Zari: If I was as foolish as people say am I, Wouldn’t I have wasted all our riches since Ivan died?

Over and over again socialite Zari Hassan has insisted that she helped her late ex-hubby Ivan Ssemwanga build the empire that he left to her.

In a recent interview, the socialite addressed this yet again saying that all that she has now was not really inherited but built by her and his ex-husband. She said that people keep saying she will blow the money but two years on, everything is still running intact.

Watu wakisema oh pesa za urithi huwezi hata kama umewacha mamilioni ukawachia mwanamke mjinga sasa hivi miaka miwili hivyo vitu vikawa bado vipo. Shule ingekuwa ishafunga, gari hazipo, majumba hayapo, yaani kila kitu,” she added.


The mother of five added that as much as there are pending projects, she still manages all things and she’ll continue proving to guys wrong.

Uganda kuna unfinished hotel, they’re two big buildings worth 5 million Dollars and uncompleted and at this rate. Hio project unajua vile Ivan amefariki kumekuwa na vitu vingi, madeni kidogo unajua nilikuwa nimeweka bidii sana kuona hizi deni zimelipwa. Tungekuwa hatujalipa hizi deni nyumba zingekuwa zimeenda, hio hoteli Uganda ingekuwa imeenda, vitu vingi vingekuwa vimeenda lakini vile amefariki nimejitahidi sana,” said Zari.

She added:

Mimi na Ivan tumekutana when we had nothing, we hustled our way to build this empire that is still standing today the legacy.” she said.

Ivan Ssemwanga’s family launches fresh bid to oust Zari from managing ex husband’s property in South Africa

Family feud is another headache Zari Hassan will have to deal with despite the pain of losing her mother and her baby daddy in a span of two months.

After Ivan was buried sometimes in May, a committee of four members was formed to determine how his assets were to be managed. The committee agreed that Zari was to manage Ivan’s schools that include Brooklyn College in South Africa.

Ivan Ssemwanga died on May 25th 2017 at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa

They also decided that Zari should live with the kids in one of Ivan’s houses in South Africa while the other house should be rented out to provide financial support to the family.​ The committee was to execute its duties until Ivan’s three children turn 18.

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Well, Ivan’s family is on a mission to overrule the committee’s mandate and deliberation in the managing of Ivan’s property.

Zari Hassan with her sons who were fathered by Ivan Ssemwanga

Ugandan news outlet – BigEye reports that one of the late tycoon’s close relatives traveled to South Africa recently and has vowed to petition the South African authorities to claim his estate as the rightful heir.

Apparently Ivan’s schools and property in South Africa were registered under ownership of Ali Senyomo, an alias that Ivan Ssemwanga adopted and was using to conduct businessman in South Africa following his ban there.

It is this technicality that the said relative is hoping to exploit, even when it will expose the fraud committed by Ivan and risks the family losing the entire property.