Anne Kiguta flaunts her beautiful natural hair that will leave most women jealous, we can bet on it! (Photos)

There is special about a curvy woman, with dark or brown skin who knows how to take care of her natural hair.

Whether you like it or not, most men detest weaves and prefer seeing their women rocking their natural hair but due to the pressure of always trying to look ‘modern’ women will always wear the fake hair!

Well, Anne Kiguta also like to wear weaves and truth be told – very few have seen her wearing her natural hair.

However I bumped into one of her Instagram videos and managed to get screenshots of her stunning natural hair that looks like a big Afro!

Her natural hair has left many questioning why she even wears fake hair when she has such beautiful natural hair underneath.

As expected the mother of three did not respond but you can take a look at her hair in the photos below.

Doesn’t she look lovely!