‘Something Went Wrong’- Pastor Ng’ang’a Reflects On Recent Benny Hinn Crusade Experience

Following his attendance at a recent crusade led by U.S. preacher Benny Hinn, Kenyan televangelist Pastor James Ng’ang’a shared his reflections with his congregation.

“I was there at the meeting yesterday just to see how God uses him,” he stated.

Pastor Ng’ang’a addressed his perception of lacking recognition during the event, stating he was acknowledged only once and seated away from the main stage. He also observed that the sermon delivered by Benny Hinn appeared to face challenges.

“But something went wrong. That person struggled. It was a singer who sang while I was there. I was only mentioned by one person,” he added.

While acknowledging his attendance as an opportunity to witness Benny Hinn’s ministry, Pastor Ng’ang’a expressed disappointment with the experience. He also reiterated his faith in the potential of his own ministry.

Expressions of Optimism

Despite his reservations, Pastor Ng’ang’a expressed a desire to contribute musically to the event, believing his participation would have yielded positive outcomes. This sentiment resonated with his congregation, evidenced by their cheers.

Wider Context

The crusade, which attracted numerous high-profile figures, faced scrutiny beyond Pastor Ng’ang’a’s observations.

Pastor Nganga Gives His Approach On Unmarried Couples

Known for his unorthodox methods, controversial city preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a is once again drawing attention with his latest approach to tackling singleness within his Neno Evangelism Church. In a recent sermon, Ng’ang’a stunned his congregation by facilitating a face-to-face “matchmaking” session on the pulpit.

The surprise move saw Ng’ang’a call unmarried men and women forward, creating two distinct groups on the pulpit. A video circulating online captures him stating, “I was thinking we should bring up the unmarried women so they can meet these men.”

With both groups assembled, Ng’ang’a encouraged them to interact and potentially build connections that could lead to marriage. This unusual initiative aimed to address singleness within the church by facilitating introductions and fostering relationships among members.

Beyond the pulpit session, Ng’ang’a further announced a dedicated church service dedicated to praying for unmarried members. He encouraged them to bring offerings, emphasizing the importance of seeking divine intervention in their search for companionship.

This isn’t Ng’ang’a’s first foray into addressing marital status within his congregation. Last year, he sparked debates with a six-month ultimatum to single members, urging them to find partners or consider leaving the church.

Ng’ang’a’s latest matchmaking effort, while unconventional, reflects his continued focus on addressing concerns related to marriage and singleness within his flock. However, his methods might not resonate with everyone, prompting both support and questioning from observers.

A Brush with Kindness: Artist Surprises Pastor with Portraits, Earns Spiritual Support

A recent church service at Neno Evangelism took a heartwarming turn when a second-year university student surprised Pastor James Ng’ang’a with two stunning portraits – one of the pastor himself, and another of his wife, Murugi. The young artist, hailing from Murang’a, had secretly honed his skills, waiting for the perfect moment to showcase his talent.

As Pastor Ng’ang’a preached with fervor, the young man held aloft the portraits, catching the pastor’s eye and eliciting gasps of admiration from the congregation. Amused and impressed, Ng’ang’a enquired about the artist’s technique and academic journey, their exchange laced with laughter and genuine curiosity.

Receiving the portrait of himself and Murugi, the pastor walked towards his wife, comparing the likeness with a playful smile. The artist, his voice filled with quiet pride, revealed his passion for drawing and his pursuit of a different field in university.

Impressed by the raw talent on display, Ng’ang’a inquired about the process, learning that all the artist needed was a photograph to weave his magic. A shy offer from the artist to be “promoted” with something led to a moment of unexpected generosity.

Instead of the suggested few hundred shillings, Ng’ang’a surprised the young man with ten thousand Kenyan shillings, declaring it a form of “spiritual support.” He explained it as nurturing the talent within the artist, a spark visible for all to see.

This heartwarming gesture resonated far beyond the portrait itself. It became a testament to the power of art to bridge gaps, to surprise and delight, and to inspire others to nurture their own gifts. In a world often marred by negativity, the story offered a glimpse of human connection, kindness, and the unexpected ways generosity can blossom.

A Holiday Fundraiser with Controversy: Pastor Ng’ang’a’s Sh. 1000 Request

Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism has ignited online debate after a video surfaced of him soliciting Sh. 1000 donations from each church member for his holiday celebrations. The clip shows the charismatic pastor, donned in a white military-style outfit, addressing the congregation from the altar.

“Just one thousand for a start,” he declares, extending his hand. “Give me one thousand, just one thousand… to enjoy Christmas and offer you, the prophet, a cup of water.” As the piano’s melodic rhythms fill the air, congregants shuffle forward, clutching bills ready to fulfill the pastor’s request.

Pastor Ng’ang’a gleefully collects the money, his excitement growing with each contribution. “Yes, and some of you are giving two!… Keep it coming, keep it coming. And remember, those who give, I see you,” he declares to the crowd waving cash before him.

Following the collection, the pastor dips his hand into a bowl and starts dishing out rewards for the generous givers. He warns those who haven’t participated not to try and stretch their arms, subtly reminding them of his watchful eye on financial contributions.

This video has sparked strong reactions online, with some questioning the appropriateness of requesting such a specific sum for personal holiday expenses. Others defend the pastor’s right to seek financial support from his congregation, especially considering the festive season. The debate reflects ongoing conversations about the blurring lines between faith and financial expectations in religious instituti

Woman Claims To Be Pastor Ng’anga’s First Born Daughter

Naomi Wangari Maina has come forward claiming to be the firstborn daughter of controversial Kenyan pastor James Ng’ang’a. In an interview with Tuko.co.ke, she shared her story of meeting her biological father for the first time as an adult.

Naomi was raised by a stepfather in a village environment, unaware of her true parentage until a family member revealed the truth. This revelation prompted her to seek out her father, who was also searching for her.

Following a series of coincidences, including attending his crusades and purchasing his music unknowingly, Naomi finally received a call from Ng’ang’a. Initial doubts were quickly dispelled as they connected the dots of her biological father being a former herdsman in the same village.

Despite her mother’s initial denial, Naomi confronted Ng’ang’a and confirmed their relationship. Their first meeting was filled with joy and emotion as they embraced for the first time.

However, Naomi’s story also touches upon hardship. Her son, Jonathan, suffers from eye cancer and she struggles to pay his medical bills. While some question why Ng’ang’a, known for his healing prayers, wouldn’t directly help his own grandson, Naomi chooses to focus on her faith and not blame anyone.

She acknowledges the potential for bitterness but chooses to remain positive and focus on her son’s well-being. While recognizing that Ng’ang’a may pray for her children, she clarifies that she doesn’t expect public recognition or special treatment.

Naomi’s story highlights the complexities of family relationships and the challenges faced by those seeking to connect with their biological parents. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of faith and resilience in the face of adversity.

While she encourages people to focus on the true issue of her son’s health and not sensationalize the story, Naomi’s journey offers valuable insights into human connection and the enduring power of family bonds

Pastor Ng’ang’a Reveals Why He Distances Himself From Grandson’s Medical Appeal

Controversial televangelist Pastor Ng’ang’a has publicly distanced himself from his grandson Jonathan Wise’s ongoing medical appeal for leukemia treatment.

Jonathan, the 6-year-old son of Ng’ang’a’s eldest daughter Naomi Wangari Maina, is battling a severe case of B-ALL Leukemia. Recently, Maina, a singer and evangelist like her father, made a public plea for Sh4.5 million to help cover Jonathan’s medical expenses.

However, Ng’ang’a has made it clear that he should not be linked to the appeal. While acknowledging Jonathan’s struggles, he stated, “I have my reservations regarding it.”

This comes after Maina shared a video detailing Jonathan’s health journey. Born in January 2018, Jonathan was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer, Bilateral Retinoblastoma, just two weeks after birth. The cancer progressed rapidly in one eye, requiring immediate treatment at only six weeks old.

Throughout the next three years, Jonathan’s life revolved around chemotherapy and frequent surgical procedures every three weeks. He bravely endured these challenges, undergoing treatment in both Kenya and India.

In 2020, Jonathan’s family successfully raised enough funds through a fundraiser to facilitate his treatment in India. Unfortunately, the young boy has yet to fully recover. Recent medical exams revealed the B-ALL Leukemia diagnosis, prompting the renewed appeal for financial support.

While Ng’ang’a’s decision to separate himself from the appeal remains unclear, it has sparked speculation and generated mixed reactions. Some believe he should lend his support to his grandson, while others respect his right to privacy and personal decisions.

Regardless of Ng’ang’a’s stance, Jonathan’s fight continues. He remains in the hospital, receiving treatment under his mother’s watchful eye. The family’s hope rests on the public’s generosity to help Jonathan overcome this challenging time.

Pastor Ng’ang’a Loses His Cool Over Meager Offering, Forces Deacon To Spread It Out on the Floor

A video of Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the controversial founder of the Neno Evangelism Centre, has gone viral after he reacted angrily to a meager offering from his congregation.

In the video, Ng’ang’a is seen forcing a deacon to pour out the offering, which consists mostly of small denominations, on the floor. He then asks the usher to count how many KSh 1,000 notes are in the pile, and to his surprise, there are only two.

Visibly upset, the pastor scolds the congregation for their lack of generosity. “Is this real? Satan is here… That is why you are so down because whatever you are doing has no motive. It doesn’t touch God,” he says.

Ng’ang’a had previously warned his congregation against contributing KSh 500 and below as offering, but it seems that his warning went unheeded.

The video has sparked outrage on social media, with many people criticizing Ng’ang’a for his behavior. Some have accused him of being greedy and of using God to extort money from his followers. Others have defended Ng’ang’a, arguing that he is simply trying to encourage his congregation to be more generous.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Ng’ang’a, there is no doubt that the video is a stark reminder of the power and influence that religious leaders can have over their followers.

Pastor Ng’ang’a Warns His Wife Against Going Through His Phone

During a sermon, Ng’ang’a made it clear that Murugi would face the consequences if she dared to touch his phone.

“If you touch my phone, my wife, prepare for the consequences. Don’t bring me this nonsense. You have your own phone, do I ever touch yours?” Ng’ang’a asked.

He went on to say that if Murugi noticed someone had called him, she should dial the number and ask the person directly, rather than asking him.

Ng’ang’a stressed that living with someone did not mean he was in prison, and that he did not go through other people’s phones.

In the video, Ng’ang’a emphasised the importance of marriage. He went on to compare single individuals who live alone to people with mental health issues.

“For those who are not yet married, get married quickly and stop this nonsense. You are going to live alone in your house like a mad person,” he exclaimed.

He also said that he did not go through his wife’s phone because he was not the type of husband who invaded his wife’s privacy. He said he didn’t need to investigate everyone in her phone because if she wanted to be with other men, she would do so regardless.

Pastor Ng’ang’a fires back at 500/- resentment

Pastor Ng’ang’a is not taking kindly to criticism of his comments about a man offering him Sh500 for blessings. On October 7, the outspoken preacher in a video, lashed out at a congregant who gave little money in exchange for blessings from the men of cloth.

“Another person yesterday gave me 500 bobs, I pray for his children and also his extended family. Mia tano? How do you expect them to do this with just 500?”

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s comments have sparked a debate about the role of money in religion and the exploitation of the faithful by some clergy. Some people have defended the pastor, arguing that he is entitled to receive payment for his services. Others have criticized him, saying that he is using his position of power to exploit his followers.

It is important to note that there is no one right answer to this question. Different people have different beliefs about the role of money in religion. However, it is important to be aware of the potential for exploitation when dealing with religious leaders. If you are feeling pressured to give money to a religious leader, it is important to trust your gut and walk away.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a infuriated by 500/- offering

A video of Pastor James Nganga criticizing an unidentified person for paying him Sh500 to pray for him has split Kenyans sharply. Nganga complained that the meager sum didn’t satisfy the needs of the followers’ prayers.

“Another person yesterday gave me 500 bobs, I pray for his children and also his extended family. Mia tano? How do you expect them to do this with just 500?

Honestly how do you expect me to perform a miracle with 500. Nitawakumbuka namna gani sasa? Mia tano? Hakuna mafua ya gari ya mia tano. Io ni ibada gani? watu wa pikipiki. Io ni ibada gani sasa? Infact that five hundred fanya na waganga wa Nairobi”

refers to Kenyan pastors who demand a donation from their flock in exchange for sowing a seed that will eventually provide the answers to their prayers. When Pastor Kanyari asked his supporters to donate sh310 (also known as “kupanda mbegu”), the request quickly went viral. Nganga doesn’t stop criticizing that person.

“Those one of toa mbegu sijui tatu sijui ngapi”

Self-proclaimed Bishop Prophet Mwangi is the new name for Pastor Victor Kanyari. This change of heart came about as a result of him being exposed for tricking his followers into paying him Sh310 to work miracles.

Journalist John Allan Namu and Jicho Pevu reporter Mohammed Ali for KTN exposed him back in 2014. He was alleged to have changed contacts to avoid being discovered, used multiple identification cards, and fooled the unsuspecting faithful in the name of healing them while covertly being paid to perform’miracles’.

After a turbulent moment in their marriage, even his ex-wife Betty Bayo exposed him as a con. She has moved on since the divorce between the two.

Pastor Ng’ang’a Calls Out Congregant For Giving Ksh 500 Offering

In a controversial sermon, Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism called out a congregant who gave Ksh 500 as offering. Ng’ang’a said that the congregant asked him to pray for his family, including his children.

“Someone gave me Ksh 500 yesterday and asked me to pray for his children and grandchildren. Ksh 500!” Ng’ang’a exclaimed.

The controversial pastor said that Ksh 500 is unacceptable in this economy, as it cannot even cover the cost of fuel for his car.

“How am I supposed to remember them for Ksh 500? That’s not even enough for fuel. Maybe that’s enough for boda boda riders,” he said.

Ng’ang’a went on to declare that he cannot hold a Ksh 500 service. He asked those who are only willing to pay a small amount for him to pray for them to look for alternatives, such as witchdoctors.

Ng’ang’a’s sermon has sparked mixed reactions online. Some people have criticized him for being materialistic and for exploiting his congregants. Others have defended him, saying that he is simply setting a standard for the kind of offerings that he expects from his followers.

Regardless of one’s opinion, Ng’ang’a’s sermon is a reminder of the importance of faith and the role that money plays in many religious institutions.

Pastor Ng’ang’a vows to die poor but happy

The founder of Neno Evangelism, James Maina Ng’ang’a, has shown a significant change in his view on life and stated his wish to leave this world as a pleased man who has given his resources to God’s service.

In a recent service, the spiritual leader spoke about his plans for the ministry’s future and his resolve to use his own money to carry out his divine mission.

Ng’ang’a stated during the service that he intended to open additional branches of his ministry in various parts of the world in order to expand the ministry’s influence beyond Kenya.

He revealed his innovative method of financing and declared that he would be investing his hard-earned savings in this big project.

He emphasized his wish to stop his family from abusing his fortune after his passing to support this decision.

I have three groups up and running. I wish to launch three additional TV stations abroad. I went to the bank and took out Sh1 million, said Ng’ang’a.

He went on to say that he will set aside Sh1 million each month for these initiatives, demonstrating his commitment to disseminating the teachings of God over various geographical areas.

He stated that his choice was prompted by seeing other people’s fortune wasted by dishonest people after their passing.

“I’ll utilize my money to spread the gospel and die penniless. Although I am aware that there are kids involved, what about me? Was I not a kid of someone? He inquired.

Ng’ang’a made the point that wealth inheritance isn’t a given, saying that his offspring would only inherit if they worked for it themselves. He did this by drawing on his personal experiences.

Ng’ang’a emphasized that his main priority was doing holy service rather than acquiring fortune for the benefit of his family’s future.

I am laboring for Christ, not for them. I will give it to them if it does, but I won’t stop spending money just because I have kids, he declared.

Additionally, Ng’ang’a denied rumors that he might have political ambitions and insisted that his route was free of them.

I don’t mind if some of you don’t like me. In 2027, I won’t be running for any elected office. I don’t require any votes, so he declared.

Pastor Ng’anga has already revealed that he has raised most of his children in Ukambani.

Pastor Ng’ang’a takes a swipe at men’s… Ahem!

Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, the organization’s founder, has expressed his displeasure with males who enter “come we stay” marriages without adhering to the norm of paying dowry.

Ng’ang’a lectured about the results of such couplings in a video shared by SASA TV on TikTok, highlighting the fact that they frequently leave children with difficulties.

“Mnazaa tu vituko. Hamtaki kutoa mahari ya huyo msichana. You don’t like to give dowry na mnakuja kusema Bwana asifiwe”

He went on to call the residents of the union “deceivers” whose actions are akin to empty sacks.

Ng’ang’a noted that according to his research, come-we-stay marriages typically include a lady quitting school and joining a man who has left his family, giving birth to off-track offspring.

The preacher, who isn’t afraid to call people out when they do something wrong, claimed that the outcome was caused by a lack of basic religious observance, pointing out that the parents don’t attend church services.

Ng’ang’a took his argument all the way to the Bible, using Jacob as an example, who toiled diligently for fourteen years in order to wed his wives Leah and Rachel.

“Nowhere did Jacob take Laban’s children for nothing. He worked for fourteen years. And it is Jacob, leave you Kamau and Onyango,”

In his final statement, he declared that he would never consent to suffer the same destiny as sinners.

WHat do you think? Is masculinity pegged on mahari? Do you support the custom of bride-price?

Pastor Ng’ang’a Claims He Should Not Be Compared To Mackenzy As His Miracles Are ‘Real’

Controversial pastor Paul Mackenzy has been trending over his religious cult that has seen over 100 netizens dead in Shakahola, outside Kenya’s coastal town of Malindi.

Police this month launched a wide-ranging investigation into the Good News International Church and its notorious leader after a tip-off led them to a forest where Nthenge preached & carried out the gruesome acts.

Mackenzy led to a massive colloquy on the legitness of pastors who engage in peculiar acts as a method of ‘brainwashing’ congregants to see the Kingdom of Heaven.

On many occasions, we’ve witnessed pastors who have claimed to have the power to heal, some claim to perform miracles, while others claim to have the ability to prophesy.

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Ng’anga’s Sentiments

That being said, a couple of pastors have been on the spotlight over the same, including controversial preacher Pastor Ng’ang’a. The pastor is also a culprit of talking contrary to what Christianity entails- occasionally. And he has also claimed to have the power of healing.

The pastor has now admonished netizens and the DCI not to place him in the same category with pastor Mackenzy, adding that his ‘miracles’ are true. He even dared them to try him & if he fails in healing, he would allow them to take him to prison. Do you believe in Nga’anga’s sentiments?



Pastor Ng’ang’a mocks man of God David Mwaure for trailing in presidential race “Bishop anashindwa na mtu wa bangi”

Pastor Ng’ang’a has no chills! Actually I’m actually I’m beginning to wonder how he became a pastor and how he still has a huge following when his ways don’t really matter with those of a staunch (for lack of a better word) Christian.

I mean, he ridicules, insults, mocks and worse – doesn’t practice what he preaches; but at the same time we ought to give him credit for being real…at least he lets people see who he really is.

And with that, this past weekend Ng’ang’a decided to make fun of Bishop David Mwaure who came in last in the presidential race; and what seemed to bother Ng’ang’a is that the man of God was actually losing to Wajackoyha who is a Ganja man or like pastor Nganga put it Mutu wa Bangi.

Pastor Ng’ang’a 

Nimeona Wajackoyah ako na kura nyingi sana. Yule anauza nyoka na bangi na kuna bishop yuko hapo na huyu wa bangi ndio ako na kura nyingi. Na ni bishop! Bishop! Ulienda kubaya, bishop rudi kwa kanisa,

Nganga here to play

If you thought Ng’ang’a would mince his words because he was speaking to his congregation during a Sunday; then you thought wrong.

Still on David Mwaure losing to Wajackoyah, Nganga went on to make fun saying;

 Bishop ghai! Amekaa miaka nne, forty years bishop na leo ametokelezea na huyu wa bangi akatokelezea, hata hajanyoa na bishop amenyoa na amevaa suti, huyu amefunga tu kilemba. Sasa huyu wa bangi nimeangalia nikaona hata Mandera ako na kura.

Mmmh not that he really cares but if church ministry was a business…believe me Ng’ang’a is really doing everything to entertain his customers.


Pastor Ng’ang’a disappointed by women hitting on him, reveals what they are really after

Pastor Ng’ang’a still considers himself a catch and many women feel the same way too. Asking why? Well, the pastor is not famous but wealthy and happens to own properties all over the country – so yea, he’s attractive.

Ng’ang’a with his wife

However it upsets him to think that most of these women approaching him are just after his money. Like, instead of looking at his personality and heart they’re more interested in how they can get their hands on his hard earned money.

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Speaking recently about this at his daughter’s wedding, pastor Ng’ang’a revealed that despite being 69 years – he has been receiving messages from both young and older women trying to trick their way into his pockets. He said;

Pastor Ng’ang’a

I get women sending me messages, they do not care about age. All they want is the money. They flirt with me, saying how smart and handsome I am. As a public figure, you will always get hit on.

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Shares unknown past

Ng’ang’a who is currently married to Mercy Murugi, lost his first wife about a decade ago; then met Mercy who he wedded in 2012. However before that, Ng’ang’a says he already had countless children around, some of whom are not known to him even to date.

I started getting children at a very young age. Women are not so good. We don’t know how many they are.

Ng’ang’a oldest daughter weds lover in colourful wedding

Adding that his first wife dodged him while pregnant with twins, went away and never came back. Being the man he is, Ng’ang’a says he later tried looking for her but at that time she was already remarried, more of a come we stay situation.

The mother of this lady getting married today told me she had gone to get her clothes but never came back. She left me while pregnant with twins. When I got saved, I decided to go and look for her but she had someone else, so she told me we had not officially gotten married,” he said, adding: “But she passed on at some point. It is after she died that the kids looked for me. That is why I adopted her (daughter) since 2000.

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s eldest daughter weds love of her life in lavish private ceremony (Videos)

Pastor Ng’ang’a is a proud father to have witnessed his firstborn daughter, Elizabeth Nyambura Maina exchange vows; with the love of her life, Joseph Njeru in a private ceremony held in Karen.

From what we know is that both Elizabeth Nyambura Maina and Joseph Njeru requested for a low key ceremony; especially since Pastor Ng’ang’a is quite popular and has a huge following which would have wanted to witness his daughter’s wedding; hence leading to an invite only wedding that saw only close friends and family attend.

Anyway, thanks to the videos and photos circulating on social media, we can confirm that indeed both families went out to give their children the best wedding they’d have ever imagined of.

The parents, especially Ng’ang’a apparently arrived in style as he drove a grey convertible Mercedes Benz S-class – leaving tongues wagging at his taste in expensive cars.

Ng’ang’a’s daughter off the market

Although we’re yet to know who officiated the wedding – all we know is that pastor Ng’ang’a did not want to steal the lime light from his daughter; hence his sarcastic comments to journalists looking to take his photos while he arrived at the venue.

Pastor James Ng´ang´a

Speaking to the group of journalist at the event, Ng’ang’a sarcastically said;

Kwani ni mimi nahusika na harusi?

But of course, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind the attention – I mean, this is Ng’ang’a we’re talking about.

Anyway below are a few clips from the wedding, courtesy of Mpasho.



Meet pastor Ng’ang’a’s beautiful daughters (Photos)

Controversial pastor Ng’ang’a from the Neno Evangelism ministry has two beautiful daughters from his first marriage. Although he likes to keep his family on the low; Ng’ang’as controversial was have always kept him on the limelight for years now.

Well, thanks to his new YouTube channel we now have a chance to get more information about his family. His daughters Elizabeth Waithera and Elizabeth Nyambura recently opened up about losing their mum at a young age; and judging from their response, life was never the same.

Waithera who is the eldest went on to reveal that she became her sister’s caretaker after their mum passed on. Being the eldest meant taking up the role of a mum since her sister was left at a young age. She went on to open up saying;

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Pastor Ng’anga’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth Waithera

 “Being the first daughter to the late pastor’s wife has been a challenge, having a new mum, having to be in the ministry. She left when we were so small,”

Both Nyambura and Waithera did not have it easy while growing up especially with a father who is focused more with his church activities.

Life as the preachers daughters

ALthough they say they were both raised in the church; living up to people’s expectations has always been hard. The two say most people tend to forget they are also human and are allowed to make mistakes here and there.

Pastor Ng’anga’s youngest daughter, Elizabeth Nyambura

Nyambura who is the youngest, will be venturing into music as a gospel artist following into her dad’s footsteps very soo.

But, for Waithera she continues pursue her studies at a known university in Kenya; and despite people judging her from her dad’s character – the young lady has dreams to achieve.

King Kaka responds after Pastor Ng’ang’a claims he is dating the rappers mother

After coming across King Kaka’s new hit song Wajinga nyinyi; controversial pastor has decided to hit back saying that he was dating the rappers mother!

Although many find the video hilarious, there are those who have come out to bash the pastor for behaving like a small child; not forgetting to remind him that his ministry is not legit despite having a following.

In the video making rounds on social media, the pastor is hard calling out the rapper for mentioning him in the song and since nothing positive was said about his ministry; Pastor Ng’ang’a decided to involve King Kaka’s mother in his come back where he publicly said ‘your mother is my girlfriend.

King Kaka responds

In a new post seen by Ghafla, King Kaka goes on to tell the pastor that he had received the message loud and clear – but also used the video of an example to prove that the message in his new song is true just incase there were people still in doubt. He wrote;

Kim Kaka sahii Kan Kaka. Anyway The Message is Home. Congregation Ya Pastor Ng’ang’a is the True definition of Kenyans. Mnatukanwa, Mnaibiwa, Mnaambiwa uwongo na bado mmetulia kuskiza na mnapiga makofi zaidi. #WajingaNyinyi