Jalang’o to Kenyan youth: Think like D students if you want to make it in Kenya 

Even though comedian Jalango has gone back to school for a degree, he’s urging fellow Kenyan youth to ditch their papers and start thinking like they failed their exams.

Unemployment is currently killing Kenyans and youths have been left broken as they continue seeking for jobs. Jalang’o took to social media to post that youths need to have a D mentality in case they want to thrive in Kenya now.


In a long post, the comedian explained why it’s now crucial to drop your papers and start hustling like never before.

Read the post below:

“LET ME BE THE DEVIL ADVOCATE IN THIS OCHIENG STORY!! Thank God he got a job courtesy of the media..But howmany other Kevin’s are out there? Howmany other people have even better performances and certificates than him? If you asked me there are many people out there looking for jobs and cant find! And there are several reasons why you there are no jobs,These old folks now telling us that we get self employed made sure that all factories and plants died! They ate and stole everything. In most cases it is never what you know its who you know, you must be connected to get a job.

“This is even the reason for my post ( A STUDENT MENTALITY ) Yes you got an A’ Yes you got a first class honours , as much as you deserve to get a job immediately your A does not guarantee you a job! Coming to Nairobi and thinking that there is a place for you and a job for you because you are a first class honours student is a very big lie! To survive with your A you must have a mentality of a D student! A D student believes and knows very well that there is nowhere his papers will take him ,so he knows that for him to survive he must work a miracle and the miracle is working !!

“You will find that they actually run this town! You find that D students are employing the Engineers, actuaries to run for them their businesses , they own petrol stations, car yards, food joints, apartments, they know every corner of China, they know what is cheap , spare part shops and all, It is so sad that you could be book smart but not street smart!! and as the D students are getting their hands dirty you get an A student 10 or 20 years later of job searching still believing that only his papers will save him!!

Jalang’o with the late Bob Collymore

“Some even turn down jobs because they do not match their school performance, I have seen people who at entry point wants to be a HOD, or even an MD!! .With all due respect to job seekers and every humility because I know how hard it can get , please be flexible! There is this CPA 4 accountant who accepted to be a waiter and now he is the accountant for the company because he was already in! Have your A but hustle like a D student! What’s your take?”

Jalang’o baby mama says she’s still friends with him despite ugly break up 

Cheptoek Boyo, Jalang’o’s baby mama, has revealed that she talks to him and that they are in good terms despite breaking up a few years ago.

Boyo and Jalang’o dated around 2015 while she worked at media max and were blessed with a daughter. Boyo said then to Pulse Live that she allegedly dumped him after finding out that Jalang’o was cheating.

Kids first

Boyo left People Daily’s Spice Magazine and now is at Standard Group.

In an QandA session on instagram, she talked about their relationship and co-parenting.

A fan asked: “wewe na jalas mnaendeleaje siku hizi?”

She responded saying,

Vizuri [we are good], best friends.

Regrading co parenting, she said it has been fine so far and they are putting the child first,

“About co-parenting when you put the child first and issues aside it’s easy. I’m enjoying it.” she said. 


Jeff Koinange ditches his Mercedes Benz and heads to studio on a horse(video) 

Veteran journalist Jeff Koinange is known as a man who cruises around in a Mercedes Benz G wagon. The car, priced at 12 millions, always steals the show with it’s looks and comfort.

This time round, however, the Hot 96 breakfast show presenter opted to go to work in something less comfier: A horse.

During a guest appearance at the World Cup Barn Show on Citizen TV, Koinange rode a horse to the studio leaving many stunned including Mwiki FC which was present on set.

The ban

Matching decor

The ban, which has studio set up to be like a real ban has fodder hay, artificial grass turf, wooden barrels, and wooden packaging boxes in its decor, a reason why Jeff opted to go with the horse.

Watch the video below:


What is happening? Jalang’o quits Hot 96 FM less than an year after joining

Barely an year after ditching Radio Maisha and joining Royal Media Services Hot 96 FM, presenter and comedian Jalang’o is leaving again.

Word has reached Ghafla indicating that the comedian is also among those affected by the huge wave sweeping through Kenyan media and has tendered his resignation ready to join Milele FM.

Moving again

Last year he ditched Alex Mwakideu at Radio Maisha to join Jeff Koinange at Hot 96 FM. Jalas, who was crowned as the most popular radio personality in Kenya months ago, is in a list of many other presenters and radio employees that have been poached by Milele FM from Royal Media.

Royal Media Services Head of Radio Citizen Joyce Gituro, Francis Luchivya and comedian Wilbroda are among those poached.

Take notes: “You are a loser!” Jalang’o fires shots at men who abuse their women

Jalang’o might be a joker – but his show with Jeff seems to be attracting a lot of attention thanks to their interesting morning topics.

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In a new clip shared by the radio presenter on his Instagram page, Jalas talks about men who physically abuse their women.

According to him, any man that lays his hands on a woman is nothing but a loser and he is not afraid to say it.

His message came at a time when the world was celebrating Women’s Day. Jalango’s main aim was to show men the need of appreciating the women in their lives; even though we are living in a generation that seems to be forgetting this.


Why Kilimani mums love Jalas

In another clip from the same show, Jalas gets an opportunity to talk to famous Kilimani mums administrator.

According to the lady, many women love Jalas because of his real ness and this is why they can’t stop talking about him on the page.


“I just want to be like Jeff Koinange” Jalang’o praises his cohost in a new post

Hot 96’s radio presenter Jalang’o has come out to praise Jeff Koinange in a new post shared on his Instagram story.

Well, early this morning as Jalango was reporting to work he noticed that’s Jeff Koinange had already arrived at work. This left him feeling challenged since Jeff had previously been on air hosting JKL till 12 midnight; and still managed to report to work.

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Jalang’os message to Jeff Koinange

With such determination, Jalang’o says that he is keenly learning a lot from the 52 year old who is quite dedicated to his work.

The two have been working on the show for quite some time now enabling them to become good friends.

Jalango on the other hand is not doing bad for himself as he has managed to top among the most successful people in entertainment industry.