Marya Prude is wrong, marriage is an achievement

Marya Prude has come out to speak about her abortive marriage to Willis Raburu while she was 23 year old and she feels that it (marriage and being married) is not an achievement.

Marya Prude Found Out Her Options Might Not Be On Willis Raburu’s Level

I woke up this morning with so much to do in my mind and I just remembered I got married at 23, yes yes! Mind-blowing ???? 23! Idk what the fuck i was thinking.

I would be so far rn if I wasn’t busy serving society and other humans their expectations of me as a married woman coz I would be doing most of what I’m doing rn to catch up.
Alafu pia marriage isn’t an achievement ok bye…

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

But thing is, she is wrong and science is here to save the day from people making their reality, their necessity a virtue. Especially for women.

Willis Raburu vs Marya Prude: The difference between how men and women handle broken marriage

Understand that unlike what your favourite feminist will tell you, I believe men and women are better together. That is because we were created to be together. And so I need to correct the silly notion Marya Prude is pushing.

Young Maryaprude living life to the fullest

You see, the most unhappy demography are single, childless women aged between 45-70 because life gets pretty lonely. And there is a Yale paper on this called the Paradox of Declining Female Happiness.

Willis Raburu’s ex Marya Prude resurfaces looking like a shnack after massive weight loss

So where do marriages come into all this? Well, for starters, Marya Prude is 100% wrong when she claims that they aren’t an achievement. Why? Because they are the best way for us to raise the next generation. Seriously, children born to married or otherwise committed couples have a better chance of raising successful, balanced and happy children.

MaryaPrude flaunting baby bump

And then there is the fact that feminists over the years have been shaming women for wanting to be mothers, wives and homemakers while hypocritically calling for women to be anything they want to be.

With the way Marya Prude is healing, Willis Raburu’s marriage is truly dead

And Marya Prude arguing that marriage isn’t an achievement means she has swallowed that lie… Or maybe she’s still bitter. And who can blame her? Her marriage came to an end due to some horrendous situations borne of two miscarriages.

Ms Marya Prude Ngami

But the truth is, women who do not have families tend to be heavily on antidepressants and that’s something we need to appreciate. Also, it takes hard work to make a marriage and the subsequent family a success. Make no mistake about it, it needs you to be fully plugged in.

But then this is the one task in life that is its own reward. And it’s why it is so satisfying for both men and women. Ultimately, we are organisms whose drive is to procreate and the best setting for healthy successful offspring is a family so ofcourse marriage is an achievement.

Unless ofcourse, you’re a modern woman whose only idea of success is a hollow notion that wasn’t even you’re first whim as a child but rather from feminists who don’t even know that older feminists have come out to disavow the bullshit they spewed.

That also stems from the modern way of thinking that claims that a modern woman isn’t fully experiencing life unless she is in the workforce, aiming for a career and also sexually promiscuous. And this is all false. There is no shame knowing from the jump that what you want is a monogamous relationship.

Marya Prude needs to go for therapy and counselling because it still feels like her ideas on marriage are informed by her failed marriage because on the flip side, her ex-husband moved on to a new marriage and he is happy with his wife and their children.



Why all your favourite fat celebrities are undergoing surgical weightloss

Fat Kenyan celebrities are finally speaking up and admitting that they are not just interested but actively seeking the services of surgeons and doctors inorder to help them lose weight.

Betty Kyallo’s weightloss journey: Women need to stop lying to each other

And this cuts across the board in terms of genders (there are only two scientifically speaking) and both men and women, males and females are seeking out these services to help them achieve their ideal weight and body goals.

Jackie Matubia blatantly declines ´Patanisho´ offer

Whether it’s Willis Raburu or Risper Faith or Justina Syokua or Milly Chebbie, they are all looking to enlist a surgeon to help them get their ideal body but none of them is willing to put in the hard work necessary to attain this physique naturally.

Another bun in the oven? Maryaprude finally responds to pregnancy rumors

And while these Kenyan celebrities are using their own money, what I would have personally preferred to see is them develop the discipline needed for them to actually mould their own body like a sculptor does a statue.

Terence Creative and Milly Chebby challenge

But what is very interesting about this recent fad is the fact that a lot of these same obese celebrities had tried to schill to us the idea that beauty is available at every size. Let that hypocrisy sink in. Still need me to point it out for you? Cool.

King Kaka’s wife shares jaw-dropping photos after tremendous weight loss (Photos)

I want to remind you that the likes of Milly Chebbie have in the past shown off their bodies in a bod to convince you that they love how they look and want you to know this. And Kenyan women celebrated the fact.

Terence Creatives wife, Milly Chebby

But they were selling wolf tickets because when push came to shove, they have thumbed their noses at this very notion and have instead started looking to become sexy through surgical means. And what’s worse is the fact that they have all not even bothered with trying to work out. Only Willis Raburu tried.

Why I Think Bridget Achieng Got Work Done

But that’s just the thing, Kenyan celebrities lack the discipline to actually see through any actual tough work. They lack self-control but they try to lie to young girls that they are beautiful as they are. Why is that? Because there is nothing as addictive as the dopamine hits they got from young women and weak male feminists toasting to their delusions.

Risper Faith switches off comment section

But its not all doom and gloom and boohoos, at least I can give them some props for being honest about how they are trying to achieve their body goals. It would have been worse if they tried to lie to us that they had infact done the work like Vera Sidika who pretends her belly is naturally snatched.

Amazing transformation! Ben Kitili’s shocks many with photos showing her weight loss journey from 110 kgs to 70 kgs

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Willis Raburu exposed a truth about marriage and young couples

Willis Raburu recently opened up about what led to the demise of his relationship with Marya Prude, his 1st wife and it all boils down to the unfortunate miscarriage she suffered that led to the end of their unborn baby.

‘I can’t & I won’t:’ Willis Raburu to body shaming critics suggesting he should quit cooking show to help lose weight

While on the face of things, it would seem like a small issue that any couple can resolve but this is a symptom of a bigger underlying problem that young couples usually face that leads them down the path of divorce.

Marya Prude Raburu and hubby, Willis Raburu

And what Willis Raburu and Marya Prude’s story exposes is just how romanticised the notion of love and marriage are and this is why so many marriages these days lead to divorce and unhappy, angry divorcees.

Willis Raburu on breakup with first wife, Maryaprude & why he had to ask for a divorce

The symptom that broke their marriage was the miscarriage but the greater underlying problem was that their marriage was built on the flimsy BS notion of “love”. And I am here to tell you today that you cannot base a marriage on so fleeting an emotion.

Celebrity couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

You see, there is a huge disconnect between our generation and the older ones. Previous generations understood that marriages were not about love. That is an emotion that comes and goes, it wanes and waxes. That is why when Willis Raburu’s was rocked with misfortune, they didn’t stand a chance.

Losing weight to get healthy: Let’s celebrate Willis Raburu

And that is how many modern marriages are set up. Rather than understanding, they are meant to focus on long-term goals such as creating a stable environment for their kids, securing their legacy and building wealth, they are focused on feelings. So right after the honeymoon, all things are downhill for a while but largely undiagnosed.

Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami

Also, that gap between generations I spoke of earlier? It explains why modern couples do not turn to their elders for advice when their marriages are rocked. Willis Raburu and Marya Prude grew apart because they were all engrossed in their grief and personal tragedy and any wiser older couple that has survived the same would be able to give you great advice on how to ride out the tumultuous waters.

But he has since moved on to a new marriage, the hope is that he has learnt from his previous mistakes and will translate them now so his is a long-lived marriage to Ivy Namu.

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Losing weight to get healthy: Let’s celebrate Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu revealed that he spent 900,000 Kshs in order to get his weight under control, opting for a gastric bypass after his weight had yoyoed over the years due to inconsistent dieting and exercise.

Willis Raburu on why he was forced to undergo gastric bypass surgery

You see, he is a man who ultimately understands that beyond the beauty component of things, there is a greater underlying significance for someone to get their weight under control and that is due to the health implications.

Raburu flaunting new weight loss

You see, being obese isn’t cool nor is it stunning and brave. And Willis Raburu has faced this fact and it isn’t about trying to pretend to be “body positive”, he has to actually be body positive by taking care of his health because we only really do have one body in this life.

Andrew Kibe Goes After Willis Raburu For Proposing To Ivy Namu (Video)

He is a practical man. And he knows what science says about being obese and fat. It will lead to a compromised quality of life. That he might want to go on social media and cry crocodile tears about being “body shamed” when he gets told the truth about needing to lose weight. Hell, you would think that most celebrities would reconsider their girth given the unnamed pandemic of unknown origins that ravaged the world in 2020 and really almost exclusively targeted obese people.

Willis Raburu sheds off 16kgs

Willis Raburu is committed to actually witnessing his children grow up. He wants to be actively involved in their lives, giving them advice and guiding them. He also wants to live out his love life with Ivy Namu to a ripe old age.

Another one! Willis Raburu and girlfriend announce second pregnancy

And in order for him to realise this dream, he needs to be healthy. And while there are some online who are scoffing at the fact he chose to have it done surgically, the fact still remains that he recognised a problem and sort to have it addressed.

Willis Raburu embraces the Gengtone look

Now the only thing he needs to do is to stay faithful to his commitment to a better lifestyle. He needs to take up exercising. But all in all, this is something I would commend Willis Raburu for. Hopefully, not just Kenyans will follow his example but also Kenyan celebrities. Especially the one who co-hosts with Obinna who was recently on Instagram crying about being told she looked good having lost weight.

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Marya Prude Found Out Her Options Might Not Be On Willis Raburu’s Level

Marya Prude and Willis went their separate ways long ago, enough so for Willis Raburu to have moved on and started yet another family with Ivy Namu.

Willis Raburu vs Marya Prude: The difference between how men and women handle broken marriage

The thing about that is that while she still bears some ill-will towards Willis Raburu, even though he has tried not to say anything negative about his ex because he chooses to respect the woman who almost gave him his first child.

Willis Raburu’s ex wife

On her end though, Marya Prude has been trying to move on to no avail. She posted a funny video on her Instagram stories in which some guy was complaining about the state of dating in the modern world.

With the way Marya Prude is healing, Willis Raburu’s marriage is truly dead

It was rather hilarious for me to realize that the main reason why she was having such a problem is because she is directly attempting to replace Willis Raburu with a replica and she cannot find one in the dating market.

Willis Raburu’s ex wife

While we think it would be easy for a lady as attractive as her to simply replace a guy like Willis Raburu, one thing people do not realize is that he is actually of higher value than most men in the dating pool.

Willis Raburu’s wife Marya Prude seems to be moving on

He is a celebrated news anchor, a popular radio personality and an artist. Regardless of whether or not you think he is cool, he has status.

Marya prude looking adorable

If she thinks she can easily replace him, she has to look to the top 3% of men. Yup, that makes things really tough. Because he not only has status but is also on an insane level of income.

So she can play the field but she will eventually have to settle for the lesser men -unless by some miracle, a high value man decides to look her way and ignore the fact that she failed at marriage.

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Willis Raburu vs Marya Prude: The difference between how men and women handle broken marriage

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude were dating ever since word spread that he and his ex had broken up under a cloud of suspicion of infidelity. In truth, the relationship started under that dark cloud but has since moved on and gone full circle.

“It felt like a stab wound to the heart,” Willis Raburu’s ex, Marya Prude speaks for first time since nasty breakup

You see, the two dated and then got married and the marriage between them has now ended -though they are still separated and not actually divorced. Willis Raburu on his part has maintained silence. It is Marya Prude who drops hints and snippets about the failed union that keep tongues wagging.

Willis Raburu's ex Marya Prude
Marya Prude Ngami slaying

So what happens at this point? Well, Willis Raburu keeps getting dragged in the mud for his chosen silence. No one is around to stand in the role of his advocate. Marya Prude, however, gains all the sympathies and even comes off as the aggrieved party.

With the way Marya Prude is healing, Willis Raburu’s marriage is truly dead

When she talks, she does so about her realization that marriage is a scam and she wouldn’t be too keen on getting married anytime soon. Or she talks about it not being a worthy endeavour to try and change an individual. It is actually a very telling way of saying what she thinks without having to say the words herself.

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude
The Raburus when they were still a couple

And this left me wondering. Why is it that when men and women end their union, the woman always goes out of her way to paint herself as the victim? Why is it never just the natural way of things to be left unsaid on social media and private between the couple?

New photo of Marya Prude that has left many ogling over the single babe

You don’t see Willis Raburu going around either trying to defend himself or demonize his ex-wife. You will however see Marya Prude posting little snippets on social media. At this point, it would make sense for the grown woman to either come out and say what she wants to say and stop being passive-aggressive or for her to simply remain silent.

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu’s new hairstyle sparked controversy

It is almost asthough she forgets that she willingly exchanged vows with the man and now cannot act like she was surprised by what she had signed on for. She should have done the due diligence of finding out who the type of man she was marrying is.

Yet here we are, Marya Prude busying herself with playing the victim and refusing to take any accountability or responsibility on the matter. Instead, she lashes out with passive-aggressive blanket statements about marriage. At the end of the day, the fact that I agree with her on marriage is immaterial because she is the one who selected to make an investment without doing her due diligence. And we should not be making excuses for her.

There were two people in their union. Whatever happened, if there is blame to be apportioned, it should be done so equitably. Afterall, they had dated for over two years by the time she decided to finally settle down as man and wife.

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Kanze Dena vs Willis Raburu: What body shaming says about our society

Kanze Dena was recently the victim of body shaming. This followed her appearance in the media in her capacity as State House spokesperson. Her body change was apparent to all and most Kenyans were taken by shock.

Is DJ Mo making fun of Kanze Dena’s new gained weight? (Photo)

This is because the former media personality has gone from a petite, sexy frame, to a massive rotund one. Kanze Dena then became the recipient of opinion and comments on social media that were callous in the way in which the mentioned her weight gain.

Kanze Dena
Kanze Dena’s new look leaves tongues wagging

The comments came in like a wave but fortunately for her, before long, she was met by an even stronger tide of supportive messages calling out the naysayers as haters. Most of these voices were older women and mothers who were quick to mention that Kanze Dena had just had a baby.

Unbelievable! Photos of Kanze Dena before the rapid weight gain

This exchange on social media got me thinking about how Kenyan society and indeed the world is hilarious in its double standards because it brought images of the parallel to the way Willis Raburu was treated. You see, Kanze Dena was supported whereas Bwana Bazu was mocked savagely.

Kanze Dena
Kanze Dena before the weight gain

It was interesting seeing Raburu express how his weight gain had messed with his self-esteem. He actually decided to be vulnerable with the public and let them see him at his lowest mental point but all that got him was the position of being the butt of all jokes.

Terence Creative hits back at fat-shaming trolls aimed at Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena reminded me that when it comes to the physique, the world and Kenya are always going to be forgiving and understanding of women who lose that good fight but will always judge men in similar positions negatively.

Willis Raburu
Media personality, Willis Raburu

I for one am one of the people who believe that we should leave everyone to live the life they want and get the results that results in. However, we should not force people to then swallow the lies we tell ourselves about our lifestyles. When push comes to shove, Willis Raburu and Kanze Dena are overweight. That is on them. The lady seems to be happy with the changes her body has undergone. It is her body. Leave her be. Willis Raburu is inconsistent in the gym. Atleast he is aware he is fat and needs to lose weight. Good for him.

Willis Raburu assists DK Kwenye Beat shed weight after being fat shamed multiple times

Needed to get online to bash them is however unnecessary. But Kenya is ruthless in how it perceives men versus women. Kanze Dena is a plus-size beauty. Willis Raburu is fat. This is a lesson young men need to realize about our society. It judges men ruthlessly.

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu is “big boned”

If you do not want to experience the humiliation Willis Raburu has to deal with when it comes to his weight, hit the gym and improve yourself. because at the end of the day, as I pointed out earlier, Willis Raburu is overweight, Kanze Dena is plus-size -even when we have women like Julie Gichuru and Akothee who show that the female body can be trained back into fitness.

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With the way Marya Prude is healing, Willis Raburu’s marriage is truly dead

Marya Prude and Willis Raburu’s marriage has been in the doldrums and has been rocked by what whispers claim are infidelity issues. And while many fans and friends of the couple are praying for them to come back together and re-ignite their love, I would argue that light is dying faster than the GoK’s (Government of Kenya) Covid19 enthusiasm.

Rare photo of Willis Raburu’s ex Marya Prude after excessive weight loss that got Kenyans talking

Marya Prude, unlike most of her contemporaries with failed marriages such as Betty Kyallo and Amina Mude, she hasn’t gone on the offensive. Marya Prude hasn’t been talking smack about her marriage, she hasn’t been talking ill about her marriage and she hasn’t even gone on to start posting sexually suggestive posts.

marya prude
Willis Raburu’s ex-wife, Mary Ngami with a lifted spirit

Marya Prude is all about healing and posting actually positive vibration posts on social media.

7 breathtaking photos of Willis Raburu’s ex-wife Marya Prude months after ugly split

She, unlike her contemporaries, hasn’t even bothered to breathe a word about her former husband. And while he has been out and about visibly enjoying his life, Marya Prude has been silent. She has been so quiet, it has been deafening. It may not speak but it breathes.

marya prude and Willis Raburu
Ex-couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

Anyone who knows women knows that when a woman is fed up, she no longer has the energy to engage.

I had actually forgotten just how many classic songs R.Kelly had but this isn’t about urine or potentially criminal awesomely talented RnB singers.

marya prude at her wedding
Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

At the end of the day, we need to also temper our enthusiasm of the fact that she is moving on because we do not get to see what life really is like for the former couple off social media and everyone knows social media is highly curated but I am really impressed that she has managed to keep a lid on her emotions.

And Willis raburu too doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to fix his marriage and the more time passes by, the more difficult it will be for them to actually fix things. But what do I know? Though, it is rather interesting to see her work to shed some of her relationship weight. You know what they say about the changes women make when they are preparing to get back into the dating pool right?


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Willis Raburu’s wife Marya Prude seems to be moving on

Willis Raburu, the celebrated Citizen TV media personality who was reported to have had a falling out with his wife Marya Prude before they subsequently separated seems to be witnessing a shift in his wife’s mental space as she switches to focusing on healing and moving on.

Internet erupts after Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi´s screen chemistry becomes a reality (Photos)

A sense of acceptance can be seen to have washed over Marya prude who has silently been striving to strengthen herself for the next phase of her life and regardless of what happens, the woman who emerges from this trial will be different.

willis raburu

And to his credit, Willis Raburu isn’t exactly sitting around waiting to see what the future holds either but this article is meant to celebrate the wholesome way Marya Prude has moved on.

“It´s okay to be vulnerable,” Willis Raburu speaks on his healing process

A quick look at her social media shows a woman focused on her everyday struggle of making ends meet but when you delve deeper, you see a healthy mind moving on from the traumatic experience of suffering a miscarriage then the demise of her marriage.

willis raburu and marya prude

And celebrities like Tanasha Donna, Zari and even Akothee should borrow a leaf from her book because she is what young girls need to model themselves on as they face the inevitability of heartbreaks.

Infidelity scandal: Why everyone is concerned about Willis Raburu

There are no attention grabs with photographs of a sexually titillating nature and there are definitely no cheap quips and posts made to dig at Willis Raburu. They have decided to handle their affairs privately. And though it can be argued that they have taken this move in an attempt to work on salvaging their marriage but this, in essence, displays a sense of maturity.

marya prude and willis raburu

The understanding they have is that not everyone who hears about their issues has their best intentions at heart. So rather than expose their marriage to any negativity cloaked as help, Marya Prude and Raburu are dealing with things privately.

Fresh twists in Willis Raburu’s wrangles with wife

Or perhaps this is truly the end of their marriage and the trip to America did little in way of salvaging the situation, instead cementing the decision to split up. But whatever the case may be, Marya Prude has done herself some justice by maintaining bother her own and the honour of her ex-husband.

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There are no positive Kenyan celebrity male role models

Kenyan male celebrity Willis Raburu is giving Kenyan men hot takes that are like burning trash. According to the man with a failing marriage, if your wife/ girlfriend isn’t arguing with you, then that relationship is doomed as she sees no point in investing her energy.
Why this hot take is horrible is that on the surface, it seems to make sense. Surely, people only invest energy into relationships they feel are worth salvaging and arguing is a very public exertion of energy. This advice is like having to fart while you have stomach poisoning. You think it’s a good idea until you realize it is a shart/ wet fat.

Tedd Josiah strongly condemns society´s way of mocking men for being emotional in public

And the garbage advice goes on and on. Another Kenyan male celebrity Ted Josiah recently gave his hot take on the entire Jalang’o situation and it effectively blames Jalang’o and his friends for decisions consenting women made for no other rational reason than to virtue signal. Ted Josiah vomited on his phone’s keyboard in an attempt to explain the logic of his thought and only came up with “he is a celebrity taking advantage of adoring adult women”.

Willis Raburu

And this got me thinking, do Kenyan men have an actual role model in the public eye who can young men can model themselves around or are all the men in Kenyan media spineless shills selling a false narrative of gallantry and gentlemanly bullshit.

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature – Ted Josiah

Rather than prepare young men for the harsh brutalities of the world, men like these would rather reiterate slave morality especially when it comes to their dealings with Kenyan women. The idea is for you not to have yourself as the prize in your head but for your internal dialogue to be one of pedestalizing your partner. Rather than admit to themselves and the world that the world is filled with animals who will kill you or your dreams for no other reason other than boredom, these guys would rather lie to young men that the world is filled with sugar and spice and everything nice.
As a result, we have a generation of young men ill-equipped to handle relationships as they think emotional abuse and thinking women can do no wrong is a healthy model for all relationships. And when in doubt, remember to fall back on the words of your grandstanding Kenyan male celebrity role models.

Willis Raburu reportedly throws wife out, moves in with another woman

Rather than advise young men to seek out healthy relationships which will give them peace of mind, Kenyan male celebrities like Willis Raburu will tell you to stick it out in a clearly unhealthy situation where all you do is fight and argue.
Then the other chap, Ted Josiah is an example of Kenyan male celebrities preaching the martyr complex. Women can do no wrong so when something happens involving women, throw yourself on the fire and absolve them of all responsibilities of situations they create.

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu reacts to breakup rumors!

But Ozymandias you anonymous asshole, you have only pointed out issues and not pointed out solutions so why not suggest some. Well, for starters, teach your sons not to look to Kenyan male celebrities for male modelling. Most of them come from single-mother households and did not get to model themselves against healthy male mentors. The others that did, prioritize their safe image even if it is a fictitious one. That is why Kenyan celebrities wilt under public scrutiny -no integrity.

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Infidelity scandal: Why everyone is concerned about Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu was a hot topic afew days ago when words spread that his marriage was in the ICU after he kicked out his wife, Marya Raburu (former?). According to the rumour mills, Willis even has a new spleng ting who has been occupying his mind and keeping the cold of the season at bay.

Fresh twists in Willis Raburu’s wrangles with wife

And Kenyans are eating up this scandal. Everyday conversations have become about the couple. And with good reason, Willis Raburu and his wife had opened up their private lives to the public, allowing us all in to witness their love and their shared fervour for Christ. They were the quintessential family.

Willis Raburu and his wife
Marya with Willis Raburu

So it should come as no surprise the morbid fascination with which Kenyans are watching the new developments of their lives unfold. The same fascination they fostered is now coming back like a boomerang to bite them in the ass. But why are people keeping a keen eye on and an open ear out for the issues afflicting the Raburus? Let us find out for ourselves.

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu reacts to breakup rumors!

The first obvious reason is schadenfreude. People love to see the famous fall. We as a society loved seeing Willis Raburu and his beau loved up. And now we love seeing him fail at love.

The Raburu couple
Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

The second obvious reason is that Kenyans became invested in their marriage. How could we not when their lives played out right before our eyes like a soap opera? We were their “internet in-laws”.

The relationship finally feels real. Finally, we can see them as actual human beings and their failings are all too real. They re just like us and struggle just like we do. This has humanized the couple.

Willis Raburu, Marya Prude
The Raburus

And for most men, Willis Raburu’s story is one that harbours the promise of success after your wife. Can you imagine that? Willis Raburu isn’t exactly a looker. And he is a fat man at that. But he has been putting in the work to improve his body for his own health. And as a result, he is healthier and full of energy so even his craft has been improving. And all that has allowed him to get another hot woman.

Willis Raburu reportedly throws wife out, moves in with another woman

Some of the things we were shown in their relationship were troubling. For instance, we were once treated to a shot in which Marya was trying to change her husband “for the better” and other garbage short stories. So seeing him get himself back up, dust himself on and keep it moving allows us some catharsis.

And even if you can argue that this was a joke, people tend to joke about their real-life situations. We become what we admire after all.


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Willis Raburu ready to become a father: I am looking forward to the day

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu is ready to become a dad.

The popular TV presenter recently confessed that he’s eagerly waiting for the day his wife mary will give him a child now that they have been together for quite some time.

“I am looking forward to the day I will hear a little angel call me daddy. My father has taught me so much and I have had such an example from him, so I am eager to one day build on that with the help of God to be the best father I can be,” he said. 


The two have been married for two years now and confessed that society has been pushing them towards having their fast kid.

“I will say this, society does put a lot of pressure on people to bring forth children and it’s okay, but we all have to be sensitive to people’s feelings because you never know what they have been through or are going through. We must, therefore, articulate our desires with a dose of sensitivity.” he added. 

33-year-old Willis Raburu explains why he hosts kids show 

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has been trolled several times for hosting his teenager’s show 10 over 10.

Many have always claimed that the presenter shouldn’t be on the show because he’s too old.

The presenter recently revealed that he has always loved journalism and hosting 10 over 10 has always been a dream job for him.


He narrated how he started the job while in Unversity and even charged 30 shillings for his first show.

“You see I had always dreamed from when I was a young boy of hosting a show, when I was 7 years old I would read to my mum the newspaper,” he said.

Adding: “When I joined campus I revived it, the people of Moi University, main campus, remember WAYNE LIVE, a show I would charge 30 bob entry fee.”


‘Wabebe’ now brings on board 10/10’s host Willis Raburu on board

 Wabebe is the new jam by Willis Raburu, Lofe and Boondocks Gang. Willis is a news anchor and entertainment host at Citizen TV. He is know more for his ratchet show 10/10.  Also he is fond of using the word Wabebe on the 10/10 show to hype the crowd. It is something that the show which is majorly for the the youth has adopted.

The show focuses more on upcoming artists. Lofe and the Boondocks Gang have been to the show with the wild Willis Raburu. It is so funny how a simple word like Wabebe is now a song. Is it this easy to come up with a song?

Relevance of the song ‘Wabebe’

To start with this song is very ratchet just like the show it is trying to promote. One is left wondering what Wabebe a Swahili word means in this context. Looking at the video it is about a very ratchet dance. Girls grinding their asses on young boys fronts.

'Wabebe' Willis Raburu X Lofe X Boondocks Gang

First there is this part where a dude is squatting and a lady is passing by and he looks her down there. Come on is this what we call music? This is very wrong, we need sane music. The fact that the song already has twerks that scene is inappropriate.

Also some lines delivered in Kikuyu where the guy says Kai ndi na ngoma, comora njora; If he has demons and goes ahead to say remove the sword. What is referred to as a sword is something that you wouldn’t want to imagine.

Wabebe has been produced by Akish Prod and dance video done by Lofe moneymall . In addition to the talent shown, it is always good to promote them but they need to give something worth ones efforts.

In conclusion Wabebe simply means carry them. I know you’ll term that meaning as a direct translation. Last but bot least the jam gets a rating of 5/10.

Below is a link to the video.

32-year-old Raburu gets surprise birthday party from Citizen TV crew(photos)

Citizen TV Presenter Willis Raburu was recently treated to a surprise birthday cake from colleagues at Royal Media services.

Willis Raburu, who’s birthday is officially on April fools day, April 1, got the early surprise while in studio.


The party was a true surprise because he wasn’t expecting it at all given his birthday date.

“Well what a surprise!!!! My birthday is actually on MONDAY 1ST APRIL but I work with amazing people. They hooked me up with pre-birthday cake!!! Awww man the entire crew is just amazing. Thanks,” he said.

The 10 over 10 host has now officially turned 32 years old.

Here are the photos:

P unit and Willis Raburu beg Kenyans not to donate to famine fund

Music trio P unit and Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu have urged Kenyans not to donate any funds for of hunger-stricken counties.

According to the three guys, Kenyan government has been ignoring citizens in all kind of manner and shouldn’t ask for donations from them.

“Hii gov yetu imetuzoea sana .Hawatupei kazi na bado wanataka mchango. I am totally opposed to any Kenyan straining his or her pocket further to throw some cash to M-Changa or Paybill account to feed Kenyans starving in Turkana, I wish to incite the readers of this post to desist from doing so. 

“Somebody make me understand how such a rich county could experience death as a result of drought, yesterday I said drought is not an accident, It is not an abrupt happening like the typhoons, it is foreseeable. Allow me to repeat the same. It is not the first time Turkana is experiencing drought.

“What were these allocations for? To pay employees? To take elites to devolution conference? To buy leaders choppers? Let Turkana residents go arrest their leaders and demand the money we all donated to them as a country. We got no other cash to contribute via M-Changa or M-Pesa, they can either choose to act or choose to die, he said. 


Gabu’s P-Unit counterpart Frasha also came out to support saying:

“I say no to paybill number” campaign. Part of his comment on Gabu’s post reads: “Change shall not come from IG and what’s app groups it’s high time the youth realized they are the majority and they have the power to change this country. How can we be talking of drought in the 21st century yet countries which are deserts give us relief food.”

Willis Raburu also tweeted bashing governors saying that they are never concerned about their people.

Willis Raburu sends lovely message to Joey Muthengi after she ditched him and Citizen TV 

Now that Joey Muthengi is no longer part of the Citizen TV team after she handed her resignation letter because of her deal with betting company Betin, the host is getting a lot of goodbye messages from her friends and workmates.

On Friday she hosted her last 10 over 10 show which was filled with emotions and hype as she bid Citizen TV good bye.

“Tonight I laughed, cried, danced…sometimes at the same damn time ? Thanks for tuning in to my final 10/10 show. Still hasn’t sunk in yet. So many emotions. Like who cries on national TV??… ???
Finally felt like I could give my natural hair a chance to shine tho (Had shaved my head bald a few weeks before I got my job at Citizen btw ? – fun fact)…talk about things coming full circle,” she said. 

Amazing spirit

Willis Raburu also took to social media to thank her and wish her all the best in her new journey. He penned a lovely letter on Instagram sharing how he enjoyed working with her.

“What a ride it has been. You inspire me with your passion and meticulous planning, your organization and your amazing spirit. Most people don’t even understand our chemistry or how hard it is to find in this industry. Outside of it you are my friend.

“Never judging, always protecting and simply put, you get me. Thanks for coping with the noise and for standing with me always in good times and bad (it’s been quite the year) . Listen, God’s got such amazing plan for your life you have no idea. No one can dim your shine. So @joeymuthengi shine on! Imma be here cheering you through it all. God bless you Young J! ???” he said.


Willis Raburu ditching Citizen TV for NTV 

It seems everyone was moving from other stations to join Royal Media Services. The media giant has been poaching and hiring a string of journalists from other media houses for the better part of this year.

It seems the station has also started losing some of it’s favorite too. Lunch time news anchor and 10 over 10 host Willis Raburu is said to have resigned and is headed to NTV.

The witty presenter is expected to join his former colleague Salim Swaleh, who recently joined the Aga Khan owned media house after leaving Citizen TV in a very controversial way.

Filling up space

NTV has also added Doreen Gatwiri who used to work at Ebru TV and is looking to fill up space left by a bunch of top news anchors who ditched the station for other lucrative deals.

Willis Raburu: I knew i’ll be on TV since I was seven years old 

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu was recently on social media to thank God for the far he’s come as a media personality.

Raburu, who hosts the popular 10 over 10 show alongside Joey Muthengi, told his fans that even as a young boy, he always believed he’ll end up being a host. He used to tell his mother that media is his first passion and now that he’s all grown up, that’s what puts food on his table.

I was 7 years old, and I would tell my mother ‘one day I will be on TV'” he said in the post while encouraging his fans to follow their dreams and to believe in God.

“Every morning when I wake up to get to #Powerbreakfast , when I get to do radio on #RhythmJunction on @hot96fmkenya , when I do #10over10 and read Lunchtime News over the weekend still on @citizentvkenya”

Thanking God for the opportunity

He added:

“I thank God for the platform and the amazing team that I get to work with. So to everybody who has a dream know that God is a master strategist, it may take time but it is worth the while. I am not there yet but I know this: “But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out his special favor on me.”