Annitah Raey on to DJ Creme De La Creme after wife allegedly dumped him for wealthier man

One thing about Annitah Raey is that she is always real. Probably a-bit too real that it makes most people uncomfortable; and in this case, let’s talk about her latest move on DJ Creme who recently got dumped by his wife.

Well, thanks to a new post shared by Ms Annitah; we have every reason to believe that she has been eyeing single DJ Creme; and to prove this – the former radio presenter shared a post with the DJ’s photo to which she captioned;

Hey Zone man..
Love you deep ????????❤️❤️❤️
Esko 4L ????

Annitah Raey eyeing DJ Creme

Yasss Annitah Yass! Well making a move on the DJ would might have made some men uncomfortable on social media; but remember the ratio between men to women is quite low; so why not make a move when an opportunity presents itself?

Annitah Raey love life

With most people calling her out on her ‘loose’ behavior despite being a mum; Annitah was forced to turn off her comments – but common on can’t lady look at a man with googly eyes?

Annitah Raey’s former bae

Anyway, so far Annitah Raey has always proven to be a fisi (for the lack of a better word) and now that DJ Creme feels that marriage is scam; mommy is ready to welcome him back to the streets and from the look of it – Annitah loves it!

But again, could be that the two are just friends and nothing more?