Pastor Ng’ang’a mocks man of God David Mwaure for trailing in presidential race “Bishop anashindwa na mtu wa bangi”

Pastor Ng’ang’a has no chills! Actually I’m actually I’m beginning to wonder how he became a pastor and how he still has a huge following when his ways don’t really matter with those of a staunch (for lack of a better word) Christian.

I mean, he ridicules, insults, mocks and worse – doesn’t practice what he preaches; but at the same time we ought to give him credit for being real…at least he lets people see who he really is.

And with that, this past weekend Ng’ang’a decided to make fun of Bishop David Mwaure who came in last in the presidential race; and what seemed to bother Ng’ang’a is that the man of God was actually losing to Wajackoyha who is a Ganja man or like pastor Nganga put it Mutu wa Bangi.

Pastor Ng’ang’a 

Nimeona Wajackoyah ako na kura nyingi sana. Yule anauza nyoka na bangi na kuna bishop yuko hapo na huyu wa bangi ndio ako na kura nyingi. Na ni bishop! Bishop! Ulienda kubaya, bishop rudi kwa kanisa,

Nganga here to play

If you thought Ng’ang’a would mince his words because he was speaking to his congregation during a Sunday; then you thought wrong.

Still on David Mwaure losing to Wajackoyah, Nganga went on to make fun saying;

 Bishop ghai! Amekaa miaka nne, forty years bishop na leo ametokelezea na huyu wa bangi akatokelezea, hata hajanyoa na bishop amenyoa na amevaa suti, huyu amefunga tu kilemba. Sasa huyu wa bangi nimeangalia nikaona hata Mandera ako na kura.

Mmmh not that he really cares but if church ministry was a business…believe me Ng’ang’a is really doing everything to entertain his customers.