Amira confirms moving on from ex husband, Jimal Rohosafi – spills interesting details of her new lover

It’s been a minute since we all heard about Jimal and his wife Amira, right? Well turns out that the two are no longer living as man and wife – that is according to Amira’s social media pages where she’s been giving fans new intel on her private life.


In a recent post, Amira who is a mother of two has revealed that she has a new lover who is not only loving her right but is treating her like the queen she is. The lady made this known through a funny post captioned;

When my ex asks how my new person is treating me

And since nobody in particular (fans) had asked about the new alleged man ( well apart from ‘ex’ Jimal) to me it looks like Amira was just trying to throw shade using the post – especially now that she has a new person in her life and ex is still on his own. Maybe.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Amira finds love?

Well judging from how she described the new feeling she’s experiencing with her new man, it’s obvious she is happy; or is trying to prove a point – but then again why would she when fans saw she what she went through with Jimal?

Anyway according to Amira, her new man is treating her better than  she’d ever imagined. She wrote;

Kwa Kifupi nadekezwa

Also looking at the new house she recently moved into – allow me to say Amira’s new man isn’t playing around when it comes to giving her the queen-like treatment.

However – what if the new man is still Jimal? What if….mmmh let’s see whether she’ll soon introduce him to the world too. Just for the doubting Thomases.