Babu Owino ready to battle Otile Brown for the Embakasi East seat (Videos)

A few days ago a poster showing that Otile Brown will be vying for the Embakasi East seat emerged on social media exciting many. However, this poster was not received well by Babu Owino who chose to throw shade at Otile by referring to him as a slay King.

Well, whether a slay king or not Otile Brown definitely left Babu Owino fighting paranoia of being replaced come 2022. This is because the MP probably knew his people would support the hunk singer; especially since he failed in terms of fulfilling his promises of building roads in Embakasi.

Babu Owino at Kevin’s last send off

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However on Monday, 7 September Babu Owino availed himself to the people of Embakasi East; and as seen on his caption, Babu was there to help sort out some of their problems. On one of his videos, he wrote;

Today at the United Republic of Embakasi East (UREE) with my bosses solving challenges facing them.

PR at work?

Seeing that he may not be as irreplaceable as he thought; Babu has now started showing signs of delivering some of his unfulfilled promises. But why now?

In yet another video, the young politician wrote;

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Yesterday I was at Tassia in Embakasi East solving challenges facing my People

However said politics is a dirty game truly knew what he was talking about; but before anyone calls his bluff…let’s see whether he shall deliver!