Team Mafisi goes totally wild after sexy Photo of Ebru TV’s Doreen Gatwiri emerges online

The female journalists from this generation are nothing but sexy with both brains and beauty, something you just can’t ignore.

For this same reason fans on social media have lately been leaving thirsty comments under Ebru TV’s news anchor Doreen Gatwiri’s photos telling her how gorgeous she looks, with some even proposing marriage to her on the comments and others confessing how she makes them have sleepless nights.

This time around she left her Facebook fans drooling over her yellow yellow thighs moments after sharing a never seen before photo. We see beautiful faces in the media industry with some viewers just tuning in to just look at the anchor rather than the news, Ebrus Doreen Gatwiri definitely puts mafisi at the corner of their couch every night.

Some fans complemented her while others publicly ‘hollad’ without a care in the world.

This however is not the first time her fans are posting such comments on her photos. But what caught my attention is how the male fans were ready to outdo each other on the comment section, making it look like the one with the most captivating comment would walk away with her at the end of the day….but would I really blame them? Well no…I mean her photo was just too hot to go unnoticed.

Checkout the comments below: