Drama! NRG radio presenter Barak Jacuzzi’s girlfriend confesses to aborting 3 times after getting pregnant for the rapper

A video of NRG’s Barak Jaccuzi is currently trending after his ex girlfriend Kairetu was caught of camera drunk fighting with the cool kid this past weekend.


Although we don’t know what sparked the argument between the couple; what we understand is that Barak Jaccuzi treated Kairetu like a stranger when she approached him to talk about an ongoing issue they had been fighting over.


Well being under the influence of alcohol Ms Kairetu ended up ‘spilling hot tea’ as she was caught on camera confessing to getting pregnant 3 times for the rapper; but since there no evidence to prove this, it is obvious that she got rid of them.


Kairetu speaks after the scandal

Well now that the story is out, Kairetu has decided to address the issue.

The lass now claims that she just got pregnant twice and not 3 times like she had confessed before. She wrote saying;

Barak and Kairetu

Will Tanasha finally join Diamond’s Wasafi Records to propel her music career? She speaks

Radio host Tanasha Donna has a new hit called Radio that has proved that she can really sing.

The song, which features Kenyan rapper Barak Jaccuzi has been on trending lists ever since it was released last week and is now on it’s way to a million views.

In an interview on Switch TV, the singer confessed that Diamond and his team had a huge influence on her and how the song will sound because she asked for their help.

“They are fully supportive and I make sure I go through everything with them as well so that they confirm if it is good or not. I appreciate their honesty,” Tanasha said.

Different Style

Diamond assembled Wasafi Records all by himself. Many were itching to now whether his new bae will also be added to the team now that she has proved talented.

Tanasha, however, said that Wasafi’s style wouldn’t accommodate her therefore she doesn’t think she can join the team.

“I think that the type of genre that I do compared to Wasafi is totally different. Unless he (Diamond) starts like a Wasafi Caribbean/Hip-hop type thing maybe, but as for now not really,” she revealed.

Kenyan rapper Barak Jaccuzi beaten up silly by goons at his own house (Raw video)

Fast rising rapper Barak Jaccuzi was attacked by goons who stormed his house. Video doing rounds on social media shows the rapper struggling to free himself from a group of men who descended on him with kicks and blows.

One man is heard in the clip begging the men to stop attacking Barak Jaccuzi. There were at least three men who were beating up the rapper.


Old beef

Barak Jaccuzi later on revealed that the men who were attacking him were old friends-turned-bitter rivals. He told Mpasho that the attack was fuel by rivalry they have between them.

“Its beef, I’m popular and they not. I had just left from an interview on radio, they heard the interview. they went looking for me (at the studio), when they didn’t find me and they came into my house. In the radio interview, I denied Knowing who they were and they got pissed.They wanted me to acknowledge them. They are just some underground gangster rappers. Not really gangster but whatever they claim to be. They are guys looking for crowd,” said Barak.