Arrow Bwoy back with a new tune Happy Birthday

Arrow Bwoy is back with that great voice in a new jam dubbed Happy Birthday. The Kenyan sensational singer has delivered the best this year if I might say.

To start with, this is a happy birthday song that is very simple and well articulated. To whoever it is supposed to be dedicated to, it is actually dope.

In this case Arrow Bwoy is also talking of spoiling the girl by spending his money on her. There is a stanza he is also talking of thanking God for the birthday queen.

Arrow Bwoy back with a new tune Happy Birthday

Simply, the song is all about having fan during the birthday. Leo ni siku ya kukula bata.. This is more symbolic.

In addition to the great and simple Happy Birthday lyrics, is a voice that will just attract you. You all know what normally marks a birthday in this country.

First he is talking of gifts in large amounts and drinks as well. Just can’t wipe it out on how the birthday has bee hyped.

Arrow Bwoy is also appreciating God for the strength he has given this girl.

Without dwelling more on the lyrics, this dude has just given the video the best treatment. It is very quality and appealing.  Actually, Arrow Bwoy is always giving his videos.

Also, sound has been well catered for. Starting from the beats, they do not compete with the audio thus making it a great hit.

The vixens in this are just so beautiful and have that command and vibe in the song. One might think that this is more of a joke but I can assure you that you’ll be playing this song even on your 50th birthday.

The idea was a good one for Arrow Bwoy and for the very first time I have listened to a clean song within the week.

In conclusion, Arrow Bwoy gets a rating of 7/10 on Happy Birthday.

Video link below.