¨All I want is the best for my daughter¨ Yvette defends her exposes to blogs

Bahati and Yvette Obura have a daughter they co-parent on but communication has seen the two end up in a mess.

This compelled Bahati´s brother, Kioko to intervene in order to see both parties come to a mutual agreement.

During Bahati´s reality show, Kioko poses?

How can you [Bahati] block your baby mama?

The irate gospel singer quickly responded:

You [Yvette] don´t know why I blocked you? Then there is no reason to have this meeting. If today we wake up ok then the next day najipata mpasho.


Bahati´s argument being:

There is a time Yvette used to give so much information to blogs I even started wondering if she works for blogs. If a person acts that way and you do not want to see them si the best thing ni kumblock?

Yvette has previously hailed herself for being Mueni´s dad on Father´s day and seeking clarification, Bahati questioned:

So am I seating in this meeting as her uncle or her dad?

Yvette went ahead to defend herself that what is reported on the blogs is nothing but the truth.

Bahati´s baby mama, Yvette Obura defends herself

Speaking to the two brothers, Mama Mueni stated:

There are things I see and I am not happy so out of anger I wake up and write those things. All I want is the best for my daughter.