10 and read Lunchtime News over the weekend still on @citizentvkenya”

Thanking God for the opportunity

He added:

“I thank God for the platform and the amazing team that I get to work with. So to everybody who has a dream know that God is a master strategist, it may take time but it is worth the while. I am not there yet but I know this: “But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out his special favor on me.”

“Joey Muthengi utaacha uchokozi” Ezekiel Mutua responds after events of Friday night on Citizen TV

Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua recently cautioned Citizen TV’s 10/10 from condoning immorality. Things have since escalated after the Friday 12th show on 10/10.

A fortnight ago Ezekiel Mutua criticized Citizen TV’s 10/10 for airing  obscene content. The KFCB boss said the show was not fit to be aired on national television.

Last Friday Joey Muthengi took a subliminal shot at Mutua during the show. She sarcastically sent a shout-out to Ezekiel Mutua and thanked him for being a 10/10 fan.

Emulate Larry Madowo

Ezekiel Mutua responded by saying he wasn’t against the show. He approved Friday 12th show saying that it adhered to acceptable moral standards.

“Joey Muthengi utaacha uchokozi. Am not against guys having fun. I am against immoral and obscene programs. Last Friday’s show was ok, but most of the other episodes crossed the line. All we want is responsible programs that promote talent but also adhere to ethical standards,” wrote Ezekiel Mutua in part.

The moral cop further asked Joey Muthengi to follow in the footsteps of Larry Madowo whose show Citizen TV copied. He says Madowo never aired obscene content when he used to host the Trend.

“Larry Madowo ran The Trend on NTV for years and helped to grow many artists but his shows were not obscene like 10/10. Mzazi Willy Tuva has promoted many artists with his show on Citizen TV and radio and his shows are not obscene. Content does not have to be obscene to sell, and parading young boys and girls behaving badly on TV is not entertainment. 10/10 is disco on TV. Airing prurient and overt porno-like stuff in the name of entertainment is unacceptable. As much as the program is aired after the watershed period, I disapprove Citizen TV’s greed to use young boys and girls to twerk and gyrate their torsos to improve it’s ratings,” said Ezekiel Mutua.

Joey Muthengi on 10/10

Business without morality

Ezekiel Mutua further blasts Citizen TV for failing to promote local talent. He says the station airs Nigerian movies and Mexican soaps throughout the day and only misuse kids and local artists to make money.

“What the kids do publicly is a preserve of strip clubs. You should tone down the content. We all have a responsibility to ensure young people are not exposed to a useless make-belief world which can impair their moral judgement and lead to crime. The media must not ruin our kids in the name of making money. Citizen TV doesn’t love those kids; they are only using them to popularize their immoral content. Citizen TV doesn’t promote local artists; they misuse them by self provisioning while paying them peanuts. Citizen TV doesn’t promote local content; they air Naija movies and Mexican soaps throughout the day and only misuse our kids and local artists to make money. This is business without morality!” Ezekiel Mutua ranted.