“Nilikojolea nywele yake” Mishi Dora confesses after her fight with Bridget Achieng

But what is wrong with Nairobi diaries cast? I will not say that some of these ladies are ratchet. But, judging from some of the things they say, it is fair to think they are.

In the new episode of the reality show aired on Monday night, Mishi Dora and Bridget Achieng finally smack each other. The ladies for a while now have not been in good terms and turns out that they are ready to do anything to bring each other down.

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They have been rumored to seek hep from witch doctors leaving their fans shocked. Yes, Nairobi Diaries has the craziest cast and this is why most Kenyans cannot stop keeping up with the show.

Mishi Dora reveals she peed on Bridget’s wig

According to Mishi Dora she took a pee on Bridget Achieng’s wig after their fight. The two ladies had apparently met up for a meeting before things escalated for the worst.

In the confession room, Mishi Dora went on to say that she urinated on the hair the same day she had stomach upsets which made her diarrhea….eeew!

Anyway watch the confession below: