NTV’s Grace Ekirapa opens up about difficult relationship with step mum

Grace Ekirapa is slowly catching the attention of Kenyans and we cannot blame her for this. I mean, she is doing quite well on NTV’s crossover show and the fact that she married TV sweetheart, Pascal Tokodi; let’s just say – this lady has it all.

However what many didn’t know is that Ekirapa lost her dear mum when she was still quite young;  something that forced both her and sisters to raise each other.

Pascal Tokodi sweetly adores wife, Grace Ekirapa

Speaking during a recent interview with Mark Brandon, the petite lady opened up about her family history saying;

My mum was half Indian, half Maasai. Her death was not easy on my dad. Losing the love of his life was hard on him. We did not know a lot of people from my mum’s side so we had to support each other.

Dad moves on

What Ekirapa and sisters didn’t expect is that their dad would easily replace their mum a few years later on after her death. According to Ekirapa, this did not seem possible especially after seeing how the two loved each other; but to their surprise – the old man found a new woman to settle down with a few months after grieving. She went on to say;

Crossover 101 show host, Grace Ekirapa

My dad married again and brought a total stranger who was supposed to be our step mum but we could not understand it.


We could not understand how our dad wanted to replace our mum yet we were still very little.

Struggle with Step mum

Just like any other girl children, Ekirapa and her sisters did not get along with their step mum; who they claim had taken their dads attention from them.

However despite the hard times they faced in the absence of their biological mum; Ms Ekirapa is grateful that they came out strong and life continues to look up for both her and sisters.

Grace Ekirapa’s mum

The major issue is that we felt like we were fighting for our dad’s attention. We were against her and her against us and we did not get along with her. We went through some tough things but we came out stronger. Sometimes I wish mum was still alive, tungekua tunatesa hii Nairobi