Meet Jowie Irungu’s adorable daughter (Photo)

Jowie Irungu now understands life from a different angle! The young man started making headlines after getting engaged to Jackie Maribe; and thanks to his fine looks, the ladies could not stop praising him on social media.

However his fame was short lived after the murder of Monica Njeri which occurred in September 26, 2018. Jowie who now a gospel artist found himself in the middle as ‘evidence’ collected directly pointed at him.

He was then remanded and thanks to his family and the many prayers he received from his loved ones; Jowie was finally released on Ksh 2 million bail.

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Back to Zero

Speaking to Jalang’o earlier today, Jowie opened up about his experience in Kamiti prison where he was remanded for 500 days. From what he says, this was a wake up to him and another reason to remain thankful for the far he has come!

With all this happening, not many knew about his daughter. However during his interview, Jowie introduced his daughter saying he featured her on his latest and first song, Nishikilie.

Judging from the photo making rounds on social media, the little girl may be around 6 or 7 years. Although he is yet to open up about his past and how he he got engaged to Jacque Maribe while still dating his baby Mama, Eleanor Musangi.

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However as for now all we have a beautiful photo of Jowie’s wife and their adorable baby.

Jowie’s baby mama and their daughter