Mbwa wewe! Zari angrily blasts fan who ordered her to return Diamond’s kids back to Tanzania

Diamond Platnumz’s ex Zari Hassan was recently forced to blast off a fan during an Instagram live session.

We all know Diamond has been claiming that Zari has denied her the rights to see his two kids but in real sense, Zari has insisted that its Diamond who has been avoiding the kids.


Zari fired back at a fan who commanded her to take the kids back to Tanzania and stop hiding them in South Africa so that Diamond can see them.

With an angry response, Zari Said:

“Mtu ananiambia tunataka watoto. Unawataka kama nani wewe umbwa? [someone telling me they want back their children are they yours?]. Just let me be! We’re comfortable, living a good life. Mind your business and don’t make me insult you,’ she told the fan,” she said. 


Ati rudisha watoto Bongo. Watoto wenu? [bring back the kids to tanzania, are they your children?]. When it comes to my kids I fight for them so shut up and mind your business.


“I have forgiven Diamond Platnumz” Zari finally confesses

Zari Hassan has opened up on every bit of her relationship with Diamond Platnumz sharing how he hurt and betrayed her.

In the latest episode of her confession with Millard Ayo, Zari said that despite what Diamond has done to her and her kids, she’s moving on and has already forgiven him.

“There is something about forgiveness and I have learnt to forgive him and his mistakes because now I’m in a better place,” she said in an interview with Millard Ayo.


Zari added that she will ensure his children, Tiffah and Nillan, also forgive him for neglecting them. She said she wanted to settle down with Diamond but he messed her up.

“They are too young now, but in future, I don’t want Tiffah to [hold] a grudge [against] her dad. I wanted to make a long-lasting marriage with Diamond and he even knows that I did not cheat on him with any man,” she said. 


Zari Hassan: My new husband is the most google man in Africa but I won’t post his face

Everybody wants to know who King Bae is but socialite Zari Hassan will not introduce him to the public.

According to Zari, King Bae was the most googled man in Africa this past month as fans want to know his face. Four countries, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Tanzania are all interested in knowing who has just married her.

“He’s the most searched face BUT I CAN’T POST HIM. He’s safe where he is. He’s not into social media like me.” she said.

“He’s my regular guy. So silent and loud. He hates show off. I just want to keep him private. I’ve been in relationships which were public. I was overexposed.”


On meeting her new husband, Zari said they met in Tanzania while she was out with pals a while back.

“We met at Hyatt hotel in Tanzania and he was with someone else. He found me and my two pals having drinks at the rooftop and that’s how we ended up seeing each other,” she said. 


Zari: If I was as foolish as people say am I, Wouldn’t I have wasted all our riches since Ivan died?

Over and over again socialite Zari Hassan has insisted that she helped her late ex-hubby Ivan Ssemwanga build the empire that he left to her.

In a recent interview, the socialite addressed this yet again saying that all that she has now was not really inherited but built by her and his ex-husband. She said that people keep saying she will blow the money but two years on, everything is still running intact.

Watu wakisema oh pesa za urithi huwezi hata kama umewacha mamilioni ukawachia mwanamke mjinga sasa hivi miaka miwili hivyo vitu vikawa bado vipo. Shule ingekuwa ishafunga, gari hazipo, majumba hayapo, yaani kila kitu,” she added.


The mother of five added that as much as there are pending projects, she still manages all things and she’ll continue proving to guys wrong.

Uganda kuna unfinished hotel, they’re two big buildings worth 5 million Dollars and uncompleted and at this rate. Hio project unajua vile Ivan amefariki kumekuwa na vitu vingi, madeni kidogo unajua nilikuwa nimeweka bidii sana kuona hizi deni zimelipwa. Tungekuwa hatujalipa hizi deni nyumba zingekuwa zimeenda, hio hoteli Uganda ingekuwa imeenda, vitu vingi vingekuwa vimeenda lakini vile amefariki nimejitahidi sana,” said Zari.

She added:

Mimi na Ivan tumekutana when we had nothing, we hustled our way to build this empire that is still standing today the legacy.” she said.

Ameruka! Zari denies saying she has a crush on Sonko: ‘Nonsense he’s not even my type’

Socialite Zari Hassa was recently a trending topic after claims that she has a huge crush on Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

According to an interview that she did in SA, the socialite confessed that Sonko’s humbleness and down to earth looks reminded her of her later husband Ivan.

“I want to reveal my love for the handsome Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. He is the man I have secretly admired for a long time. I love this handsome governor because he is a man of impeccable character and passionate convictions. He is not as boyish as the other kid who has been chasing me around.” said Zari in a radio interview in South Africa. 

Not me

Zari has now changed tune and she’s saying she didn’t say those words. On her Instagram page, Zari denied having a crush on Sonko and even knowing him.

“This nonsense from this man should stop. No, I have no crush on you, never met you or anything. Please let me be. PS. you are not my typer governor.” she posted. 

Zari claims good Mjulus from new lover, no stress from Diamond is the reason why she has added weight 

Despite being a Holly month, socialite Zari Hassan has added weight but she can explain why.

The Ugandan took to social media to praise her new lover King Bae and again take some subliminal hits at his ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz. According to Zari, good sex from her lover and little stress from Diamond is the reason why she’s adding weight.

No stress

She added that though she doesn’t want to gain weight, she doesn’t need problems to help her lose some also.

”Healthy kids, gd food, gd sex, money in the bank and peace of mind. Everything is making me fat. Gym is the only solution. I don’t want problems to lose weight. Chei, problems will finish you in a day,” She captioned her photo on Instagram. 

Zari has continuously hinted that her new lover is way better and richer than Diamond Platnumz a reason why she has been happy since winning him.

In case you forgot! Zari steps out in revealing dress to flaunt deep cleavage and tender thunder thighs(photos)

Socialite Zari Hassan has been in a lot of drama lately ever since Diamond Platnumz sent cheating allegations along her way.

The socialite has been fighting Diamond and Tanasha online, saying they can’t stop talking about her. The mother of five recently however, took some time off away from the drama after being invited at South African Pearl Thusi’s birthday party.


Well, in the event, Zari reminded many why Diamond first fell in love with her by showing her killer curves and classy fashion taste.

Stepping out in a red thigh-high dress, the mother of five left nothing to the imagination as she paraded her fine and tender flesh for whoever bothered to look.

She took to social media later on to share some of the pics from the event, proving that she still has a killer body and looks, and can for sure keep up with these 20 year old socialites that are dominating Instagram.

Here are the photos:

‘She was jumping around with every man’ Yet another Zari’s ex-lover comes out to claim Zari cheats a lot

Ever since Diamond Platnumz revealed that Zari Hassan cheated on him with multiple men before they broke up, it seem there’s nothing Zari can say to get herself out of the sticky situation.

Yet another man who dated the popular socialite has come out to claim that Zari can not be tamed by a single D.

Rasta Rob MC, a deejay who knew Zari way before she became famous and when she was just a young lady trying to make a name in the entertainment business, has also claimed that she slept with different men when they were an item.

18 years

Rob MC dated the socialite in her early 20s and claims that Zari cheated on him till he had to let her go. The two met in at a club why Rob was a DJ in 1995 and dated for three years.

“It is here where I met her. She was among the girls who always came for the disco. She was in her teens… about 18 and extremely beautiful. She used to come to me, requesting for songs and it is here that I used my chance.

“She was jumping around with every man. I finally let go but she was my girlfriend for 3 years.

Wait, if they met in 1995 and Zari was 18 years old, doesn’t that make her 42 now?

Zari Hassan’s reply after landing in Tanzania then being asked about Diamond Platnumz by reporters 

Socialite Zari Hassan during the weekend was in Tanzania with Softcare Diapers, a brand she works with as their ambassador.

The mother of five caused a frenzy after touching down in the country. She was swarmed by dozens of reporters who mostly wanted to know about her visit.

Her visit came just a week after Diamond confessed that she was cheating on him with two men, a reason why he had to walk away.


Well, when asked by the press whether she is in Tanzania to respond to Diamond’s interview, Zari said that she’s just focused on her charity mission and nothing more.

“No, I’m not here for that, I’m here for charity work and that’s all. I’m excited to be here,” she answered. 

Zari visited mothers of newborns at Mbagala Hospital and also donate diapers, other Softcare products and items from Milimani City Baby shop.

President of Single Mothers, Akothee in hot pursuit of Diamond Platinumz reminding him that Zari has a backbone made of steel

Kenya´s Madam Boss, Akothee, comes out in defense of Zari after Diamond just yesterday, publicized cheating allegations against Zari Hassan.

Diamond Platinumz might have decided to bite the bullet, in his enormous expose live on TV but forgot the President of Single Mothers is not deaf nor blind, let alone dumb.

He revealed intimate relationship details of ex-lover, Zari Hassan seemingly letting her carry the burden of their ´perfect´ relationship that went sour.


However, Akothee now comes up in arms to face the Wasafi King in the battle field.

The black beauty questions:

But men surely, What is the problem?
Does it scare you when A woman moves on to better heights without you or what??


According to Akothee, it seems men have a problem of moving on especially from women of power, who work endlessly to break the glass ceiling in their professions.

So you cheat on a woman countless times and then you even ask for forgiveness everywhere not only on radio nor TV but also social media.
She forgives you but you repeat your mistake.

Zari did forgive the Tanzanian crooner for his way ward ways after pleading with her on several occasions, then Diamond went under.

When she finally decided she’s done with you and she moves since you are one blocking her pathway to increase her Value…
You keep quiet


However, Akothee now wonders how Diamond suddenly pops up out of the blues, dishing out allegations against the mother of his 2 kids, whom Zari affirms is hardly in communication with neither supports them.

When she finds someone better than you…you now start coming out and talk about how she is the one who was cheating… And yet she had two kids with you
Then we learn you don’t even visit them, none of you support is even felt i.e emotional, physical or financial

Funny enough, Diamond apparently expected to have the kids dropped in his mother land for a visit or two but Akothee questions whether they are just luggage:

And she is not even disturbing you, she is raising all these kids on her own…ati you want her to drop them in your Country .. Are they luggage??

Additionally, the self-proclaimed President of Single mothers believes Zari did take up the duty to raise the 2 of her 5 children, without shedding a tear.


However, this seems to itch the bongo star uncontrollably and Akothee warns him to stay off single mothers who are build to withstand the test of time:

???????????? Men its high you stop messing with single women..you can break other people down but not a single mother…she has a backbone made of steel… Anyway

Ha! and to finish up, the Kenyan mother of 5 now throws shades at the WCB CEO:

No man dresses better than the one who does not take care of his kids… Good morning loves


Round of applause

Akothee´s followers were in support of the black beauty, not mincing their words too:

No man dredses better than the one who doesn’t take care of his kids,you killed it????????????????????????????????????


Tell em again n again


What an ode!


That’s why I love u madam boss….




Thank u boss lady diamond ni mpuzi sana ,ujajua analeta scandle ndio ngoma yake isikike ,pliz diamond live zari alone utoshi,naukiwachwa achika,boss wetu ebu washw hawa mababy daddy hatutawambeleza


Diamond shd be serious!!! Leave zari alone ..she is still the mother of your kids and so yu awe her some respect.or accepting that she is now with a better man than u is the problem..ALA!!!


Excaltly,,they only realize the worthiness of a mother when she moves on.. shame on him