Allan Namu denies buying 15 million brand new Ranger Rover from huge pay cut he allegedly got from Cambridge Analytica

As more and more Kenyans get the inside story on how they were manipulated by British’s data company Cambridge Analytica to vote for Uhuru Kenyatta, other dark secrets that have been treats as facts are also emerging.

Former news anchor Allan Namu, who has been hitting the headlines hard with many accusing his company,  Africa Uncensored, for working with Cambridge Analytica to manipulate the data in 2013 and 2017 elections, has denied the allegations completely.

Never bought a Range Rover

Namu also clarified one more thing that has been circulating but is not true; he doesn’t have a Range Rover, nor did he ever buy one despite rumors that he bought one for his birthday, for 15 million shillings allegedly got after working with Analytica.

Allan after posting the Range Rover

” I do not own a Range Rover, nor do any of the members of my immediate family. Standing in front of a car does not mean that a person owns it. I have repeatedly stated this, but given that the story was mischaracterized by gossip blogs who have no interest in finding…… the truth, a lie has been spun repeatedly,” he said.


 “The false parallels being drawn between myself, my company and Cambridge Analytica are not just false, they are defamatory. They are meant to put Africa Uncensored’s, and indeed my own credibility in doubt, and endanger the livelihoods of the employees of Africa Uncensored.” 


John Allan Namu distances himself from Uhuru Kenyatta and Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica has been exposed for influencing 2013 and 2017 Kenyan presidential election. John Allan Namu has been forced to issue a statement after his company was linked to the British data mining company.

Cambridge Analytica has caused a storm across the world after its top bosses were caught on tape confessing to using underhand tricks to influence elections for its clients.

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John Allan Namu has come out to deny claims that his company – Africa Uncensored was contracted by Cambridge Analytica to work on president Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign in the 2017 presidential election.

Detailed statement



Idris Sultan defends Larry Madowo over his article on The Washington Post

Larry Madowo has shared his opinion about Cambridge Analytica on Washington post. The British consultancy firm has been exposed over its role in influencing 2013 and 2017 Kenyan presidential election.

Cambridge Analytica bosses have been caught on camera boasting of the control they exerted in Kenya. Investigation aired by British public service TV Channel 4 News, shows one of the company’s top bosses, Alexandar Nix, bragging on how they run the 2013 and 2017 campaigns, how they rebranded both TNA and Jubilee parties, wrote speeches and manifestos, conducted two researches on behalf of the parties, “stage the whole thing” and “ran every element of Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign”.

Cambridge Analytica has since been banned on Facebook. The firm ran ads on Facebook portraying Raila Odinga as violent, corrupt and dangerous person.

The use of dirty tricks for its political clients including sowing tribal discord and using fake news is the reason why Facebook banned Cambridge Analytica.

Madowo’s article

Larry Madowo condemns Cambridge Analytica for poisoning democracies around the world on his article on The Washington Post.

Madowo’s critics however went on troll him over his article. Tanzanian star Idris Sultan threw his weight behind Larry, he says people were criticizing Madowo yet even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned by UK lawmakers over Cambridge Analytica.

“Zuckerberg is summoned since most data was gathered from facebook and here we were just arguing why is Larry’s relationship status weird. We won’t be summoned for that ??”wrote Idris Sultan.