Diamond Platnumz finally opens up about witchcraft use

Diamond Platnumz recently addressed criticisms regarding his decision to retrieve his stolen green cap with a straightforward response. During a press conference in Dar Es Salaam, he clarified that the cap holds sentimental value due to the effort he invested in acquiring it.

Dismissing speculations about any mystical properties associated with the cap, Diamond emphasized its sentimental rather than monetary worth. “It is not infused with witchcraft or anything like that. It’s not particularly expensive either,” he stated.

Diamond recounted the challenges he faced in finding a specific style of cap during a shopping trip in South Africa. “I searched extensively for a closed-back cap in South Africa, but most had openings. After scouring an entire mall, I finally found this one and bought it. It was a rare find,” he explained.

Expressing his attachment to the cap, Diamond revealed the circumstances of its theft at an event in Dodoma. “When it was stolen, I couldn’t just let it go. It held sentimental value to me,” he stated.

Diamond made these remarks while wearing the same green cap paired with a matching sweat-suit and white sneakers, emphasizing its significance to him.

Diamond tells the story of how he entertained P Diddy.

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz recently shared details about his encounter with P Diddy in the US approximately two years ago. Speaking at a press conference, Diamond revealed that he visited the star at his studios in the US, accompanied by music producer Swiss Beatz, who is married to Alicia Keys.

“In one of my visits to the US, I was with Swiss Beatz and Babu Tale. He welcomed us into his studio, and we had a meal together. His family, kids, and some of his new artists were also present at the time,” Diamond recounted.

“He offered advice on various aspects of music. I hold him in high regard as a music guru with extensive knowledge of the industry. I gained valuable insights from our interaction,” he added.

When questioned about the controversies surrounding Diddy, Diamond refrained from passing judgment, stating, “I cannot judge him. The authorities will make the decision, and I will observe like everyone else.”

Regarding how he manages to avoid similar controversies, Diamond emphasized the separation between his music career, social media presence, and personal life.

“My inner circle understands that my music career, social media activities, and personal life are distinct entities,” he explained.

He expressed frustration with critics, stating, “Despite being a frequent topic of discussion in Tanzania, I refrain from engaging with detractors. I have developed resilience. Write whatever you want; I will not respond unless you cross a line. In such cases, I may send a cease and desist letter. I don’t even demand compensation because some remarks could result in severe legal consequences.”

Diamond Platnumz confirms his attendance at one of Diddy’s infamous parties

Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz has finally opened up about his meeting with American rap mogul Sean Combs, also known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or simply Diddy.

In a recent interview, Diamond shed some light on his rendezvous with Diddy, which occurred during the previous US elections. Although the specifics of their interaction remain somewhat mysterious, Diamond hinted at its significance, suggesting that certain details were intentionally kept private due to their potential impact in the future.

“We visited Diddy one day before the US elections. We met him at night, and we spent some time there. There are things we did, but those are not things we can post on social media because we have a future,” Diamond revealed during the interview.

Diamond’s manager, Babu Tale, provided additional insight into the journey to Diddy’s residence, facilitated by American record producer Swiss Beatz.

@mulastar255_ #diamondplatnumz ♬ original sound – Mulastar

“Swiss Beatz is like our brother; he calls us his Muslim brothers. He is so proud of Diamond Platnumz. He took us to Diddy’s house. Swiss asked us to stay outside as he tells Diddy that he has come with visitors,” Tale recounted to Millard Ayo.

Tale described the awe-inspiring level of security surrounding Diddy’s residence, noting it was a stark departure from their usual experiences.

“We are used to walking with well-built security, but Diddy’s security even had guns,” Tale remarked.

Upon entering Diddy’s mansion, they found themselves immersed in an atmosphere of creative energy, with Diddy engrossed in his craft, surrounded by collaborators.

“He was being massaged by a lady, and on the mic was another lady singing. He asked Diamond how Africa was, was it a jungle or is it a city,” Tale recalled.

“He then let us into his mansion; we met his two kids and Kanye West’s manager, who is the brother of Akon,” Tale added.

Tale confessed that they were so engrossed in the experience that they forgot to take any photos while there.

“We enjoyed it and didn’t even remember to take photos,” he admitted.

While Diamond Platnumz and his team cherished the memory of their encounter with the rap icon, Diamond himself is currently entangled in a series of legal battles. Since November, he has faced multiple civil lawsuits alleging various forms of misconduct, including accusations of sexual impropriety and other illegal activities.

Diamond Platnumz Explains Why He Can’t Leave Zuchu

Diamond Platnumz has explained why, despite their erratic relationship’s ups and downs, he would always be in love with Zuchu.

Speaking during their joint performance in Zanzibar, Diamond said he loves Zuchu excessively, even though they occasionally threaten to break up by posting messages online claiming to be single, only to be seen enjoying each other’s company shortly afterward.

Zuchu recently shared that she’s confident that Diamond would not leave her anytime soon.

“Ila wacha tutume taarifa kwa upande wa pili si ndio? Wanaohisi watamchukua [Diamond], nawaona mnamaliza Miungu, mnamaliza mikao na utundu, huyu kwangu hapa hatoki hata mmpe mkun*d*,” Zuchu stated.

Diamond Reveals Interesting Trait He Likes On Zuchu

Diamond and Zuchu have been in an on & off relationship for a while and their antics in clout chasing has been noticeable over the period they’ve been together. But there’s a trait that keeps Diamond glued to Zuchu. He narrated;

“I love Zuchu so much because she is a generous person. So, if I ask her for anything, she gives it to me on time,” said Diamond.

Diamond added that Zuchu is also a source of motivation for him.

“That’s why I often sacrifice for her, and I came to Zanzibar for her,” added Diamond.

Their controversial relationship continues…

Specifics of Shakib and Diamond’s covert discussion regarding limits

Shakib Cham, Zari Hassan’s estranged husband, recently disclosed that he had a conversation with Bongo artist Diamond Platnumz regarding boundaries concerning his wife, Ugandan reality TV star, and entrepreneur Zari Hassan.

During a paid interview with US-based Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi, the 32-year-old expressed pity for Tanzanian songstress Zuchu, who is currently dating his wife’s ex-partner.

In the interview, Shakib confirmed discussing with Diamond the boundaries regarding the videos he creates with Zari. He emphasized that while he respects their co-parenting relationship, certain boundaries should not be crossed, especially now that he is married to Zari.

“Diamond and I had a one-on-one conversation… there are certain videos that go beyond co-parenting, and he said, ‘You know what, bro, I promise I will never do that again,'” Shakib revealed to Mange.

He also mentioned having a lengthy conversation with Diamond’s girlfriend, Zuchu, expressing empathy towards her situation.

However, Shakib defended himself after the interview, stating that he didn’t know about Mange’s issues with his wife. He explained in a separate video in Luganda that he was approached for an interview and was unaware of the journalist’s connection to his wife’s adversaries.

The tension escalated after a viral video of Zari and Diamond holding hands, prompting Shakib to take a break from their marriage and return to Uganda from South Africa, where they lived with their five children.

Before leaving, Shakib attempted to respond by sharing his own eyebrow-raising video, showing him cozying up to a Ugandan female DJ, identified as his ex-girlfriend by Zari, indicating the strain in their relationship.

Journalist is assaulted by Diamond’s bodyguard.

Onesmo, the bodyguard for Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, physically assaulted a journalist last weekend, right after Zuchu’s concert at Kendwa Rocks, Zanzibar.

The cameraman from ST Bongo, who was reportedly capturing live footage of the event, was forcefully pushed and beaten by the bodyguard.

A fellow journalist expressed disappointment within the media community about the incident.

“People expected him to listen to what Diamond had to say because he had just apologized to Zuchu, and we were broadcasting live,” she told Simulizi Na Sauti.

She added, “The bodyguard grabbed me by the chest; I felt weak and couldn’t continue with the live broadcast. He pushed me, and my colleague advised me to leave to avoid getting hurt.”

Continuing, she said, “My co-host took the microphone and followed them before I found him lying down. Other journalists informed me that he had been pushed and beaten by Diamond’s bodyguard, Onesmo. He fell with the cameras and all the equipment we were using for the live broadcast. We called an ambulance, and he was taken to the hospital.”

She mentioned that Diamond’s management was extremely disappointed, saying, “They asked us to provide them with the footage.”

She concluded, “Being a bodyguard does not mean you start wrestling with people.”

Diamond alarmed when he saw a bat in his mansion

Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz faced an unusual situation upon returning home when he discovered an unexpected guest—a bat perched at the entrance of his luxurious mansion.

Arriving at his residence with friends in the evening, Diamond couldn’t enter his home due to a bat occupying the space right above the entrance.

Amused by this unexpected encounter, Diamond humorously announced the postponement of his scheduled music video release, stating, “I found a bat on my front door. That means that I will postpone the release of my music video scheduled for tomorrow – February 9.”

In response to the situation, Diamond called one of his security guards to handle the presence of the bat on his property. As the guard approached with a stick to remove the bat, one of Diamond’s friends advised against harming the creature.

Eventually, the bat was safely removed, bringing relief to Diamond and his companions. The incident sparked reactions from fans, with playful speculations and dismissals of any deeper meaning behind the encounter.

Encountering a bat at home can be interpreted in various ways, depending on cultural, spiritual, and personal beliefs. Here are a few commonly associated interpretations:

  1. Symbol of Change or Transition: In some cultures, bats symbolize change or transition, suggesting that encountering one at home signifies imminent life changes.
  2. Spiritual Messenger: Bats are considered spiritual messengers in certain beliefs, and seeing one at home may be seen as a message from the spiritual realm—offering guidance, protection, or a warning.
  3. Sign of Good Luck or Fortune: Some traditions view encountering a bat as a positive omen, indicating good luck or forthcoming blessings.
  4. Reminder to Adapt or Be Flexible: Bats’ adaptability is renowned, and encountering one at home might serve as a reminder to be flexible, adaptable, and open to change.
  5. Representation of Fear or Anxiety: For some, encountering a bat can evoke fear or anxiety, symbolizing unresolved fears or anxieties that need addressing.

It’s crucial to recognize that interpretations of encountering a bat at home can vary widely, influenced by individual beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and personal experiences. The significance of such an encounter can hold different meanings for different people.

Diamond Platnumz Denies Breaking Up With Zuchu

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has denied reports that he has broken up with his girlfriend, Zuchu.

In a social media post on Friday, Diamond said that he is still in a relationship with Zuchu and that he is “still drawing pleasure from the same honeypot.”

“I just want to let you know that the single thing has failed, so I’m still enjoying myself in the honeypot on the same island and neighborhood of cloves,” he wrote.

Diamond also mocked those who were excited about his announcement that he was single, saying that people don’t just break up that easily.

“And to all of you who were cheering, I’m so sorry, next time please stop being so hasty, learn to wait even a little! People don’t just break up like that,” he added.

Diamond’s announcement comes just days after he posted a cryptic message on social media that seemed to suggest that he and Zuchu were no longer together.

In the post, Diamond said that he was “single” and that he was “not dating or in a relationship with any woman.” He also said that he would let the public know if he started dating or had a relationship.

However, Diamond’s latest post appears to be a retraction of that earlier statement. It is unclear why Diamond made the initial announcement or why he decided to retract it.

Diamond Platnumz dumps Zuchu

It appears that Diamond Platnumz is no longer interested in maintaining a fake relationship with his protegee Zuchu.

The renowned Tanzanian artist officially declared the end of his relationship with the Wasafi star in a candid statement posted on his Instagram stories earlier today, January 8. In the statement, he referred to her as “mwanake yoyote” (any woman).

Diamond’s announcement read, “From today on, ningependa niwatangazie rasmi kuwa I AM SINGLE, sidate wala sina mahusiano na mwanamke yoyote…hivyo nisiwekewe mwanamke yoyote kama mwanamke wangu, itapotokea kudate ama kuwa na mahusiano nitawajuza ama kuwatambulisha as I always do!”

This translates to, “From today on, I would like to officially announce that I AM SINGLE, I am not dating, and I don’t have any relationships with any woman… so no woman should be placed as my partner, if I happen to date or be in a relationship, I will inform you or introduce them as I always do!”

The unexpected news has elicited various reactions from fans on social media. Here are some comments from Diamond’s followers:

shamym8495: “Kwani alikuwaga na mahusiano si mamake alituambia alikuwa single.”

fabian.vema: “Ulikataliwa zamani sema hukujua km mama mkwe hakutaki ss wazee tulishajua hl”

amondi_sharon:”Alikuwa na nani kwenye mahusiano??? Msibandike jina ya zuchu kwenye hiyo mahusiano yaliyopita…….nimefurahi msanii wetu zuchu atanona kote hata Tako itatingika bila stress kazi pia atafanya kwa bidii ashinde Kila mtu🙌🙌🙌( nimefurahi hizi drama fake zimeisha❤️ zuchu anenepe sasa !!🙌”

Naseeb Jnr Back in Kenya, Mama Dangote Clarifies Location: A Family Update

The whereabouts of Tanasha Donna’s son, Naseeb Jnr, have been a topic of speculation, but Mama Dangote, Diamond Platnumz’s mother, has finally shed some light on the situation.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Mama Dangote confirmed that Naseeb Jnr is currently back in Kenya with his mother. Previously, his presence in Tanzania and enrollment in a local school sparked rumors of a permanent move by Tanasha. However, Mama Dangote explained that Tanasha’s work in Tanzania concluded, prompting their return to Kenya.

Addressing concerns about Naseeb Jnr’s education, Mama Dangote clarified that the school he attended in Tanzania has branches in Kenya, facilitating a smooth transition. She also revealed her desire to be closer to her grandchildren but acknowledges the age factor, citing a potential move at a later stage.

Diamond Warns Men Against Trying To Seduce Zuchu

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz recently addressed a situation involving an unnamed individual attempting to pursue Zuchu romantically. He shared screenshots of text messages sent to Zuchu on social media, conveying a message of protectiveness towards his partner.

“Give me a call when you’re up..” one of the messages read, prompting Diamond’s response acknowledging his awareness of the situation. He revealed that Zuchu had informed him about the messages, leaving some to speculate about the nature of their relationship.

It’s important to note that while Zuchu publicly stated having only one romantic partner in a 2023 interview, she did not explicitly identify that person. In this respect, the nature of their relationship with Diamond remains a topic of speculation, further fueled by Diamond’s actions in this instance.

Sharing the messages served to publicly establish a claim to Zuchu’s affections, while potentially raising privacy concerns and injecting an element of drama into their connection. It’s crucial to respect the couple’s boundaries and avoid making assumptions based on limited information.

Instead of focusing on speculation about their personal lives, we can appreciate their artistic contributions and celebrate their individual successes. Zuchu remains a talented musician with a growing fanbase, while Diamond continues to be a prominent figure in the Bongo music scene. Let their art speak for itself without unnecessary public interventions.

Bongo Titan Claims His Queen: Diamond Platnumz Warns Off Suitor Pursuing Zuchu

A fiery feud has erupted in Tanzanian pop royalty, with Diamond Platnumz taking a defiant stance against a rival vying for the affections of his reigning queen, Zuchu. The Bongo sensation met the suitor head-on, exposing his attempts to infiltrate Diamond’s kingdom of love.

Diamond unveiled the admirer’s amorous texts to Zuchu, messages brimming with cupid’s arrows, begging for brief encounters and whispered sweet nothings. This audacious pursuit sparked Diamond’s protective lion roar. He publicly warned the interloper, acknowledging Zuchu’s report and claiming full awareness of his advances.

“To the owner of this number,” Diamond roared, sharing a screenshot. “Let me just inform you that my woman, @officialzuchu, has informed me of your antics!”

But the plot thickens. Just last September, Zuchu crowned Diamond the king of her heart, declaring him the only man she had intimately connected with. In a Wasafi interview, she shattered doubts about her past, shutting down questions about previous romances. When prompted about her “boyfriend count,” she emphatically declared her relationship with Diamond the sole chapter in her romantic history.

However, whispers linger. Diamond’s past paints a different picture, one adorned with numerous relationships, including the mothers of his three children. Can the king’s bold claim reign true in the face of his complicated past, or will this simmering feud ignite a full-blown drama royale? Only time will tell.

Diamond Platnumz panics, demands producer Hanscana sacrifice himself for the star in mid-air turbulence

Tanzanian music producer Hanscana has shared a hilarious yet touching anecdote about a shared flight with Bongo superstar Diamond Platnumz. Their journey from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam took an unexpected turn when severe turbulence gripped the plane, testing their nerves and sparking a philosophical debate in equal measure.

Sipping wine during a Christmas season social media session, Hanscana recounted the incident, his voice tinged with amusement. He admitted his fear of flying and described the panic that set in as the plane bucked and jolted. In the midst of the chaos, he instinctively grabbed a life vest, a lifeline in a storm of anxiety.

Diamond, on the other hand, found himself vestless. Turning to his producer friend, he made a startling request: “Can I have yours?”

Humorously, Hanscana recalled his initial reaction. “Between me and you, who should be alive?” he quipped, deflecting the request with a mix of fear and self-preservation. He further argued that his dreams were yet to be fully realized, while Diamond, a music titan, had already accomplished so much.

But Diamond offered a different perspective. “If I survive, I’ll take care of your family,” he countered, shifting the focus from individual fulfillment to collective well-being.

The turbulence may have subsided, but their conversation soared, becoming a philosophical exchange about life’s priorities and responsibilities. Laughter mingled with introspection as they debated who deserved the life vest, and by extension, the chance to live.

Looking back, Hanscana laughs at the absurdity of the situation, the gravity of the moment balanced by the unexpected humor of a mid-air existential debate. Their exchange, born from fear and uncertainty, ultimately revealed the deep friendship and mutual respect that binds these two music giants.

Rayvanny Opens Up About Leaving WCB Wasafi

Rayvanny, the founder of Next Level Music, shed light on his decision to leave Diamond Platnumz’s WCB Wasafi label in a recent interview. He explained that he felt he had reached a point in his career where he was ready to move on and help other artists grow.

“It’s just a natural progression,” Rayvanny stated. “I felt like I had learned and grown enough at Wasafi to stand on my own two feet and even help others along the way.”

He expressed his satisfaction with the progress he has made with his NLM label since leaving WCB a year ago. “Wasafi will always be family, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to pursue my own path,” he said, ” things are going very well for me.”

Talking about his departure, Rayvanny revealed that he informed Diamond casually and later notified the rest of the WCB team. While there were initial tensions, they eventually came to a peaceful agreement.

“I spoke to Diamond in a relaxed setting and explained my decision,” Rayvanny explained. “He’s proud of me, but things are not always straightforward. Despite some initial disagreements, we managed to reach a positive resolution and maintain our good relationship.”

He emphasized that while there were financial negotiations, the focus remained on preserving their relationship. “It’s understandable that these situations can involve money and disagreements, but ultimately, peace and respect are more important. We ended things on a positive note.”

Rayvanny went on to confirm that he had completed paying the significant sum required by Diamond for his departure. He claimed that the amount was more than double what fellow singer Harmonize had paid several years prior.

“I won’t go into specific figures, but it was a significant amount, possibly twice what Harmonize paid,” Rayvanny revealed. “However, peace of mind is more valuable than money. We maintained our respect and love for each other, and that’s what matters most.”

Rayvanny’s journey from WCB Wasafi to establishing his own successful label demonstrates his dedication to growth and his commitment to empowering other aspiring artists.

Harmonize Throws Shade at Diamond Platnumz After Hat Theft

Bongo star Harmonize, known for his rivalry with Diamond Platnumz, seemingly took a dig at his former boss during a recent event in Kahama, Tanzania. The incident occurred after a fan stole Diamond’s hat in Dodoma days prior, sparking a viral frenzy.

In a subtle jab, Harmonize interacted with fans while keeping his own hat firmly on his head. He remarked, “Nobody can steal your hat when they really love you,” implying that he enjoys more fan love than Diamond.

Diamond’s stolen hat, valued at Sh6298.56 (Euro 37.95), was snatched during a crowd interaction. Footage showed Diamond’s displeasure and his request to his bodyguards to retrieve it. A man later claimed to have found the thief and returned the hat.

In response, Diamond distributed hats to fans at a concert, stating, “They were surprised I followed up on the cap. When someone steals from you, it shows disrespect. Ask me, and I will give you.” He also acknowledged the need for enhanced security, adding, “My bodyguards were not there, so now I have to walk with security.”

This incident marks the second public theft Diamond has experienced. In 2022, valuable jewelry was stolen from him during a stage entrance in DR Congo.

Harmonize signals intent to reconcile with Diamond Platnumz

For the first time, Tanzanian musician Harmonize has openly expressed his willingness to reconcile with his former mentor and business partner, Diamond Platnumz, acknowledging that their past differences stemmed from youthful exuberance.

In a recent interview on Clouds FM, Harmonize attributed their longstanding feud to their age at the time, believing that Diamond will eventually come to terms with the situation and reach out to him to resolve their issues.

“I don’t harbor any animosity towards anyone, including him [Diamond]. Let’s mature and recognize that we’ll never truly be adults,” Harmonize remarked.

“Life is a continuous learning process, and every day brings new insights. One day, I might feel compelled to reach out to him, or he might realize that he needs to reconnect with his brother. It’s all in God’s hands.”

This marks the second time in two days that Harmonize has hinted at a potential thaw in their icy relationship.

Upon arriving at the airport, Harmonize expressed gratitude to Diamond for congratulating him on his three award wins in the United States. He interpreted Diamond’s gesture as an acknowledgment of the importance of unity in advancing the Bongo Fleva music industry.

These recent statements suggest a shift in Harmonize’s stance, hinting at a possible reconciliation between the two influential figures in the Tanzanian music scene.

Diamond Platnumz Showers Zuchu With Money At Record Label Event

In a grand display of affection, Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz lavished his lover Zuchu with money and attention during a record label event on Thursday night. The event was intended to launch the label’s new artist, but Diamond and Zuchu stole the show.

While Zuchu and the new artist were performing, Diamond decided to shower the ‘Sukari’ hitmaker with cash, diverting all attention to them. The couple’s public displays of affection have increased in recent events, but Zuchu’s mother has expressed disapproval due to the lack of a formal introduction between Diamond and her family.

Speaking to Wasafi Media, Zuchu’s mother stated, “I do not know the details of their relationship. In our culture, we recognize a relationship when a man approaches the family to officially introduce himself. I am unaware of their personal arrangement; you should ask Zuchu herself about that.”

She further clarified, “However, she is not yet married, and no dowry has been paid. If someone is interested in marrying her, they should come forward; the dowry amount is not excessive. Diamond has not married her or paid the dowry; he is neither her husband nor her fiancé. Anyone else is free to pursue her.

Diamond and Zuchu’s public displays of affection have sparked rumors about their relationship status, but Zuchu’s mother’s comments suggest that the couple has yet to take formal steps to solidify their bond. Zuchu’s mother’s stance highlights the importance of cultural customs and family approval in establishing a serious relationship.

Diamond Platnumz Hanging Out With Zari’s Hubby Shakib Sparks Online Buzz

A recent video of Tanzanian music star Diamond Platnumz and social media personality Shakib Lutaaya enjoying a casual hangout has sparked mixed reactions online.

In the video, the two men are seen sitting side by side, engaged in a relaxed conversation as they sip their drinks. Their demeanor suggests a level of comfort and familiarity, hinting at a close friendship.

This isn’t the first time Diamond and Shakib have been spotted together. In 2022, a photo of the two surfaced online, fueling rumors of a budding friendship. The timing of the photo coincided with Zari Hassan, Diamond’s ex-partner and Shakib’s girlfriend, confirming their relationship.

While some netizens expressed surprise at the friendly interaction between Diamond and Shakib, given their past romantic entanglements, others welcomed the camaraderie, suggesting that they have moved on from past differences.

Diamond Platnumz, known for his hit songs and larger-than-life persona, has often been in the spotlight for his personal life, including his high-profile relationships. Shakib Lutaaya, on the other hand, has gained popularity through his social media presence and his connection to Zari Hassan.

Despite the mixed reactions, the video has undoubtedly piqued the interest of many, leaving room for speculation about the nature of their relationship and the possibility of future collaborations.

Diamond explains why he didn’t stage dive at Octobafest

Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz did not dive into the crowd during his performance at Octobafest like he had earlier promised. He explained that he decided to prioritize his security, saying that he cannot dive into the crowd, especially in East Africa.

Kenyans on social media have had hilarious reactions to his decision, with some asking him to jump with his chains and expensive shoes.

Teddympesa: Huku ataibiwa hadi ile broken English yake

ThaSherif: Heri hivo amewapea notice mapema wajipange kumiss😂😂😂💔

CEO Washy: Mshow akuje na hizo chains..ntalipa VIP 😂😂😂😂

2Mbili: Bora Avae viatu Kali

DJ Masumbuko: Mlisema hio chain yake ni pesa ngapi wadau😂😂😂

Call Me Jonte: By the time ataamka atapata Hana nguo na Chains zote😂

Sxtoneke: Na utaona tu wasichana wakimshika na tumesema tumuache alambe chini😂

Pueple Selina: Eii brother Bénard we are expecting you🙌🔥🔥😂

Doitlikeani: Siri, play chunga by wakadinali

Tileh: No chains no catch!

Diamond Platnumz Opens Up About His ‘Favorite’ Kid Among His Baby Mamas

In a recent interview, Diamond Platnumz denied claims that he does not stay with his children. He said that all of his children stay with their mothers, but that he takes them out and spends time with them whenever he can.

Platnumz also addressed the notion that he might like his youngest son, Naseeb Junior, more than his other three children. He said that this is not the case, and that he loves all of his children equally. However, he did admit that he may be more affectionate with Naseeb Junior because he is his youngest child.

“You know the others have been enjoying me for much longer…He is much younger than them and you know that comes with kubembeleza. His brothers and sister also love him,” he said.

Platnumz also spoke about his good relationship with Zari Hassan’s boyfriend, Shakib Cham. He said that he and Cham are friends, and that they are both committed to providing a positive environment for their children.

“I think it’s just dedicating your time because no matter how busy you are, you must get time to spend with your kids,” he finished.

Diamond Platnumz explains why Tanasha’s son is his favourite baby

Diamond Platnumz was recently interviewed by journalists in Kenya before his performance at the Ngong Racecourse. He was asked about his children, and he said that they all live with their mothers. He also said that he spends time with them whenever he can.

One journalist asked Diamond if he favors his youngest son, Naseeb Junior, over his other children. Diamond said that he treats all of his children equally, but he also admitted that he spends more time with Naseeb Junior because he is the youngest.

Another journalist asked Diamond about his relationship with Zari Hassan’s boyfriend, Shakib Cham. Diamond said that he has a good relationship with Cham, and that they are both committed to being positive role models for their children.

Finally, a journalist asked Diamond how he is able to maintain good relationships with his baby mamas, Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna. Diamond said that it is important to dedicate time to his children, even when he is busy.


Diamond Platnumz said that he loves all of his children equally and spends time with them whenever he can. He also has a good relationship with Zari Hassan’s boyfriend, Shakib Cham. He says that it is important to dedicate time to his children, even when he is busy.

Diamond begs Zuchu to have his baby

Tanzanian music star Diamond Platnumz asked his rumored girlfriend, Zuchu, to give birth to his child while they were performing on stage at the Wasafi Festival in Kahama, Tanzania.

The crowd cheered when Diamond asked Zuchu, “Do you love me? Do you believe in me? Will you give birth for me?” The two then hugged and kissed.

Zuchu’s mother, Taarab singer Khadija Kopa, has said that she is not aware of the relationship between her daughter and Diamond. However, the two stars have been rumored to be dating for a long time.


Diamond Platnumz asked his rumored girlfriend, Zuchu, to have a baby with him at a concert. Zuchu’s mother says she doesn’t know about the relationship, but there have been rumors for a long time.

Diamond Platnumz Asks Alleged Lover Zuchu To Give Birth To His Child

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has asked his alleged lover, singer Zuchu, to give birth to his child.

Diamond made the request during a performance at the Wasafi Festival in Kahama, Tanzania. While singing the song “Mtasubiri Sana,” Diamond turned to Zuchu and said,

“You love me… you believe in me… Will you give birth for me?”

The two hugged and kissed after Diamond’s request, which was met with cheers from the audience.

Diamond and Zuchu have been rumored to be in a romantic relationship for a long time, but they have never confirmed the rumors. However, their recent actions suggest that there is more to their relationship than just friendship.

Zuchu’s mother, Taarab singer Khadija Kopa, has said that she is not aware of any relationship between her daughter and Diamond. However, fans of the two singers are excited about the possibility of them becoming parents together.

Zari reveals Diamond demanded to meet her new husband

Zari Hassan, the mother of Diamond Platnumz’s children, has revealed why Diamond insisted on meeting her new husband, Shakib.

In a recent interview, Zari said that Diamond wanted to meet the person who was spending the most time with his children. She said that the two men were mature about the meeting and that it was easy for her to arrange.

“I think it’s us women who like to be difficult,” Zari said. “But the two men were very cool about it.”

Zari said that Diamond told her he wanted to “know the kind of person that was spending more time with his children than him.” She said that she talked to Shakib about it and he agreed to meet Diamond.

“In the end, it was the easiest thing to do,” Zari said. “He acknowledged that he’s no longer in the children’s lives and said he was happy that Shakib was a kind and cool guy. Right now they’re good friends.”

Zari also said that this was the second time that Shakib and Diamond had met. The first time was in South Africa during a concert where Shakib was part of the organizing team. The second time was at a South African airport when Diamond was traveling back to Tanzania with his children.

Diamond Platnumz reveals he was conned of Ksh 240 million

Diamond Platnumz has revealed that he was scammed out of a staggering Ksh 240,591,200 while trying to buy his own private jet. He made the revelation in an effort to clarify to his fans why he continues to fly in chartered private jets rather than his own, as he had previously announced.

According to Diamond, he was duped by an agent who was helping him with the purchase. He told Wasafi Media that he had already paid Tsh 4 billion for the plane, but that the agent had never delivered it.

Diamond said that he had reported the scammer to the Tanzanian authorities, and that they were investigating the matter. He also said that the scammer had started repaying him in installments, but that he was still waiting for the full amount.

Diamond had originally announced his plans to purchase a private jet in May 2022. He had said that he was buying a 2021 Rolls Royce Black Bedge Zero kilometer and a private jet that year.

Diamond Platnumz Reveals He Was Conned Over Ksh 240 Million When Buying Private Jet

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has revealed that he was conned out of a whopping Ksh 240,591,200 when purchasing his own private jet.

Diamond made the revelation when explaining to fans why he still uses hired private jets instead of his own, as he had previously announced. He said that an agent who was helping him purchase the jet was the one who conned him.

“I had bought a very big plane, but they conned me about Tsh 4 billion,” he told Wasafi Media.

Diamond added that he had reported the fraudster to the Tanzanian government, which is currently investigating the issue.

“The government knows, if you are conned that amount of money you would go crazy,” he said.

Diamond also revealed that he has started to be compensated in installments.

“They have started paying. I expected the jet to land here in August last year, but by the end of the year, it was not yet here. They disrespected me because they made me look like i had announced fake news,” he said.

Diamond had announced his plans to purchase a private jet in May 2022.

“We bought a 2021 Rolls Royce Black Bedge Zero killometre last Year, and we buying a Private Jet this Year!!! ✈ … that’s the definition of having the best management!” he wrote on social media.