Jalango denies he had a wedding, says it was just a family function

Comedian Jalang’o has come out to reveal that he didn’t have a wedding as people have been told on social media but had just a family meeting.

Speaking to his co-host on Mwakideu on Milele FM, Jalango cleared the air saying he didn’t have a wedding and that was just a family meeting that he went with friends.

“Mwakideu, you have known for the longest time that I have a wife. The weekend event was not a wedding, it was a function we had just gone to visit her family and I took a few good men with me.  They came with so much pomp that the news of it blew up all over social media,” he said. 

Jalang’o promised that when his wedding with Amina Chao comes, all his friends will be invited.

 “It was a fun weekend, the inlaws prepared everything so well for us. They welcomed us very well, I felt very welcome, I was at home. I even met my primary school teacher.” said Mwakideu. 

Jalang’o added, “Don’t worry guys when the day of my wedding comes, you will know you will get invites, or not.”

Jalang’o baby mama says she’s still friends with him despite ugly break up 

Cheptoek Boyo, Jalang’o’s baby mama, has revealed that she talks to him and that they are in good terms despite breaking up a few years ago.

Boyo and Jalang’o dated around 2015 while she worked at media max and were blessed with a daughter. Boyo said then to Pulse Live that she allegedly dumped him after finding out that Jalang’o was cheating.

Kids first

Boyo left People Daily’s Spice Magazine and now is at Standard Group.

In an QandA session on instagram, she talked about their relationship and co-parenting.

A fan asked: “wewe na jalas mnaendeleaje siku hizi?”

She responded saying,

Vizuri [we are good], best friends.

Regrading co parenting, she said it has been fine so far and they are putting the child first,

“About co-parenting when you put the child first and issues aside it’s easy. I’m enjoying it.” she said.