Kartelo was not our employee! Ebru TV reveals real reason why Kartelo had to go

After Chipukeezy and fellow comedian Kartelo came out accusing Ebru TV of mistreating them, the station has now given a full explanation on why they had to chase Kartelo.

According to Ebru, Kartelo first of all was not even an employee at Ebru TV and was only working under the favour of Chipukeezy.

Secondly, the station revealed that Kartelo was given a census job and even paid in full but never bothered to work on the project.


Chipukeezy with Eddie Butita

The station said they had to stop him from coming to the show, not because of the “Ghetto” image but rather because he never was unable to fulfill the job given.

“To be fundamentally clear, Ebru did not terminate Kartello for what Chipukeezy claims as ghetto-ness; but we no longer wanted to work with him which is our right as management of Ebru,” the statement went on.

Read the full statement below:


Ebru TV responds to Chipukeezy’s post which claims Kartelo was fired for his ‘Ghetto’ character!

A few hours ago Chipukeezy shared an alarming post claiming that Ebru TV was no longer going to air his ‘Chipukeezy show.’


Apparently Ebru TV sent him an email asking him to terminate his contract with Kartelo since the show had become too ghetto for their viewers. He however says he couldn’t let the fella go and for this reason decided to pull out of his agreement with the TV station as he hopes to find one that will accommodate his team.


Ebru TV denies firing Kartelo for being ‘ghetto’

We at Ghafla reached out to Ebru TV who opened up about the situation. It turns out that Kartelo had apparently been given a project to work on but failed to deliver.

According to our close source, Kartelo had already been paid in full but failed and to deliver which forced the station to terminate any appearances of Kartelo on Ebru TV.  Our source went on to reveal saying;

Two Day ago Ebru Tv had an disagreement with Kartelo on a project because he had been paid to push and promote an Online Advertisement which he failed to deliver according to our expectations. But as per on Thursday 22/8/2019 he had not posted any of the adverts on his platforms. Based on this the corporation felt that this is negligence of duty and contract not adhered. We have not fully delivered to the client and given value of their money.  So hence forth the management terminates any appearances of Kartelo on Ebru TV.

Did Chipukeezy lie about the the contents in the email he was sent by Ebru TV?

From the documents that we have it has been stated no where that Kartelo has been removed because of his Ghetto Character. And because of this Chipukeezy terminated his contract, Is it because he knows he can’t get viewership anymore so he’s looking for “Pity views”? And from The post that Chipukeezy made on his Instagram I believe that’s self interest because Ebru Tv has been known for supporting local talent before even the ChipukeezyShow started. 

Well there you have it!

Exclusive: Pierra Makena poached by Ebru TV to head the marketing department

After landing a job as cohost of newly launched youth television station Y254 Channel, DJ Pierra Makena is said to have been poached Ebru TV where she will be heading the market department.

The lady however is serving a notice as she prepares to head to Ebru TV very soon. Reliable sources have confirmed that she will be joined by Tamima who will also be heading the station.

This comes a few days after Ebru TV rebranded by getting the popular Youths to run the station with new exciting shows that will definitely help drive in traffic. Judging from a short video currently making rounds on social media, we can see the likes of Shaqtheyounging, Elodiezone, Brenda Wairimu, Daniel Weke among others.


This is the beginning of a new chapter for the Television station which seems to have invested in reaching out to the Youths, something that has never been done before.

Anyway, I reached out to Pierra Makena for a comment however the lass was a bit reluctant to talk about this – but she promised to fill us in on more details soon

Harambee stars International player Paul Were spotted getting cozy with Ebru TV Doreen Gatwiri in a local joint in Nairobi, are they dating? (photos)

A few weeks ago I did a story about the man rumored to be dating Doreen Gatwiri. He is a fine Caucasian man with good looks and of course we are happy for him, if indeed he had managed to win her heart.

However, 26 year old Paul Were Ooko who is among the Kenyan footballers was spotted with the Ebru news anchor this past weekend enjoying some drinks at undisclosed bar.

The footballer who is also known to play for both international and local teams is also rumored to be among the footballers who come home with fat cheques…and I bet no lady would mind this, right?

Paul Were
Footballer, Paul Were

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Away from that, the photos shared by the footballer on his social media pages have left many assuming that the two are an item or rather have have something special going on but… sadly I cannot confirm this.

Doreen Gatwiri with Paul Were
Is something going on between Doreen Gatwiri with Paul Were

They were photographed seated close to each other (probably having a private talk) and from how Doreen had won her cap, she did not want anyone to recognize her at the Bar/pub where they were enjoying their drinks.

Doreen Gatwiri with Paul Were
Doreen Gatwiri with Paul Were

In one photo Paul Were’s hand is seen putting his hand around her shoulders while she shyly laughed off…with her hand covering her face. Paul Were’s fans on the other hand could not help but comment on how cute they look while others wanted to know whether they were a couple.

Anyway, I am yet to know what they two are up to since I could not reach them on phone. But, truth be told…don’t they just look adorable?

Doreen Gatwiri chilling with Paul Were

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