Comedian YY: “My dad used to beat my mum sana”

Comedian YY recently had a candid interview with one Churchill show recently where he opened up about his life; among other things he thought his fans would benefit from.

Speaking during the recording of Churchill Show’s ‘Journey Series’, YY for the first time opened up leaving many shocked; but at the same time impressed by how far he has come – and mostly his main reason for not touching alcohol.

Comedian, YY

Just like most people who grew up with abusive fathers; comedian YY unfortunately happens to be one as he witnessed how alcohol affected his family thanks to his late dad. According to the comedian, his dad who was an alcoholic became too violent towards his mum – to a point where he (comedian YY) was forced to intervene.

We lived in Nairobi for eight years and my dad died when I was in class three. He was an alcoholic and he used to beat my Mum sana. So I wanted really to protect my mother. So most of the time akipiga, nilikuwa naingia hapo katika, to intervene.
And this changed me since I did not want to end up like my father in that specific regard.

Blessings on blessings

Although his dad passed on when he was still young; YY says seeing him drown in alcohol was a blessing in disguise since it taught him not to be like his late dad.

Churchill Show comedian, Oliver Otieno alias YY

Speaking about how they struggled with life back then; YY went on to open up saying;

We lived in a muddy house, with metallic window panes and no glasses. I was not an undisciplined child but I was very tricky. My wish was to get my mother out of that situation. It’s a situation I would not wish on any child, mother or father to be living in,” he said.

However as time as passed by, he has managed to work on himself to a point where he can afford to give his mum and siblings the life they always dreamt of.

Like they say, no situation in life is permanent; and YY is a living testimony!