Weight loss: Socialite Bridget Achieng flaunts her slimmed down mummy figure in new photos

It appears that Bridget Achieng is slowly slimming down 3 years after she gave birth to her first born, Sekani.

Just like most mums, the socialite struggled with stubborn baby fat that didn’t seem to shed off; but finally – looks like she found a solution to her problem.

Bridget Achieng leaked video

Judging for the new photos shared on her page, we have confirmed that indeed Bridget Achieng has lost weight; probably not so much to notice – but her face is already reflecting the new body changes.

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Of course having received compliments about her weight loss; Bridget Achieng shared the new photos to which she captioned;

Socialite Achieng

50 shades of black , my #favecolor
But at the rate im loosing weight if my mom happened to be alive by now ningekuwa nime bukiwa ndenge nirudi nyumbani …she didnt believe an african woman should loose weight ???????????????? God bless her soul as she continue resting with the angels❤️????

Beef with blogger

The new body changes come months after Bridget Achieng’s nude video was allegedly leaked online by a fake friend who shared it with blogger Edgar Obare.

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From the video, let’s just say it didn’t look anything close to what Bridget Achieng parades on her social media’s; hence making fans believe in the power of photoshop.

Anyway, now that she is losing weight for real – and I can bet that the socialite won’t let fans breathe. Check out the new photos below.

Bridget Achieng weight loss
Mama Sekani parading new body
Socialite Achieng flaunts weight loss
Socialite on losing weight

“The video was doctored, I look different in person” Bridget Achieng speaks after nude video leaked

Bridget Achieng has several naked photos on social media, and from the way they all look; you’d think God took some extra time to curve the mother of one. I mean, on the photos she looks flawless despite being a plus size. No stretch marks, no cellulites and just the perfect skin tone.

Bridget Achieng naked shoot

However, one of her said close friends recently leaked a video showing Bridget Achieng in her natural self; and allow me to say that we all felt played. Well, this is because the body seen on the video is nothing like what Bridget Achieng parades on social media.

Don’t get me wrong, the body is beautiful in its own way and the fact that it once housed a child, then it’s allowed! From the jelly stomach to the thick things – it’s obvious to tell that this video was edited since clearly there were no filters to conceal the imperfection.

Bridget Achieng denies own body

Anyway now that the truth is out, fans have become curios on how Bridget Achieng manages to hide her true figure underneath her ‘designer’ outfits.

Bridget Achieng

One fan went on to comment asking about Bridget’s corset saying;

No shade bt I would love to know what type of shapewear you use

To which Bridget Achieng responded by giving an answer that left some of her fans trolling her. Well, according to Bridget – the said nude video was apparently doctored since in real life, she doesn’t look anything near the viral video. She wrote;

Bridget Achieng leaked video

my dear if you see me in real life you won’t ask me that question. That was a doctored video of me.

Well – not quite sure why Bridget feels the need to defend her body; but below are comments from fans calling her out for the lies.