Annitah Raey on to DJ Creme De La Creme after wife allegedly dumped him for wealthier man

One thing about Annitah Raey is that she is always real. Probably a-bit too real that it makes most people uncomfortable; and in this case, let’s talk about her latest move on DJ Creme who recently got dumped by his wife.

Well, thanks to a new post shared by Ms Annitah; we have every reason to believe that she has been eyeing single DJ Creme; and to prove this – the former radio presenter shared a post with the DJ’s photo to which she captioned;

Hey Zone man..
Love you deep ????????❤️❤️❤️
Esko 4L ????

Annitah Raey eyeing DJ Creme

Yasss Annitah Yass! Well making a move on the DJ would might have made some men uncomfortable on social media; but remember the ratio between men to women is quite low; so why not make a move when an opportunity presents itself?

Annitah Raey love life

With most people calling her out on her ‘loose’ behavior despite being a mum; Annitah was forced to turn off her comments – but common on can’t lady look at a man with googly eyes?

Annitah Raey’s former bae

Anyway, so far Annitah Raey has always proven to be a fisi (for the lack of a better word) and now that DJ Creme feels that marriage is scam; mommy is ready to welcome him back to the streets and from the look of it – Annitah loves it!

But again, could be that the two are just friends and nothing more?

‘Hakuna ku-dilly-dally’ Annitah Raey’s advise to men sliding into her DM

Sema unachotaka!

Any woman who listens to Annitah Raey’s advise on her YouTube channel will either die single; or better yet – know how to handle men with no emotions involved making relationships easier to handle.

Unlike other women who will try to hide their emotions following a failed relationship or a struggling one; Annitah Raey has always been open about her failed marriage which she says was never worth it.

Ex-Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey

I mean, why kill yourself over love when it’s not working; while you can temporary stress free attention and good time?  I guess this explains Annitah’s ‘single’ life.

Annitah advise to men

Anyway in her latest video shared on YouTube, Annitah uses the opportunity to speak to men sliding into her DM and those of other women.

According to Ms Annitah, by this time a man should be able to identify what he wants in a woman; instead of entertaining cheap talk that involves a lot of ‘hi’ and ‘hey’ that has no importance to a lady.

Annitah Raey

Instead of wasting time, the former radio host says any man approaching her should come out and state his intentions that is; whether it’s a hook up, one night stand, serious relationship or even marriage. At her age, she claims to have no time playing games in the DM when a person can clearly state his intentions.

I know not many will agree with Annitah, but below is the detailed video that has left her fans taking notes!