Beef? Bien’s reaction to Jalang’os robbery is sure to raise eyebrows

I am starting to wonder whether Jalango and Sauti Sol’s member,Bien have beef. Well just a few weeks ago, Bien was asked to pay Ksh 5 million by one of Jalang’o’s workers (Morrison) who had accused theSauti Sol member of turning his old photo to a meme.

Morrison’s reasons for demanding Ksh 5 million from Bien is because – using the photo and circulating it on social media not only brought back old but ugly memories from his past. So for compensation – Morrison and his advisers asked for Ksh 5million.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Barely a month after this – Jalango now says he wants Morrison Litiema and another worker, Eli Umundu behind bars for stealing from him. That was quick right?

So turns out that these two allegedly made away with unknown amount of money; but since Jalango is offering 100k to whoever with information on the two – means they indeed did him dirty.

Bien with the sarcasm

With the story spreading like wild fire on social media, Bien also came across it and I’m guessing he has every reason to feel that Karma may have done him justice.

I mean, how else could he explain this? Just the other day – Morrison was threatening to sue him for a meme; and judging from his confidence… there must have a been a big force supporting and boosting him to sue Bien….then surprisingly the universe decides to turn tables…? Mmmh.

Anyway – commenting on Jalango getting robbed, Bien wrote;


Bald man with few words? Or is it just mockery?

Netizens on the other hand reacted to the comment saying;