Hamisa Mobetto reminds baby daddy why she does not need him in her life (Photo)

Hamisa Mobetto has been keeping a low profile since announcing her relationship with American singer Rick Ross; and although we all know it was a marketing strategy for the rapper – Netizens still chose to rub the alleged relationship on Diamond Platnumz face.

Okay. For a while now we havent seen Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto linked in any way apart from the small small rumors that claimed Dylan was said to be another man’s son.

However,thanks to Diamond Platnumz video where he was seen having a discussion with his SA kids….we all heard him deny having other children on the side – something now that Bongo fans say was intentionally planned to hurt Hamisa Mobetto who allegedly pinned a son on Diamond Platnumz.

Hamisa clapping back?

Well, truth is the rumor has been there for a minute now and because of it – Hamisa Mobetto back in 2018 was forced to drag Diamond Platnumz to court for child support; but now that she has her own…looks like she cut off her son’s dad – which is why theyre now trying to humiliate her.

But again….having been here and having delt with Diamond Platnumz family, Hamisa this time around has no time for them but herself. She revealed this on a post where she wrote;

Whole time I’m the love of my life

well, seeing that she turned off the comments proves that indeed she needed to get her message to her haters….just incase they thought she needed them.