Wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu! Meet the young man who drove Hamisa Mobetto crazy back in High School (Photos)

Before the fame and money Hamisa Mobetto was just another ordinary girl living the usual life; and unlike now, back in high school Mobetto was not so picky in terms of who she dated.

This was proven in a few TBT photos showing the lass back in High school with her number 1 boyfriend. I’m guessing back then, Hamisa Mobetto did not need the make up to look beautiful and for those claim her figure was bought; then the photos might just prove them wrong.

Anyway in the throwback photos which emerge once in a while on social media show Hamisa Mobetto in the company of her boyfriend; and although he does not appear to have any money, the smile on her face confirms she was indeed in love.

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Hamisa with bae

Hamisa Mobetto’s humble beginnings

From the photos it would take a specialist to see that Hamisa Mobetto indeed had a humble beginning unlike the likes of; Wema Sepetu, Vanessa Mdee, Aika Kenzo who went to international school back in the day.

However she seems to be smart as she used whatever she has to get where she is; and now Mobetto is ranked among the most successful media personalities we know in East Africa. But also thanks to baby daddy Diamond Platnumz; Hamisa’s brand also grew overnight.

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Checkout the lovely photo with her high school lover below!

Misa with high school bae