It’s over! Noti Flow dumps hot Caucasian boyfriend barely months after hooking up

Noti Flow has officially parted ways with her months-old boyfriend after his multiple love affairs behind her back leaked.

The petite female rapper dumped her long-time boyfriend Colonel Mustafa in a messy scandal in November 2019, both exposing their dirty linen in public for all to see.

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Months later, June 2020, she walks into another relationship, this time, with a Caucasian cool kid identified as Jay Jay who was sure a heartthrob for the single ladies.

Mr Jay Jay, Noti Flow’s new catch

A beautifully coated love affair that was almost convincing enough that for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, nothing would tear them apart…

You are nothing short of my everything????????, he would adore her.

With the lass responding;

You’re stuck with me????.

Jay Jay with Noti Flow

That was just 3-6 days ago as the couple sweetly serenaded each other with romance, but today their book of love lives to tell another story.

This is after Noti came out to declare in a cryptic message;

“You cheat on me I cheat on you. So it’s up to you to decide if we’re gonna be happy together or h**s ????”.

Before throwing shade that infidelity is just not her cup of tea.

Disclosing that she had let another cheating scandal slip but not this time round.

On the first occasion, after she got wind from a lass named Nicole, she confronted him and they both alleged nothing was going on and so she let it go.

Its over!

But this time, lovey dovey messages between her man and a chick named Florence, have completely broken the remaining bit of trust she had in him.

Noti Flow

Speaking to a local publication, Noti Flow revealed;

A quick glance at his end, a regretful Jay Jay puts up a cryptic post;

Noti Flow has since deleted any memories she had made with the Caucasian kid from her timeline but a dear Jay Jay is still holding on, maybe hopeful things will eventually work out.

Tedd Josiah left speechless after daughter asked to see her mom

Tedd Josiah as he often calls himself, the manmom has not had it any easy raising a daughter single-handedly left behind by her mom barely 3 months of age, but still manages to put his best foot forward.

Over the years, a little baby Jay Jay has grown to take over her mothers looks, blessed with some adorable puffy African hair, charming smile and just a complete replica of her late mom, Regina. Katar

A baby girl who never had the chance to love, appreciate and adore a woman she would call ´mom´ until she was no more.

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The music producer has definitely been a super manmom, raising a beautiful daughter, able to make sense of the world around her. The love is sure unmatched!

Ill moment

Unfortunately, the time comes when a child realizes that unlike her, other kids have a mother and a father. So why does she just have one of them? A question a dear Jay Jay asked her dad recently and left him dumbstruck.

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Taking to his Instagram page, the Joka Jok CEO opened up:

It’s all fun and games until they start to add stuff up…..

It so happens that just 2 nights ago as they were preparing to retire to bed, the little girl popped up the disturbing question.

Tedd was like: “good night JayJay Daddy loves you”. Then the room was struck by a sudden silence before Jay posed:

Daddy were is my mommy?

The media personality grew cold feet, not sure what answer to give, fortunately, it was already dark so Jay could not see her dad break down to tears.

And this was his response:

…mommy is in heaven and is always watching over you

Before Jay Jay interrupted:

..she’s gonna bring me sweets ????…?

And Tedd was like: “yes baby mamas gonna bring u sweets”

Tedd had every reason to believe that Jay’s curiosity was sparked by her interactions with her cousins who have both mum and dad.

So she most have noticed “hapa hesabu hai ingiani”
Gods will isn’t ours He knows why…

We can only wish the dad and daughter nothing but love and light!

Like father, like son: Nonini shares adorable photos of his all grown son

It has been a while since we heard from Nonini aka Mgenge true but this does not mean that he is sitting idle at home. Judging from his social media pages, it is easy to tell that he has been busy with a few of his projects – taking a break from making music!

Anyway, I recently bumped into a few photos of his son who has really grown into a fine young man. From the new pictures, one can say that the two will end up looking alike when the young man gets to his father’s age in a few years to come.

He is not just adorable but very stylish… from his clothes to his hair cuts that are often done at popular barber shops JayJay is undeniably living the good life. Below are the few photos shared by his dad.