Amira turned into a laughingstock by hubby Jimal weeks after he begged to have his family back, she reacts

Okay by now I am pretty sure if Jimal Rohosafi was running for any parliamentary seat in Nairobi – I can bet you wamama hawatamvotia.

Yes, I can bet it on my life that Jimal Rohosafi is also among the most disliked men on social media – but problem is – he doesn’t really care about how you feel since he benefits from making most of y’all mad.

Jimal Rohosafi with Maembe ya msimu

Well, still asking how he makes women mad at him on social media? Mmmh, I’m thinking it’s because he has decided to make the most out of making his wife miserable on social media. I mean the guy is ready to drag his wife in whatever dirt just to keep himself relevant and if you thought he had embarrassed Amira enough….you thought wrong!

Jimal back to embarrassing wife

You see, a few weeks back he begged his wife to take him back by writing a heartfelt apology and for a minute, I promise – I felt he was real….but men can life…yaaani Jimal karibu alie and today he is back to embarazzing his wife.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Incase you haven’t heard….the fella just nominated his 3 women – the side chick one, the other woman and the kept for Real Housewives of Nairobi….and yes for a minute we all went like damn…he must have some bøllz of steal…right?

I mean who does that?

Okay, it’s not like we didn’t really expect him to be that petty…but I can’t help but wonder how is he someone’s Pilar or strength? Ama they focus more on the money than the man…cause ain’t no way a woman will entertain such pettiness.

Anyway responding to husbands nomination for the reality show…Amira reacted by writing;

But why do I feel like they’ve been playing us?

Amber Ray comes clean about relationship rumors with new found love, Somali bae

Although we have been aware about Amber Ray dating Jimal her Somali bae; the Kamba girl has finally come clean about her undying love for this particular man that makes her heart beat twice as fast when they are together.

Being a special day for Jimal aka Jamal rohosafi who celebrates his birthday on New Year’s Eve; Amber for the first time went on to unveil his face through her page after weeks of keeping him a secret.

Couple goals! Amber Ray with Jamal Rohosafi

In a candid post shared by mama Gavin, she went on to praise him for the love he has since been showing her; and for those who assumed Amber Ray belongs to the streets and has no heart – turns out that she is actually just like any other lady when love comes her way.

I am in love

In the detailed post shared on her Instagram page; Amber not only confessed about her feelings for Jamal but confirmed that she is now in love with him.

Through her page Amber aka Mama Gavin went on to say;

Amber Ray with Somali bae, Jamal

The only man who fell in love with both Faith and Amber…I’m so proud and happy to have you as my Pillar and partner in crime. I know they say perfect doesn’t exist but you are more than I ever wished for. Damn! I’ve never felt so obliged to do right by someone. Happy birthday soulmate. #prayerworks.
Cc @jamal_rohosafi

Well congratulations to the two and hopefully this will last now that 2021 is just a few hours away.

Sharing is caring: Amber Ray hits back after married Tycoon alleged to be financing her is unveiled!

Amber Ray has been once again exposed for snatching someone else’s husband, Jimal Rohosafi who is said to have two wives. However being an Islam man, we cannot really say that Amber Ray snatched him since he is allowed to have 4 wives.

However in this case we cannot really tell whether the two are seeing each other for fun; or may be planning to wed soon especially now that their secret is out. But seeing how the socialite handled ex Zaheer, Syd, Brown Mauzo (who all have wives) we can’t really be sure whether this will last.

Amber with Syd in Santorini

All we know is that the lass has been living the classy expensive lifestyle which is currently being financed by Jimal; but also remember she has child support and businesses on the side too.

New jackpot for Amber?

Her relationship with Jamil however seems serious as the two have been spotted hanging out together more than once; and now word has it that they even share cars – meaning Amber may have hit the jack pot.

Although she seems quite secretive about her new Somali man; the socialite could not hold back from weighing on the rumors spreading about her and Jimal. Through her Ig page, Amber went on to laugh off at the stories as she captioned her post saying;

Na mniombee sana , leo Karibu ni reply rumours ???? #Amberthebrand Anyway msisahu kununua Mafuta @all.thingsface inatoa wrinkles za pressure pia.

Wueh! Okay, but as usual the truth shall soon come out; and hopefully she won’t do him dirty like she did with singer Syd.