Tedd Josiah Celebrates Late Wife’s Birthday With Heartfelt Message

Veteran music producer Tedd Josiah is celebrating his late wife’s birthday today. Taking to his Instagram, the father of one penned an emotional message as he reminisced good times they had through a video.

He wrote;

”As we celebrate ???? your birthday ???? up in heaven we celebrate everything that we have now become. Looking back with fond memories & making sure your name will live on for generations to come thru JO – JOSIAH KA – KATAR JO – JOSIAH K – KENYA ???????? JOKAJOK our linage now built with Love ???? happy birthday. ”

Josiah lost his wife in 2017 after being diagnosed with a rare illness after giving birth.

The veteran producer has also in the past spoken about how the death of his wife changed his life, noting he was forced to face the pain head-on.

“When we come face to face with death it changes who we are completely and the things we held dear become so irrelevant in your life’s goals. We are forced to come face to face with soul changing pain, mind shifting depression and character altering moments” he said.

Tedd has been taking care of their daughter solo after his wife’s untimely death.


Tedd Josiah’s advice to people moving from one relationship to another ‘just to sample & bounce’

Tedd Josiah says the birth of his youngest daughter changed him forever and this is only because he had to raise her alone following the untimely demise of his young wife. Tragic but also a blessing in disguise judging from how the experience changed him.

Lately he has become a an expert in advising his followers on important matters concerning life. Well, on his latest post the social media influencer dedicates a special message to unstable people moving from one relationship to another – just for fun.

The single dad went on to address an important issue of why people in this generation can’t simply settle down saying;

A lot of people reach out to me about love and why people in this generation can’t settle. With the advent of social media and swipe for the next man/ woman came the culture of “sample and bounce” so people find it hard to plant roots in a human, in a place, be grounded and build with one person day in day out.

Misplaced priorities in life

From his detailed post, we can simply say Tedd Josiah feels this generation has lost its priorities in life. This is because unlike before, nowadays couples break up because ‘one is broke’ or is bored in the relationship – petty excuses not knowing life is a roller coaster… today you’re up, tomorrow down.

People find routine boring yet routine and consistency are the only things that can build a co. Empire or couple and home.
People also leave at the 1st sight of poverty or change of fortunes… yet life is a rollercoaster ???? of some days u got and some days not…..

Having been brought up in a different generation where couples valued love/affection over material things; Tedd Josiah feels it’s time people unlearned the new culture of things and maybe take up on things that matter.

It’s a culture that needs to be unlearned cause this generation has become like flags in the wind… blow any which way with no purpose. Have purpose direction and commitment

His latest post comes months after he addressed the issue of people approaching single parents just to taste waters; not knowing the effect they have on the single parent and the child involved.

Dad girl goals! Tedd Josiah over the moon as daughter joins school

By now we all know who Tedd Josiah is and why he remains a favorite to many women out here because – he has proven to be a responsible dad – something we don’t see everyday.

As you know, he was left behind with 3 month old baby after his late wife, Regina Katar passed on after developing some health issues after her delivery. Painful experience for both Tedd Josiah and his daughter – but through it all they’ve managed to keep going.

With his wife dead, Tedd Josiah took it upon himself to raise his daughter and paused his love life – just to dedicate his attention to Jameela Wendo. So far we have a seen a love like no other between this two, which brings to why 52 year old Tedd Josiah feels proud of the far they’ve since come.

Finally in school

Having home schooled his girl for the past 4 years, baby Wendo just joined school for the first time at 5 years – something Tedd Josiah takes pride in.

Sharing the good news through his social media pages, Tedd Josiah shared a photo of his princess in full school uniform to which he captioned;

Jameela Wendo

BOOM!!! Just like that they are out of ur hands, wanting to see the world, looking forward to friends, swimming, school and other activities that don’t involve you!!! ???????????????? We’ve successfully transitioned from infant, baby, toddler, home school and now we are in a REAL SCHOOL!!!
Time flies

Of course he hasn’t been raising the girl by himself but through the help of aunties and uncles who have committed themselves to giving Jameela a complete family.

Thanking them for the hours they’ve put in all these years, Tedd wrote;

To all those aunties and uncles who’ve stood by us, prayed for us, been with us thru this journey this is ur win as much as it is ours! Thank u ☺️

And just like that – Tedd Josiah is living proof that dads can also raise daughter or rather kids with or without a woman in their lives!

‘I’d Lock Myself In My Room For Hours’ Tedd Josiah Opens Up On Depressive Times After Death Of Lover

Ex music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah has come out to speak on the tough times he underwent after the untimely death of his wife Regina way back in 2017. The couple had already welcomed their baby daughter Jay Jay; who was just three months during the demise of her mum.

What Tedd Josiah's wife told him before she died
Tedd Josiah and months old Jay Jay-Google

It hasn’t been easy for Tedd over the years; especially considering that he proceeded to raise their daughter all by himself.

On a long Instagram post, Tedd narrates the extreme challenges he had to endure including not being able to afford diapers for his baby girl.

”A BABY GIRL ???????? & BAGS ????
That’s how i got out of a dark dark moment in my life. Loss and death is tough on any human being; and finding myself in a state of mourning that lead to a very dark depressive time almost threw my life off! I’d lock myself in my room for hours; sometimes from 8am when the nanny walked in to 7pm; when the nanny would leave…

Because I was silent and constantly posting on social media, everyone thought I was doing great. Not knowing that I’d lost my house, auctioneers were at my door. I couldn’t afford my child’s diapers or formula & I was still grieving and slowly loosing my mind because of the pressure of everything…

Raising my daughter & raising a brand provided me a ground to heal…”

Grown Up Jay Jay and Tedd-Instagram

Tedd Continued by advising those who are undergoing depression to speak out;

”If ur not happy with ur life and depressed please talk to someone and find an outlet.
Workout, have new hobbies, remember to goof about and be like a child again…”

‘So Many People Are Suffering!’ Tedd Josiah Calls Out Government For High Cost Of Living Amid Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has evidently affected the normal way of life. Who would have thought we could be covering part of our face with masks anytime we’re in public? The virus has swept thousands of people across the globe and still counting.

The worst part is, a significant number of those remaining are struggling to make ends meet; this is due to the fact that most businesses have been affected, leading to job losses/furloughing workers and closure.

Given the recent jobs report, few winners in a COVID economy |  FierceElectronics

Hard Nut To Crack

Well, music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah has stressed on the same. The high cost of living has immensely affected the youth; and he urges them to call out political leaders to work on it. Showing his rage on his Instagram video, Tedd Josiah captioned;


So many jobs lost. So many people suffering yet u want to triple tax ur own citizens to their graves!!! Young people wake up! It’s time to wake the hell up! Ur lives won’t be affordable”

He continued to add through the video by saying;

  ”Young people are losing jobs in this country… It’s crazy. The job losses in 2020/2021 have been magnificently huge, yet you want to increase tariffs of mobile phone usage. A lot of people are using bundles to do business and communicate back and forth…”

This is not the first time Josiah has reiterated on the effects of the pandemic in the business sector. I bet he’s feeling for the young people who are struggling to put a meal on their tables.

Tedd Josiah Remembers Late Wife Reginah In Emotional Post

Music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah is one of the few men who have experienced how it feels to be a mother. Raising a 3 months old daughter to early childhood hasn’t been a walk in the park. His wife Reginah Katar passed on while their daughter Jay Jay was just three months old. Tedd decided to take it from there and raise Jay Jay all by himself.

Tedd Josiah’s Motherhood Journey
Things Won't Ever Be The Same Without You,' Cries Tedd Josiah Days After Burying His Wife

On mother’s day, Tedd has appreciated all mothers. After being in their shoes for a long time, he knows how hard it is to be a mom. He also remembered his late wife Reginah in the Instagram post as he wrote;

”Every mother wants to be there for their children until their children are very very grown, no mother wants to leave their child as an infant cause they know the child won’t get motherly love. To all those whose moms are in heaven, to those whose babies are in heaven, those who are still trying to be moms, those who are having a tough relationship with their moms, those who are praying to be moms, and those who are moms….. I value you cause i have walked a mile in ur shoes and though my life plan had never been to become a Mother to a 3 month old, i had no option but to become the mother.

The journey of motherhood isn’t easy but the little hugs are the rewards
Blessed Mother’s Day to you all from the bears ????
Happy Mother’s Day in heaven mama JayJay ???????????????????????????????????? keep resting in peace
LIVE ???? LOVE ???? LAUGH ????
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

10pm Curfew Is Not Enough!- Tedd Josiah Gives Reasons Why Kenyans Are Still Suffering Even After Ease Of Restrictions

It’s clear that a good number of people had anticipated the ease of COVID-19 restrictions by the president during his speech on Labour Day. Even though he met most people’s expectations, not everyone is doing well afterwards. Most people lost jobs their jobs and businesses closed.

Music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah reveals how immensely people are still suffering even after the ease of the restrictions. Being a single dad and a business man, Tedd felt a pinch during the lockdown and curfew.

On his Instagram, Tedd wrote;

”10pm curfew isn’t anything to really celebrate. Jobs that were lost means there’s still a lot of families living in hunger and poverty. It means people in employment aren’t getting there full salaries and a lot of Kenyans are basically being shoved right back into MASS POVERTY and ECONOMIC GENOCIDE!”

Kenyans Need Jobs!

The Jo Ka Jok CEO suggested possible solutions by the government that could help netizens. He continued;

”How can we as a people mitigate this?
– 1. JOBS JOBS JOBS – were you can buy Kenyan then buy Kenyan products and brands.
– 2. For those who can travel and do safaris wether beach ???? or bush ???? ???? then do a couple of nights in those places cause tourism is a major employer of our people and without your patronage those workers suffer low pay or joblessness. Let’s be loving enough to check on our friends from time to time and were we can help even if the help is as little as taking time off to talk to them. Right now mental illness, HPB, and a lot of stress related illnesses are on the rise.
Love ???? Kenya ???????? enough to buy from our people, keep our people employed and love on our people.”


Society Thinks Men Are Tough But They’re Not! Tedd Josiah Speaks On Men Struggles

Entrepreneur and music producer Tedd Josiah defied all odds by raising his kid Jay Jay straight from infancy to early childhood all by himself. This is not a task that every man can take up. After his wife passed on while their daughter was just 3 months old, Tedd decided to take up the challenge and do the raising all by himself. However, it has not been a walk in the park for him.

Tedd divulged the challenges he has been undergoing while raising his daughter. He also addressed the societal perception of ‘being a man’ and having everything figured out because you’re a man.

Tedd wrote on his page;

”A great misconception is
“You’re a man you got it figured out.
Men can get through anything they are tough.
Life favours men…..”
Am gonna speak from my heart
Raising a child from infancy alone is not a joke and it’s triple tough for a man to raise an infant with no knowledge…. learning on the job and still having to provide.”

Josiah continued by disclosing his biggest fear while raising his daughter;

”More scary is having to face your mortality and wondering what would happen….
This society thinks men got it good. Now with that info please think again.
We are all struggling to live, stay healthy and put food on our children’s tables (some of us more than others).”

Becoming a widower hasn’t been easy for him, but Tedd promised to fulfill the dreams of his wife Reginah, which was to venture into business.

Government Doesn’t Care About Us, Let’s Buy Kenyan Products And Jumpstart Our Economy- Tedd Josiah

Most SMEs have suffered a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the government is not doing enough to ensure people have something on their plate. It’s evident that it’s now every man for themselves. After the lockdown, businesses have suffered immensely, and the economy has become harder than usual.

Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah has come out to stress on this issue. After 4 weeks of feeling unwell, he has come out to reveal what really gave him illness. The single dad of one has been in business for a while, selling designer bags. He has employed single parents in his company.

Tedd’s Business Causing Him A Health Problem

After COVID-19 struck, seems like his business has not been doing that good.He says that this partly contributed to him getting sick. At first, he thought he had Coronavirus, but it was his blood pressure that went up.

The 51 year old has now urged Kenyans to support each other by buying Kenyan products during this pandemic, since the government doesn’t care about survival of businesses. Posting a video on his Instagram, he said,

”…Buy Kenyan products through this pandemic. By buying these Kenyan products, you are feeding Kenyan families… And there’s nothing more important than for us to be able to feed Kenyan families no matter what. Because if we don’t feed ourselves, a lot of people end up being in very bad situations. What we need right now is to believe in ourselves enough to buy our own products and jump start this economy back to life. Government is not going to support us in this. They don’t care about the SMEs…”

Tedd Josiah makes sense, it’s high time we support each other during this pandemic. If we wait for the government, we’ll definitely suffer.

Tedd Josiah Explains How Daughter Inspired Him After COVID-19 Contraction Scare, Advices People To Check On Each Other

Tedd Josiah had been off social media for weeks. On his return days ago, he revealed his health status is deteriorating but he only has one source of inspiration; his daughter. The single father  disclosed he started feeling unwell and thought he had contracted Coronavirus. But after getting tested, results came out he was negative, but his blood pressure was not normal.

Tedd Josiah’s Worst Fear Becoming A Reality?

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature - Ted  Josiah - Ghafla! Kenya
Tedd Josiah and his daughter-Google

Weeks ago, the music producer had also opened up on his fear of becoming sick to a point where he can no longer take care of his daughter. Even though his health is not that good, he’s hanging on there and looks healthier. On social media, he gushed over his daughter Jay, saying;

”The one motivation i have to get well & stay alive is #HRH Jameela Wendo “Love” and that alone is a strong enough motivation for me through this season.
She’s known am unwell and has been busy giving me medication, covering me when am feverish & hugging me with the words “I love u daddy” and those alone have made a world of difference
LIVE ???? LOVE ???? LAUGH ????
And give thanks to God!
#theManMom #RaisingJay 

In addition Tedd has also advised people to check on each other during this tough time.

”Check on those u love
Human life can end in seconds always check in on those people u love who make a difference in ur life and keep them in ur prayers”

Tough Times! Tedd Josiah Explains The Hardships Of Single Parenting During The Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has made most people broke and uncertain about their next move. Most businesses have shut down, some people have been furloughed while others have completely lost their jobs. The recent COVID-19 wave has hit hard. One minute you are talking to your relative, the next, they’re gone.

Being a single parent in such a time is one of the hardest things, especially if your partner died and you decided to take care of the kid(s) alone. What if you die? Who will take care of them? This might be one of Tedd Josiah’s fear. The music producer and entrepreneur started single parenting when his kid was just 3 months old. Tedd’s wife Reginah passed on after a short illness. Josiah made the decision to take care of the child all by himself. But the pandemic is what he fears.

Tough Times For Tedd

Tedd Josiah and Wendo-IG

On his gram, Tedd Josiah wrote;

”For a single parent this pandemic is double scary. If u fall ill, will u make it thru? What happens to u and ur children when ur not working because u are unwell? There are so many questions to be asked. Frankly for me as a sole provider for my child these are scary times with very little being certain……”

The most challenging part for Josiah will be how to tell his daughter that her mum passed on. She’s still young to know about death. On the bright side, Josiah is both a good mom and dad to Wendo.

Don’t Settle For Less- Tedd Josiah Explains Qualities To Look For When Choosing A Partner

Without a doubt, Tedd Josiah is an epitome of a good father. Raising a daughter by yourself when she’s just 3 months old is a task that most men wouldn’t dare to take on. Well, after the death of his lovely wife Reginah Katar, the music producer and entrepreneur decided he’s not bringing another woman into his life to help him raise his daughter. Instead, he decided to do it all by himself.

It has been hard for him to think or re-marrying. He says that couples nowadays are not ready to face hard times together; they’re just in for the good times. The 51 year old is now admonishing those in a similar situation as him to go for a person who would keep their dreams and memories alive.

Tedd Josiah Mourns The Death Of His Wife (Photos)
Tedd Josiah, the late Reginah and their daughter-Google

”Love & Legacy.
Marry the one who will keep your dreams alive, the one that won’t be afraid to keep your memory alive, the one that will find it within themselves to keep on building what you both dreamt of and keep going. NO MATTER THE COST!

See some people meet in life and like ???? that collied in the sky’s they leave a bright beautiful sparkle everywhere…. when you meet people like that you embrace them and run with those dreams in order to build an empire.

That’s what true love does to you
LIVE ???? LOVE ???? LAUGH ????”

Tedd’s daughter Jay Jay is all grown up now, and she’s definitely lucky and proud to have such a dad.

Tedd Josiah Narrates How He Got Broke And Depressed While Raising Daughter By Himself

Raising a baby by yourself needs a lot of determination. A mother’s instincts drives her to do anything to provide necessities for her baby. What happens when the mother dies just months after giving birth to her baby? Only the father is left to provide. Things won’t be the same for the baby.

As Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah reveals, he underwent a couple of struggles during the early months of raising his daughter Jay Jay. After his wife passed on, he also lost his job. The double loss got him depressed and of course, broke. At this moment, he felt like giving up, but his daughter gave him reason not to look back.

Tedd Josiah and his daughter-IG

On his gram, the widower wrote,

”I remember these early months with JayJay
Loosing my job, running up rent arrears of nearly 500k, my heart bleeding everyday from the pain of loss and grief, having no one around me at all and the worst part… THINKING TO MYSELF EVERYDAY “YOURE GOING TO FAIL!”

“You’re going to loose, you’re loosing your mind, your house, your job is gone! Your now going to fail this child in the worst way! What do you think you’re doing trying to raise an infant alone???? This is going to end up in premium tears…. how about you just give up already?? You know you’re a failure…”
Depression had me locked in my room daily and the few people who brought light into my life was JayJay and someone else who committed to making sure i DONT break.

We are going to our fourth year now without mama, it’s been a process of self determination and discovery, ups and downs, building upon a legacy and keeping on going….
God has your back even when you walk through the valley of the shadows of death. I been there and i know. GOD CAME THROUGH in the valley of the shadows of death.
Please never EVER give up…”

Tedd Josiah Explains Why It’s Hard For Him To Re-marry

Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah and Kisima awards founder has opened up about the issue of re-marrying. After his wife Reginah passed on in 2017 due to illness, Tedd decided to raise their daughter by himself. Their daughter, Jameela Wendo was only three months old when Reginah passed on.

Tedd has now revealed that he has no intention of getting another wife. He says that nowadays men and women date only to have a good time; they’re not ready for hard times.

Pray for my daughter Jay, says Tedd Josiah

Tedd Josiah’s Message

On his gram, he shared,

I’ve had a lot of questions about this issue and let me put it out clear.
Raising a girl ???????? with a very strong character personality means she’s got to be comfortable that the person in my life is not here to break her but to build her up.

Am building the dreams of a Great lady who passed away with the wish that her legacy would live on. She is the “KA” In Jo-Ka-Jok (Josiah-Katar-Josiah). How many women would marry a man busy building an empire for his daughter to inherit from her late mother?
The dating game in nowadays if full of men/ women ready to have a fling for a moment and a good time. But no ones ready to roll up their sleeves and say “am here for it all, the good times and the bad times, the highs and lows” in-fact when you hit a low patch even your friends and employees start to look at you like a person with leprosy thinking that money is forever flowing not knowing that life is a journey of ups and downs…

LIVE ???? LOVE ???? LAUGH ????
Don’t get me wrong, love ❤️ and finding a soulmate is an EXTREMELY beautiful thing.”

Both My Family And Investors Thought I Was Crazy To Venture Into Music And Business- Tedd Josiah

Award winning Kenyan music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah has been in the industry for over 20 years. The 51 year old is a single dad and is proud about it. His wife passed on in 2017, leaving behind a daughter. Josiah had to take care of the kid by himself.

Tedd Josiah with his daughter-IG

Opening up about his previous struggles before his success, he reveals how investors didn’t believe in him. His passion for music began when he was young and wanted to venture into it. Turns out even his own family was against it and didn’t want to support him. When he needed financial assistance to start his own business dubbed ‘Jokajok’,  investors rejected him and thought it was a stupid idea.

”I remember starting my journey of becoming a bag maker and building JOKAJOK LUXURY…. all the people i asked to invest in me walked out on me as soon as i spoke about the dream. They thought it was a stupid crazy idea! And through my journey people have always doubted me even when i started to produce music 30 years ago i had so many people doubt me including family.
I’ve learnt through the years that if you believe in something just keep going and let those who doubt you not have your attention for they will kill your dreams even before you start…
JUST DO U! U should be ur biggest cheerleader no matter what
JaKwesi the Bag man

LIVE ???? LOVE ???? LAUGH ????

His business is now thriving even after rejection by investors. Josiah’s story is truly inspirational to youths who think of giving up. It may not be your time just yet, but just keep on pushing!

Single dad Tedd Josiah exposes wicked woman who attempted to kidnap his daughter

Tedd Josiah who is also known as the manmom has not had it any easy raising a daughter single-handedly. However due to circumstances, he was left behind with a 3 month old baby girl after his wife Regina passed on due to some complications.

As a single dad Tedd Josiah made sure to give his child all that she could have received from her mom; although it was never as easy as you think. The changing of diapers, baby feedings, clothing, bathing and putting his angel to bed must have worn him out; but all in all Tedd emerged as a brand new dad capable of raising his child on his own.

However this past weekend, Tedd Josiah experienced another dark side of life that almost made him run mad. This is after some lady tried to steal his daughter as revealed on several posts shared on his social media pages.

Tedd exposes kidnapper

According to the former music producer, a certain woman identified as Lona Osano tried to kidnap his daughter on Sunday; but luckily he was around to prevent this from happening. Through his social media pages Tedd went on to write saying;

0758 896 148



Although he did not share much about this in yet another post, he went on to say;


8 celebrity dads enjoying cute bonding moments with their children

Despite the fame and extra responsibilities that come with being a celebrity, a number of male personalities have proven that spending quality time with their children can still be done.

Children here, I mean newborns or less than 3 year-old celebrity kids who are getting to spend some priceless moments with their daddies.

Some being first-time dads, others not new to the game but have gotten better at it with time. Be it single parenting, co-parenting or raising up children with their wives. Lets start off.

1. Polycarp Otieno

The Sauti Sol guitarist is new to the game, welcoming a bouncing baby boy with wife, Lady Mandy in August and ever since, the new dad has been spotted be it feeding, sun-basking with or even dancing with the newborn in his arms. He describes his fatherhood journey as “absolutely heavenly”.

Fancy Fingers with their newborn

2. Khaligraph Jones

It would be easy to crown the Kenyan rapper as one who embraced fatherhood to the full. Previously spotted spending some quality time with his daughter, before baby number two, a baby boy came on board on October 11 and seemingly robbed his sister of her daddy.

Khaligraph Jones with his son

3. Diamond Platnumz

Diamond is trying to rekindle the good family vibes with his ex, Zari Hassan and their two children who recently landed in Tanzania and have since been keeping the music star busy with fatherhood duties.

Diamond Platnumz with his two children

4. DJ Mo

The gospel DJ has been spending time around his family more especially after COVID-19 struck, going out in vacations, having meals together and just being a present dad. However, the father of two’s vibe with his daughter seems stronger than with that of his roughly 1-year old son.

DJ Mo with daughter

5. Tedd Josiah

A veteran Kenyan music producer who embraced the title ‘ManMom’ after the passing on of his wife just 3 months after delivering their baby girl and had to take up both mum and dad duties for the baby girl who is now 2 years of age.

Tedd Josiah with daughter

6. Nick Mutuma

The Kenyan actor has sweetly bonded with his adorable baby girl Dua, now 2 years of age, who is undeniably a replica of her mom, Bridget Shighadi.

Nick Mutuma with daughter

7. Njugush

This particular one stands out. The comedian’s genes seem to have trickled into their barely 2-year old son who is already a star in his own capacity. A baby boy whose level of maturity has lived to impress masses.

Njugush with son

8. Phil Karanja

The film director and producer, married to Kate actress, is one very proud dad who got to hold his first child, a daughter, baby K in December 2019, who he clearly adores if their daddy-daughter moments are anything to go by.

Phillip Karanja with daughter

The bonus:

9. Frankie Just Gym It

There is something about Frankies newborn that seems to have taken the curiosity out of the gym enthusiast. Never minding to be left home with their baby boy, to feed and keep the little one company.

Frankie Just Gym It with third son

Anyone we left out?

Tedd Josiah unearths beautiful memories of late wife Regina Katar with daughter during her 3rd death anniversary

It marks 3 years since legendary music producer Tedd Josiah lost his wife, Regina Katar, leaving behind a months old daughter under his care.

Sunday, September 27, Tedd marked a day that only left behind memories of a woman he loved so deep they were privileged to welcome a baby girl into the world, but a journey that ended soon as it started.

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Looking back, a dear Tedd wishes his late wife was here just to see their adorable daughter Jay Wendo grow.

Tedd Josiah’s daughter Jay Jay Wendo

But that is as far as the wish goes.

Also read: Machoos! Tedd Josiah shares the last photo his wife took before her untimely death

Reliving Regina Katars memories

The Kenyan music producer who doubles up as a businessman, rekindled beautiful memories of his late wife, in a series of cute videos and photos when she was still alive.

First, was this adorable video of a heavily pregnant Regina, rocking her grown baby bump and looking all shy before the camera.

Before recalling a time when his wife shared a photo sweetly holding onto their newborn baby girl with the message waiting on daddy like…” A photo that speaks to his heart and his past and forever remains to tell a beautiful story.

In 2017 sept 27th mama JayJay sent me this picture of my ladies waiting for me to come home from work…… It’s a little thing maybe even irrelevant, but for me it meant i was wanted. I was loved, I was needed & most importantly I belonged to a home ???? ????

Regina Katar with young daughter, Jay Jay Wendo

Summing it up with a montage of his two gorgeous girls back when they still could clinch onto each other, admitting that every child deserves to know of a mother’s love.

Regina Katar with daughter, Jay Jay Wendo

And in a long, moving post, Tedd lectured people who claim love no longer exists wishing they could just see and feel what true love is like.

Hardly did he ever see the storm coming but all they have to hold onto today, are the memories made.

Keep resting mama JayJay keep the choir in heaven on its toes with ur voice and keep watching over us ????????????, he tearfully wrapped up.

Photo of Tedd Josiah’s youthful looking mum that proves she is aging like fine wine

Veteran Kenyan music producer, Tedd Josiah is not turning any younger. In fact, he is 50 years of age as of 2020 but if you think he is too young for his age, then you’ve not met his biological mom yet.

The self-proclaimed man-mom and forthright personality, after years of parading his all-grown daughter and wife, Regina Katar online, finally decided to officially introduce the beautiful woman behind all the generations that grace his timeline today.

In the end the right people will always gravitate towards you – Tedd Josiah

Taking to the gram, Tedd recalled how his mom gave birth to him, her first child while still in her teen years. Forced to become a mom at her young age but she never despaired.

Also read: Tedd Josiah left speechless after daughter asked to see her mom

Growing up in the hands of such a loving woman, Tedd was taught how a woman should be loved and how a woman should love. It is through her, that he learnt to walk, talk and love and today, can run a thriving business on his own because of one person- his rock of a mother.

Joka Jok CEO, Tedd Josiah

She might have been young then, but looking back and looking at what her son has grown into today, mama Tedd smiles from the deepest part of her being, as her producer of a son celebrates his 50th year on earth.

However, it is not the words, the love, the past or the story that grabbed attention, it is the graceful woman in the photo, the lady Tedd Josiah proudly calls his mom, the first mama bear who blessed generations.

Collage of Tedd Josiah´s late wife, Regina Katar and their daughter, Jay

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A quick glance at the new photo and you might mistake her for Tedd’s younger sister. In fact, Tedd looks much older, with his heavy built body and gray-haired beard. Have a look;

Tedd Josiah introduces youthful-looking mom to fans

Fans on the comment section were left jaws dropped at the sight of the youthful-looking mother, who has managed to stay fit and age like fine wine even as her son turns 50.

Tedd Josiah left speechless after daughter asked to see her mom

Tedd Josiah as he often calls himself, the manmom has not had it any easy raising a daughter single-handedly left behind by her mom barely 3 months of age, but still manages to put his best foot forward.

Over the years, a little baby Jay Jay has grown to take over her mothers looks, blessed with some adorable puffy African hair, charming smile and just a complete replica of her late mom, Regina. Katar


A baby girl who never had the chance to love, appreciate and adore a woman she would call ´mom´ until she was no more.

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The music producer has definitely been a super manmom, raising a beautiful daughter, able to make sense of the world around her. The love is sure unmatched!


Ill moment

Unfortunately, the time comes when a child realizes that unlike her, other kids have a mother and a father. So why does she just have one of them? A question a dear Jay Jay asked her dad recently and left him dumbstruck.

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Taking to his Instagram page, the Joka Jok CEO opened up:

It’s all fun and games until they start to add stuff up…..

It so happens that just 2 nights ago as they were preparing to retire to bed, the little girl popped up the disturbing question.


Tedd was like: “good night JayJay Daddy loves you”. Then the room was struck by a sudden silence before Jay posed:

Daddy were is my mommy?

The media personality grew cold feet, not sure what answer to give, fortunately, it was already dark so Jay could not see her dad break down to tears.


And this was his response:

…mommy is in heaven and is always watching over you

Before Jay Jay interrupted:

..she’s gonna bring me sweets ????…?

And Tedd was like: “yes baby mamas gonna bring u sweets”


Tedd had every reason to believe that Jay’s curiosity was sparked by her interactions with her cousins who have both mum and dad.

So she most have noticed “hapa hesabu hai ingiani”
Gods will isn’t ours He knows why…

We can only wish the dad and daughter nothing but love and light!

Machoos! Tedd Josiah shares the last photo his wife took before her untimely death

Tedd Josiah has had both his good and bad sides in life but at the end of the day he remains human. Despite his ex wife’s revelations that left many looking at Tedd like a deadbeat dad, we also can’t forget the great job he has done with his daughter, Jay!

His late wife Regina passed on 6 months after welcoming their daughter Jay. Although her death remains as sensitive subject; many are grateful that she got the chance to raise her daughter even for the few months.

On Thursday, 9 July Tedd Josiah once again left his IG followers in tears after sharing the last photo his late wife took of him and baby Jay. On the post, the ‘manmom’ remembered his late wife in an emotional post where he started off by saying;

Tedd Josiah shares the last photo his late wife took of him and baby Jay

#TBT this is 2017 sept 23rd…. mama took this photo of Jay and i and it’s the last pic she took of us, it was the last weekend we spent together….

Super dad

Having left behind a 6 month old daughter, Tedd Josiah did not seem to have an idea on how to raise a child. He went on to reveal that one of his greatest fears was letting down his daughter; but looking at how far the two have come, it’s evident that he has done more than we expected!

Through his gram, the manmom went on to open up more encouraging those in the same situation to hold on as things look up despite the many challenges. He wrote;

The late Regina aka Mama Jay

No one is born a great parent, no one is born a great husband or wife or human…. we all grow into the people we need to be. But only if we allow ourselves to grow.

In conclusion the super dad wrote;

What you do not see here is my soul and the questions i was asking myself…. will i fail you as a dad? Will you love me as a child? Will we be a happy family? I also assumed mama will always be there……
God planned different.
LIVE ???? LOVE ???? LAUGH ????
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

Tedd Josiah’s secrets from the past exposed by ex wife

Tedd Josiah has been a reflection of the perfect gentleman; or rather his daddy duties have left us seeing him as the most amazing man on earth until his ex wife opened to about their past.

Turns out that Tedd Josiah has a few skeletons in his closet and this time around it involves the kids he left behind with his ex wife Cynthia. Well, the former couple apparently has two children aged 16 and 14.

The media personality met his wife Cynthia back in the 1990’s before moving in with her in 2001. With love driving both crazy, they officiated their union in 2002; before he hell broke loose.

Father of four, Tedd Josiah

One of Cynthia’s close Friend opened up about the two revealing the untold;

Josiah has never officially divorced Cynthia till date. They met in the 1990s and became friends. Later, they moved in together in 2001 before wedding in 2002

Abandoned family

In 2008, Tedd is said to have jetted off to the UK leaving his family back in Kenya. According to reports, by this time Tedd and his ex wife had been going through a lot of issues that forced him to go missing on his family.

His wife is said to have tried saving their marriage; but all her efforts kept hitting rock bottom. However speaking about his past life, Tedd opened up saying that he had been stuck in a loveless marriage; probably the best explanation for his silence and absence from children’s lives.

Tedd Josiah with daughter, Jay Jay Wendo

The close to source to Cynthia went on to add;

She raised the children all alone and even moved them from private to public schools because she could not afford it.

Caucasian girlfriend

His wife on the other hand claims that by the time of he was getting back to Kenya; Tedd arrived with a white girlfriend shocking not just his family but everyone who knew him.

Despite living separate lives for 7 years now; Cynthia says their divorce papers are yet to be finalized!

Is Wakadinali Kenya’s most underrated rap group?

If you are a fan of Kenyan hip hop, like myself, I am sure you’ve heard of Wakadinali. It’s a rap group that is made up of Domani Munga, Scar Mkadinali and Sewersydaa.

These chaps who hail from Nairobi’s Eastlands Estate are behind hits such as; Morio Anzenza, Clean Sheet, Nipeleke Na Rada, Mrenga, Moja Safi, Eastlando, High Noon, The Wrong Cypher, Hawatapenda, just to name a few.


Wakadinali make good music. They are all really talented and as you listen to any of their jams, you get to appreciate their sheer creativity.

They not only have a dope flow and punchlines, some of the verses in their songs will leave you scratching your head as you try to make sense of what they really meant.

Lately, Wakadinali have been making music that focuses on issues that affect the society like crime, drug abuse, lack of unity among the youth and what not.


Wakadinali is so good that sometime in 2018 they received praise from none other than veteran record producer Ted Josiah who likened them to Mau Mau and K-Shaka.

He went on to add that the trio had so much potential and gave them props for not demeaning women through their music.

You know it is a very big deal when someone like Tedd Josiah says you are talented since he has worked with some of the biggest names not only in Kenya, but across Africa.

Other than the fact that they are really talented, Wakadinali has also been consistent over the years and that is why I don’t understand why they are still underrated.

Few Kenyans know about them and the reason I find this surprising is because most of us chose to glorify mediocre rappers who have basic rhymes. Let me put it this way, it’s about time we started appreciating real talent.

Watch Wakadinali’s latest single Mihadarati below.

Masauti gives fans special treat with infectious jam ‘Mahabuba’ (Video)

Mombasa-bred singer Mohammed Ali Said, better known as Masauti or Kenyan Boy, has released a new single and it is getting a lot of love from his fans. Well, to be honest this jam is not so new because it was first released in 2015.

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Anyway, the song titled Mahabuha, which means my lover, is proof that Masauti has always been a good singer, even when most people had no idea that he existed. It also epitomizes his growth over the years.

This jam is infectious and on top of that it also has a soothing effect. It is the kind of songs that you hear on the radio and suddenly, you are in a good mood.


The rhythm on Mahabuba is something else. The first time I listened to this track was 3 years ago and when I heard it recently, it sounded different yet it’s exactly the same and that’s how you know a song is a big tune.

I know you will agree with me that Masauti’s on this song are dope and so is his lyricism. If you needed a reason why you should be proud to be Kenyan then he is certainly one.

One of the things that struck me about Mahabuba, other than the catchy hook of course, is the instrumentation. It is so dope so much so that you would think it’s a live performance.

Tedd Josiah did a good job, especially on the guitar. It sounds pleasant to the ears and makes you wish that the song was a bit longer.

Listen to Mahabuba below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Tedd Josiah strongly condemns society´s way of mocking men for being emotional in public

Music producer and businessman, Tedd Josiah has opened up on how the ¨big boys don´t cry¨ statements have landed men in the coffins and on the trenches.

In a long Instagram post, the proud father to a daughter posed:

Ever wonder why there’s so many men in clubs getting drunk ???? beyond? Ever wonder why they show false bravado & are extra nonchalant with their emotions and feelings? Why they don’t cry ????? Cause big boys don’t cry?

Before answering:

It’s simple. Weakness is crying, weakness is showing ur emotions for anything other than football, weakness is being afraid so show false bravado & be “strong” for the weak are lesser men……


To mothers, to sisters, to wives, he reminds them all that emotions can never be deleted, but instead, they need to be let out, for a man to be free and sane.

Ladies this leads to ur man bottling things he should be speaking to u about and they will come out in one way shape or form…. Emotions cannot be slept away, brushed away, wished away or deleted.


Thinking back to how ´bottling up emotions´ in men began, he explains:

It all begins when our boys fall off their bikes as toddlers and we tell them “get up don’t cry cause big boys don’t cry” when they don’t do so well in school and we tell them “man up u can’t be a failure u must beat everyone else or ur weak”
I’ve seen this over and over and at 13, 15, 18, 25 and now in my 40s I’ve seen good men take their own lives because the people they loved outsourced the “let’s talk” to a psychiatrist to sort and they bottled up and blew up in suicide. Were they weak or neglected and ignored?

Unfortunately, once it has began, men will forever have to battle their emotions in ways that don´t make them look ´weak´.

There’s an age I’ve not mentioned cause at that age (30s) men have developed so much false bravado that they use copping mechanisms to deal with these things like infidelity, alcoholism, barbaric behaviour & violence…. those who have no conscience continue with it but those who wear their hearts on their sleeves find it a tough road and still end up bottling up cause ur wife don’t want to hear ur nonsense….

Society will somehow always condemn men who look ´fragile´ for expressing their emotions publicly.

Ur pals will think ur weak…. ur parents will wonder “why isn’t he strong like his father….”


As he closes up, Tedd´s final words are:

Look out for ur boys, they become men and their emotional well being is as important as their books, careers, money and wealth….

Why Tedd is Josiah regretting joining music industry

Veteran producer Ted Josiah wishes he could have focused on his bag business than music.

The veteran producer who was really big in early 2000 has come out to say music didn’t make him a lot of money and now he’s wishing he had started his business then.

Tedd, who produced albums for artistes like Gidi Gidi Maji Maji and Kalamashaka, says he spent over 30 years doing and producing music but never received royalties from MCSK.

“There are things you do and wish you started them earlier, like doing my bag business is much better than concentrating on doing music,” he said.


The father of one went on to add that his bag business would have made more money by far than how music has because it’s really growing.

“I love music but looking at finance, it has not been beneficial at all. I feel sorrow when I think about it,” he said.


“I am not a fan of sexually overt music, and I wouldn’t want to make music that is only talking about sex. I wouldn’t come to help them even if they asked me to because I wouldn’t even understand how to do it.”