Diamond Platnumz on wedding plans, says he is finally ready to settle down

Okay i know weve heard him talk about marriage like a hundred times…kinda reminds me of that drunk uncle at family meetings always promising he will quit the liquor and settle down but it’s all talk..


Well it’s no different with Diamond Platnumz who has been ‘planning’ to settle for over 6 years. It satrted with him promising Wema Sepetu marriage, then Zari Hassan, Hamisa, Official Lyyn and the many other women he promised marriage but never delivered. Oooh wait….our very own Tanasha Donna, a promise that contributed to her changing religions.

I’m actually starting to think this is Diamond Platnumz favorite line Diamond to bags these beautiful women…like honestly do you know how many women are desperate to get married? Vitu kwa ground ni ngumu….no wonder they all fall for the same lie.

Finally ready

Anyway the singer is back to giving the same vibe where he says he is considering settling down soon. Diamond Platnumz revealed this in a comment left under Yanga spokesman Manara’s comment section where he wrote;

Nami niko njiani InShaAllah

A comment he made after his friend Manara bagged himself a 3rd wife, barely a year after he married his second wife.

Diamond Platnumz reveals his most likely wedding date (Details)

Diamond Platnumz must be a worried man after both his sisters recently got married off, his brother already rearing his own family, leaving Chibu behind with his mom.

It’s said men are never in a hurry to marry because age is never a problem for them regards having kids. The ladies on the other hand, probably only have such a short time span before things take a different turn.

However, in as much as that might be the case, it is until it hits closer home that you grow cold feet that you might have been the only child not destined for marriage.

Diamond Platnumz love life might not be a speculation too far from that.


As our Muslim brothers and sisters marked Idd-ul-Adha, Esma Platnumz officially left her mom’s house for her man’s home.

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A star-studded event marked by elegance, class, the Islam tradition and above all nothing but love and happiness as one of the Dangote’s exited.

Esma Platnumz officially ties the knot

Diamond’s prayer

Unfortunately, this has only haunted Diamond Platnumz who has for the longest time given us hope that he can eventually pick a woman and settle with her, only to leave us disappointed.

He now walks along the streets by himself, a palatial home with no cry of a baby or a wife to nurse his wounds, all his kids living with their mothers.

Tanzanian music star, Diamond Platnumz

It struck him time was not on his side, making a solemn prayer to Allah that by 2021, a time like now, he should at least have a woman he can call his wife.

Inshaallah Mwenyez Mungu anijaalie Iddi ijayo, nami niile nikiwa kwenye Ndoa…????????

This comes just days after hinting he had found his better half, with wedding plans underway.

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A prayer that spoke volumes and one that saw his blood family, the Wasafi family and his fans at large, cheer him on.

His manager, Sallam SK believed 2020 would not lapse before Naseeb says ¨I Do!¨.

Diamond Platnumz’ soon-to-be-wife unveiled! (Photos)

Diamond revealed he would soon marry the apple of his eye, a lover unnamed and one who got fans talking but true to it, he meant his word!

The Tanzanian most-sought after lad, is rumored to be finalizing on wedding plans with his Caucasian-skinned lass who replaced Tanasha soon as she took that flight back to Kenya.

Mother of one, Tanasha Donna

Word doing the rounds in Bongo land reveal rumors are rife these two are set to tie the knot in a low-key affair, privately planned and finalized.

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Adding that photos of the two are there as evidence as we wait to see what the two have been cooking for the world.

Diamond’s secretly planned wedding affair

A striking damsel by the name Jihan Dimack, currently a model and former Miss Tanzanian 2016/2017.

We probably wouldn’t blame Mondi for falling short on this one.

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Funny enough, she attended the Great Gatsby 707 last year August. What can we say!?


Diamond’s history

It would be unfortunate that Chibu made the very same promises to so many women and especially his baby mamas of a wedding and a happily ever after, none that even came to pass.

With Tanasha Donna alias Ms Aisha being his latest victim, an unformalized union that bore them a dear baby Naseeb Junior.

Naseeb Junior

Today, Tanasha is raising her baby boy, on her own and so is Hamisa and Zari even though she gets spoilt with a few goodies here and there.

But that is as good as it gets! Let’s just say, lessons were learnt, mistakes not intended to get repeated.

Let’s sit and wait!