He doesn’t want to hurt her- Diamond’s sister reveals why he hasn’t married yet

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Queen Darleen has come out to reveal that the reason why Diamond is taking his time before marrying Tanasha is because he fears marriage.

Speaking in an interview, Darleen stated that Diamond is afraid of marriage a reason why he has been going slow on it.

“Mara nyingi sana tunazungumzia, ni mtu ambaye anahofia ndoa yani anatakiwa kujipanga sana mpaka kutokuja kumkwaza mtu wake…” she said. 


She further went on to say that it’s a feeling most people have before settling down and Diamond is not any different.

“Nasibu ni mapenzi yake hayo kuingia au kutoingia kwa ndoa sio sababu ya mimi kuolewa ama kutoolewa…hayo ni maamuzi yake” she said

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha finally welcome their baby boy

Best birthday gift ever!

Tanasha Donna has finally given birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy as announced by Diamond Platnumz.

The couple who were expecting their first child together came out clean about the pregnancy at 7 months; after blogs were quick to speculated.

The baby’s whose names are yet to be revealed has been born on the same day his dad was born 30 years ago.

Diamond Platnumz shares photo

The WCB boss shared a photo holding the new born on his Instagram page and went on to caption saying;

Happy Birthday to us ❤????❤

Check out the photo below.

Diamond explains why he might add another wife after settling down with Tanasha

Diamond Platnumz has revealed that he enjoys polygamy.

The singer recently revealed why he likes using the name Simba saying that apart from the animal being fierce and all, he likes it because it has many wives.

“Not every time I take photos at the hotel with slay queens… A lion has many qualities like having two to three wives. He is kind but when you mess with him, you are finished,” told the press at an animal park in Tanzania last week.


We all know the many women the singer has been linked to. It’s not also the first time the singer has confessed that he might have a couple of wives.

Last year, he said in an interview that his religion (Muslim) allows him to marry up to four wives, and he is up to the task.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz throw a glamorous & heartwarming baby shower

After Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha made their pregnancy news public, social media has since been flooded with photos of Tanasha’s baby bump and now their baby shower seems to have taken over.

On 22nd August Tanasha and her Bongo boyfriend threw a lavish all white themed party that was attended by her mom, grandmother and close friends who were invited.


Decorations included a gorgeous baby clothes, teddy bears, and among other baby stuff to celebrate the the upcoming birth of Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz baby boy – who will soon be arriving.

Diamond Platnumz finally in love

Having two baby mamas already, never had we ever seen Diamond Platnumz throw such a baby shower for either Zari Hassan or Hamisa Mobetto.

However, with his 3rd born son almost here…Diamond Platnumz went all out to give him the best baby shower witnessed in East Africa.


Tanasha explains how she managed to hide her baby bump for so long

Tanasha is heavily pregnant with Diamond’s fourth child and everyone is predicting that the two will split as soon as that baby comes.

Natasha however, is going strong and is ready to be a mother regardless of what everyone might be saying. She recently shared how she managed to hide her pregnancy despite fans trying to investigate her life.

“Crazy how some dresses hide my bump while others show them, well that’s just from the front view lol (little trick i learned when I was trying to protect my unborn son from the cruel social media, front view pics all the way!! ) We couldnt hide anymore, but protecting my son I will do with my life. 7 months pregnant , 2 more to go and I must say this happened so fast and all so unexpectedly, at first I was convinced I wasnt ready, but as time goes I realize I couldn’t have received a better blessing from God.

“My handsome son, ( yes I know you’re handsome from those 3D ultrasound pics ???????? ) you are favoured, loved and blessed. God has a big purpose for you, you’re amongst God’s favoured. One day, your father and I will tell you why. ???? I cant wait to meet you and be your mom and I pray to God everyday to protect you from the evil eye. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. ????❤???? I love you son and I will protect you with my life. ❤❤❤ PS: (Body snapback season finna be real. I will do whatever it takes to get that yummy mommy body, oh just wait on it ????) DRESS : @prettylittlething” she said. 

Stop it

Tanasha also defended Diamond Platnumz for not marrying her saying that a wedding doesn’t keep a man.

“Idle minded people who expect others to get engaged according to their expectations. Can we get engaged when we feel we’re ready? People think that marriage is what keeps a man. Not in this day and age. Damn, can they ever go a week without mentioning my name? It’s starting to get a little creepy now.” she said. 


“Call him Sonko”. Sonko ask Diamond and Tanasha to name baby boy after him 

Diamond Platnumz and his current girlfriend Tanasha Donna are just two months away from having a baby boy.

The two made the grand announcement last weekend during Diamond’s mother’s party and asked fans to suggest names for the baby.

“(please advice the name……..????????)
Nyinyi ni ndugu zangu……nyinyi ni familia yangu….Mna kila haki ya kupendekeza jina la mtoto wetu tumuite nani……tafadhali pendekeza????????” said Diamond. 


Kenyans as usual didn’t waste time sharing names, coming up with some very weird ones too in the process.

2019soul2019soul Aitwe majuto maana next year mda kama huu Tanasha atakua na majuto mengi sana. ????.

lukmamy Kaylan kwa vile nimkenya utakua na nylan dylan na kylanchriskirwaDiaTana … jina Nzuri hilo

dunga_santuri_trinity Mansa Musa Dangote

akiliyababu Jina ni kimonyoski

smashbracket Chibuuuu dangoteeeee!!! Sharp shooter congratulations bro
iam_niryh Muite mwakitombile ????

fetty.ommy kipindi ulikuwa unampa mimba ulituomba ushauri

trishercriss Shing’weng’we????

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was also not left behind saying that Platnumz and Tanasha Donna’s unborn baby boy should be named after him if he will be born in Nairobi.

Haiya! Mapema aje? Tanasha forced to deny relationship with Diamond is over 

NRG presenter Tanasha Donna has come out to deny that her relationship to singer Diamond Platnumz has hit a rocky phase and the two might have parted ways.

A fan, out of curiosity, wonder why the two are no longer so much together as they used to. The fan also asked Tanasha on social media if everything was okay after she posted a motivational quote.

We all know how motivational quotes and break ups go hand in hand.

“Self discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment,” posted Tanasha. 

“The way you sound these days hope you and diamond are ok?Because your motivational quotes tho????????????????” the fan asked, wondering if everything was okay.

Doing fine

Tanasha assured her everything was fine though and that the quote shouldn’t be over interpreted.

“@naomi_kassidi_kassidi we’re more than okay. Our love grows more and more each day ❤️❤️, the motivational quotes is just a little self reminder for myself and others every now and then. ????????” she said. 


‘I have a man every woman dreams of’- Tanasha Donna screams

Are you dating the man of your dreams?

Well if not, it’s because he might be stuck with Tanasha Donna.

The cute radio host took to social media to brag how she has secured the bag(ok, almost) by flaunting her lover Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond, it’s not a secret, drives ladies crazy. It never used to happen when he was broke though and a majority of fans have always mentioned this once in a while.

Tanasha however couldn’t hide her blessings, taking to social media to share that all women want a piece of the famous singer while she enjoys every inch of him.

“Love of my life. The gentleman every girl dreams of. Can’t wait.” she captioned their photo. 

Diamond, according to the radio presenter,has been one person who has held her down in the music game. She recently revealed how supportive he has been saying that he even helped her create her new banger.


Diamond, joined by Rayvanny warn young man who claims Tanasha was her baby but Diamond ‘stole’ her

A young man recently stirred things up after claiming that he was dating Tanasha Donna before Diamond came and swept her off her feet.

Diamond was recently confronted by a journalist who wanted to know whether it’s true he stole Tanasha for the young man. A shocked Diamond claimed that he had no idea she was even dating anyone when they met.

Diamond added that if she was in a relationship, she would have mentioned it.

“What would I even tell him. She has not told me that she has a boyfriend if she had one they would have to talk it out among themselves,” said Diamond.

Keep off

Fellow Wasafi member Rayvanny  supported his boss saying that the young man should stay away from Tanasha since the two are thinking of settling down now.

“Tell him not to bring war because Tanasha belongs to another man [diamond]. We want to wed her so he should not create a wall for us.” added Rayvanny. 

Publicity hungry Bey T finally drops Tanasha’s diss track. You should listen to this if you love Tanasha

Tanasha Donna has added yet another enemy to the long list of those who hate her after she started dating singer Diamond Platnumz.

Tanasha, who has enemies all over starting with women Diamond has dated and dumped to just typical haters, is now being attacked by Bey T, an upcoming artist who recently claimed Tanasha stole her catch phrase.

Catch Phrase

As weak as that allegation was, Bey T is not playing around and wants her “Kenya to the world” catch phrase back. The upcoming singer has now punished Tanasha with a diss track dubbed “Don to the donna”.

In the track, Bey T claims the reason why Natasha is doing better music wise is because she sleeps around… and of course because she has Diamond now.

“Someone tell Tanasha Donna to stop wave riding. The only thing you got on me is p*ssy mileage,” she posted. 

Listen to the song below:


Claws out! Rapper Bey T claims Tanasha stole her song, promises to destroy her 

Upcoming rapper Bey T has come out to accuse fellow rapper Tanasha Donna of stealing her catch phrase. The barely known artist was online recently to take shots on Tanasha who released her new jam “Radio” a few weeks ago, and claim she’s sampled a part of it from her music.

According to the Bey T, Tanasha stole the phrase “Kenya to the World” and now she’s planning to release a diss tack on Friday directed to her.

“Someone tell Tanasha to stop wave riding” she wrote on her Instagram.


In response to the allegations of plagiarism, Tanasha hit back subtly by saying she didn’t know a phrase could be owned by anyone.

“Too much hate in this world. Jealousy is a disease. They’ll start beef over a phrase they think they invented when it has been used by so many artists in the 254, What’s wrong with this world though? What happened to empowering one another?” she posed. 

Diamond’s Tanasha: There was nothing between me and Ali Kiba. Just work

There has been a lot said between Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna. The NRG radio presenter has been rumored to date several guys including Ali Kiba.

In a recent interview, she clarified that she has never had any romantic relationship with the star but only appeared in his music video as a vixen.

“When we did that video we never had a thing. We never even exchanged numbers it was very professional. We never had a thing, matter of fact, back then I was in a relationship and my ex was at the video shoot the entire time tulikuwa tunashoot hio video.” she said. 


The radio host, who dated Nick Mutuma, also denied she slept with Wizkid who, was captured in a video showing her leaving with him after a show.

“Diamond has never asked me about wizkid and he knows the situation. We were just friends. We never dated. Let me make things clear.” she said.

Tanasha finally explains why wedding to Diamond was called off

Singer Diamond Platnumz and his new catch Tanasha Donna had a wedding on the way only to inform fans that it was canceled a few weeks later.

In a recent interview with Wasafi FM, Tanasha spoke on different subjects from her music to her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking in the interview, the radio presenter shared that the wedding was canceled because they wanted to know each other more.

“We decided to take our time focusing on knowing each other. Loving eqch other. Wedding plans will come God willing. Who knows with time maybe I move here. At the moment this works.” she said. 


Diamond was allegedly warned by her family not impregnate the singer until they are officially one. Tanasha also has been forced to deal with pregnancy rumors lately, denying that she is carrying Diamond’s baby.


Will Tanasha finally join Diamond’s Wasafi Records to propel her music career? She speaks

Radio host Tanasha Donna has a new hit called Radio that has proved that she can really sing.

The song, which features Kenyan rapper Barak Jaccuzi has been on trending lists ever since it was released last week and is now on it’s way to a million views.

In an interview on Switch TV, the singer confessed that Diamond and his team had a huge influence on her and how the song will sound because she asked for their help.

“They are fully supportive and I make sure I go through everything with them as well so that they confirm if it is good or not. I appreciate their honesty,” Tanasha said.

Different Style

Diamond assembled Wasafi Records all by himself. Many were itching to now whether his new bae will also be added to the team now that she has proved talented.

Tanasha, however, said that Wasafi’s style wouldn’t accommodate her therefore she doesn’t think she can join the team.

“I think that the type of genre that I do compared to Wasafi is totally different. Unless he (Diamond) starts like a Wasafi Caribbean/Hip-hop type thing maybe, but as for now not really,” she revealed.

Diamond claims Zari has blocked him for seeing his kids: I see them on social media only

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been attacking Zari Hassan in all ways ever since he claimed she cheated on him with fellow singer Peter Okoye and her gym trainer.

Diamond has yet again claimed that Zari doesn’t give him a chance two visit his kids after their bitter break up. Zari has been accusing the singer for being a deadbeat dad but according to Diamond, she’s the reason why he has never seen his kids.

“Love is so complicated, it made Harmonize run after an Arab lady. Because of it, I only get to see my kids on social media,” Diamond said in his song. 


The two have been fighting over the kids since they separated. Diamond shared that he’s been sending the money for child support but had to stop recently after learning it was being used in other ways.


Tanasha on dating Diamond: If Jesus was hated who am I not to be

Diamond Platnumz’s new catch, Tanasha Donna confessed that she wasn’t ready for all the chaos, trolls and nosy fans when she first fell for him.

Speaking on Citizen TV, the singer who was launching her new song “Radio” said that when she started dating the popular singer, she almost fell into depression.

“In the beginning, they (trolls) used to get to me. I almost fell into depression but then I overcame it. If Jesus was hated who am I not to be,” she said. 


She added that so far, Diamond has been very supportive in her music career.

“He has been super supportive through out this journey and he still supports me. I just want to thank him and the whole Wasafi team.I feel blessed,” she said. 

Tanasha proves she’s a better singer than all other Diamond’s ex-girlfriends in her new jam “Radio”

Radio presenter Tanasha Donna has finally released her first song dubbed radio featuring rapper Barrack Jacuzzi.

While everyone primarily knows her as simply a radio girl and perhaps a model, Tanasha also has a hidden talent in singing and she decided to let the world in on it.

By far it’s better than all songs that have been released by other women Diamond has dated. Zari Hassan by far has the worst songs. Hamisa tried while Wema Sepetu also proved she could sing.


Tanasha took to Instagram to announce her venture to music as she thanked her team for the effort put in the songs.

“A huge thanks to the entire team on board, amazing dancers/models their social media handles are all at the end of the video but will defos be tagging them along the way!Thank you for the love so far, I shall continue to grow and perfect my craft,” she wrote. 

Watch the video below:


Here’s the viral video of Diamond and his dad hugging and dancing together after he avoided him for 20 years 

Diamond Platnumz and his dad Mzee Juma have not been seeing eye to eye for 20 years but that ended on Tuesday after the two reconciled and started things a fresh.

Diamond Platnumz and his father, Abdul Juma finally embraced and even danced together at the anticipated re-union which happened at the Wasafi FM offices.

Diamond in the interview said that he has always respected his dad that the media has always made him the bad guy in the story.

He said that after recent events like his father asking for help from him, his sister, Darleen had spoken to him about helping his father. He said that when he had an opportunity to do so, he does.


The video of the two has been doing rounds on social media and fans were also kinda happy the two made up. Also, many hoped that Diamond will now help his dad and take him to hospital.



Diamond Platnumz’ dad: I have never met my grand kids, I don’t even know how Zari sounds

Zari Hassan and her two kids from Diamond Platnumz have never met Diamond’s dad in person.

Despite Zari and Diamond being together for close to five years, Diamond has never bothered to introduce them to his dad Mzee Juma.

Juma recently opened up about the issue saying that he doesn’t even know Zari’s voice because they have never met face to face.

”aah!sijai ona wajukuu wangu ata sauti yake zari sijawai sikia” he said. 

Never meet

Zari was Diamonds ex and they had two kids namely Tiffany and Nillian.

It’s not a secret Diamond and his dad never see eye to eye. Diamond has been dodging his dad for years now and it’s not shocking that he has never met his kids.

The day Mzee Juma planned to pay them a visit, Diamond had gone for a music tour, denying him a chance to see his grandchildren.

Tanasha denies relatives are pushing Diamond to marry her before knocking her up 

NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna, who is also Diamond Platnumz’ bae, has denied that her family is pushing the singer to marry her first and avoid taking a route he did with his other exes.

Early this week a quote from a person claiming to be Tanasha’s relative made rounds on social media saying that her family has warned him not to get her pregnant before they exchange vows.

“As a family, we held talks and came to the conclusion Tanasha should not have a kid with Diamond. You have to realise Tanasha comes from a religious family. Her parents are staunch Christians and they do not like things that go against their morals. We have no problem with their relationship. What we do not want is Tanasha to be dumped after getting pregnant,” the relative said. 

Not my family

Tanasha has denied all this saying that her family members are just OK with her relationship with Diamond and, that they are very humble in the first place.

“My relatives ain’t never that type to even say something like that. They’re the most humble, respectful people ever,” she said. 

Wewe! Don’t try and impregnate Tanasha before marrying her- Tanasha’s family warns Diamond 

With at least three known kids with two different women already in the public domain, Tanasha Donna’s family aren’t taking any chances with Diamond Platnumz.

The family has asked the singer to first marry their daughter before thinking of starting a family with her. According to Global Publishers, Diamond, according to sources, has been heard saying he plans to get Tanasha pregnant before the end of 2019.


A family member was quoted saying that the singer has now been warned against doing this and should first put a ring on it before planting any seed.

“As a family, we held talks and came to the conclusion Tanasha should not have a kid with Diamond. You have to realise Tanasha comes from a religious family. Her parents are staunch Christians and they do not like things that go against their morals,” the relative said. 

Diamond and Tanasha were to get married this Valentine’s Day but quickly postponed the wedding to an unknown date. The family says that they are afraid Diamond might dump her.

“We have no problem with their relationship. What we do not want is Tanasha to be dumped after getting pregnant,” Tanasha’s kin said. 

Tanasha hoping to meet Zari and iron things out soon: Social media creates unnecessary drama but one day we shall meet and talk

Diamond Platnumz’ bae Tanasha Donna knows that before her, several women were in her place and some had children with the popular singer.

Of the two women Diamond Platnumz has dated and fathered a baby with, Tanasha get’s compared mostly to Zari Hassan. On social media, it also seems the two have fallen to the pressure and have been going at each other.

In an interview with Kiss 100, Tanasha said that she hopes she gets a chance to meet Zari and they can iron things out.

“No, I haven’t.” said Tanasha when asked whether she has spoken to her. 

“I hope that one day we will come to a place of mutual understanding because of the kids. I know this social media and stuff creates unnecessary drama to create a rift between us by comparing is but one day God willing, we shall meet and talk.”

Meeting his mum

Tanasha also confessed she hasn’t talked to Diamond’s kid Princess Tifah?

“No, I have not yet talked to the sweet little girl.” she said.

On meeting the singer’s mum, Tanasha said she was scared.

“I was sooo scared . Oh my goodness. I almost pissed myself. She is very sweet and the interesting thing is that we share a birth date, we were both born on the same day.” she said. 

Roysambu Manenos? Tanasha explains why Diamond hasn’t visited her house in Nairobi 

NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna has revealed that Diamond Platnumz has really never visited her apartment in Nairobi.

Speaking to Kiss 100, Tanasha said that her visiting the singer’s is easier and better because the singer always travels with an entourage.

I spend most of my weekends in Diamond’s house. I have tried to have him come to my apartment and it has been hard because he has to come with his entourage that includes security and the whole hullabaloo.


This means everyone will get to know that he is around and that is what he wants to avoid. I actually got a week off so I’m here with him. I have not been feeling too well.


The singer also said that dating Diamond isn’t an easy thing. At first, it was very frustrating but now she’s slowly getting used to it.

At the beginning of the relationship, I used to cry daily. I almost fell into depression. I do feel insecure.He told me the social media drama I’m facing is nothing compared to his past relationships. But once his fans realize he is indeed serious with our relationship, they will show their support, which I’m already seeing.


Tanasha forced to deny she’s editing photos look curvy like Diamond’s other ex lovers 

Singer Diamond Platnumz’ ex-lovers have all had one thing in common, a curvy body.

From Wema Sepetu, Hamisa Mobetto to Zari Hassan, all the ladies Diamond dated have all been blessed by huge derriere and a small waist. His new lover Tanasha Donna, however, isn’t that packing.

The petite radio presenter has also been trolled severally because of her “saggy” boobs. Fans put her on spot yet again after claiming that she’s editing her photos to look curvy.

New figure

“Hii shape Tanasha ametoa wapi? Yani unajua tunakujua,” a fan asked in one of her photos.

Tanasha, sensing another storm was coming, told the follower that it was the dress she was wearing that magnified her curves.

 “They are called well-fitting clothes my friend. I do not edit,” she sarcastically replied. 



“My shoes are too big to fit” Zari throws shade at Tanasha Donna but Tanasha replies with a spectacular comeback

Exchange between Diamond Platnumz ex-lover Zari Hassan and new catch Tanasha Donna seems like a thing that will live for sometime and will keep entertaining fans.

The two ladies have been exchanging subliminal shots on social media trying to prove they are better for Diamond.

Zari recently took to social media to claim that even though Diamond has gone for a younger, fresher Tanasha, he should know that she can’t be able to replace her.

“My shoes are either too big to fill or too small to fit,” she wrote on Instagram. 


Tanasha, who is planning to get married to the singer soon and has even already met his parents, also had a cunning reply for Zari after her status update. Tanasha urged Zari to chill out if she’s confident enough that she’s irreplaceable.

”True confidence has no room for jealousy. When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate. Watajua hawajui,” she wrote. 

Well, it seems fans are the ones who are benefiting from these free dramas from the two so they should just sit back and enjoy.


Why Diamond Platnumz wants Tanzanian government to make his wedding day a public holiday

Singer Diamond Platnumz wants the Tanzanian government to mark the day he will marry his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna because he wants it to be more than just another day.

Speaking to a local news paper, Diamond said that he wants the Tanzanian government to make it a national holiday so that all the family members can attend.

He also explained why the wedding had to be pushed from Valentines Day saying:

“The reason why we had to change the date is because Tanasha’s mother will be working on Valentine’s day. I do not want a small wedding, If it is possible I would like the government to consider it a public holiday,” he said. 

Met family

Diamond and Tanasha have already made things official after the beauty met the artistes mother in Tanzania. They have not shared the exact date when the wedding will happen.